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   Chapter 18 We Will Work Hard

Remarry My Ex-wife: First and Forever Love By LISA OLIVER Characters: 7338

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Everything happened naturally.

Just like how sailors lost at sea clutched at a single lifeline, the two of them desperately clung to each other as they were buffeted by violent waves of desire. That night, they turned toward each other over and over again until the skies had started to turn light.

Morning came. Husband and wife woke up one after the other and remained silent.

Regret flashed across Ryan's face at the thought of his lamentable lack of self-restraint the night before. How could he lose control that he ended up forcing Jennifer to consummate their marriage? He was despicable.

Lying on the other side of the bed, Jennifer gradually stirred and blinked her eyes against the morning light. The aches and pains she felt all over her body told her exactly what happened the night before—she and Ryan had sex. It wasn't a dream. She peered at her husband from the corner of her eyes. The sight of his upset face had bitterness welling up in her heart.

Jennifer turned over and sat up on the bed. As she moved, the quilt covering the two of them slipped down without a sound. Ryan's glance fell on the marks on her fair skin, and his dark eyes narrowed slightly.

She hurriedly pulled the falling quilt and covered her body with it. She wrapped the quilt around herself and got out of bed to head toward the bathroom.

The moment her toes touched the ground, Jennifer felt disoriented and swayed on her feet, nearly collapsing to the floor awkwardly. She shot out a hand to steady herself quietly. She didn't know how to face Ryan now, so her only choice was to escape.

As Jennifer had appropriated the covers for herself, Ryan's strong body was exposed to the cold air in the room.

Almost at the same time, Ryan turned over and sat up. His eyes were immediately drawn to the red stain one the bed sheets. He raised his head and stared at Jennifer's back in astonishment.

She was...

His mind replayed the events of last night, but he didn't care about anything at the time.

Looking at the bed sheet blankly, Ryan felt uncertainty flood him.

Jennifer, who supposedly had been with a lot of men, was still a virgin?

Very few people would believe such a thing if they heard it.

To be honest, even Ryan was confused.

Jennifer seemed to sense Ryan's heavy gaze on her. She turned her head to look at him, but her eyes fell on the stained sheets. Her eyes were suddenly filled with panic.

Ryan looked up at Jennifer searchingly, as if he wanted to read the answers from her eyes.

Unnerved by his gaze, Jennifer looked away and said coldly, "Just consider last night as both of us taking what we needed from each other."

Then, Jennifer straightened up proudly.

"Taking what we needed from each other?" Ryan smiled sarcastically, "Looks like Mrs. Jennifer Gu was perfectly okay with what happened last night. Since you don't care, do you think I will? You're just as good at seducing as the rumors say."

Those words stopped Jennifer cold.

Even with her back to the man, even without turning her head, Jennifer felt the sarcasm flashing in Ryan's eyes and practically dripping in his tone.

Ryan's words squarely hit their mark. Embarrassment and sadness chased each other across her delicate face. Jennifer tried to put on a semblance of a smile, but it was a hollow attempt.

Taking a deep breath, Jennifer answered in a careless tone, "Why, am I not qualified to play with Mr. Ryan Gu? You're a man, so you shouldn't be like that. Oh, and your performance last night was acceptable. I quite enjoyed it, actually. I'll consider it my payment for helping you gain the seat at the head of the Gu F


Jennifer flashed Ryan a charming smile, then turned around and left.

Ryan stared at her retreating back, his face seemingly carved in stone. Jennifer's remarks fueled the disquiet in his heart. Did the woman just use him to satisfy her desires?


Ryan snorted coldly.

Once Jennifer was out of sight, Ryan got out of bed and walked towards the dressing room. He took out his night robe, put it on, and then walked out of the bedroom.

After that morning's clash, Ryan and Jennifer fell back into their usual roles. They lived under the same roof but ignored each other like strangers.

On Friday, as per usual, Ryan took Jennifer back to the Gu Family's old mansion. As per usual, one of them slept in the bed, while the other lay on the floor. The night was spent peacefully.

In the morning, the two of them had breakfast with Jason.

Sitting on the host seat, Jason intuitively sensed the cold atmosphere between husband and wife. He put down his chopsticks, cleared his throat, and addressed Ryan, "Ry, you and Jennifer have been married for more than half a month."

Jason's words drew the attention of both Ryan and Jennifer.

Ryan nodded without answering.

Seeing this, Jason continued, "I know that you have just taken over the Gu Group and that you need to focus on your career, but you really should also pay more attention to your family. I'm old, and there are some things that may already be beyond my ability. I'm tired, and I just want to have a peaceful life with my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren around me. Now that you're married, you two should hurry up and have a baby. It doesn't matter whether it's a boy or a girl, I will be waiting."

His words made Jennifer blush instantly.

She didn't expect Jason to ask her to have a baby with Ryan in such a straightforward manner.

Considering how the two of them treated each other, Jennifer felt that it was a losing battle. Jason hoped that she could give birth to a child for the family, but that seemed impossible under the circumstances.

"Grandpa, about the baby, we won't..." Upon seeing Ryan's cold expression and gauging that he had no intentions of responding to his grandfather, Jennifer smilingly tried to tell Jason that she and Ryan were not in a hurry to have a baby.

But then...

Before Jennifer could finish her sentence, Ryan gently placed his large hand on Jennifer's shoulder and pulled her to lean against him. With a smile, he turned to his grandfather and said, "Grandpa, don't worry. We will try our best and work hard at it!"

He said the words without an ounce of shame or hesitation.

Jennifer was shocked by Ryan's about-face. She stiffened as she leaned against Ryan. Feeling the heat from his body, she felt her cheeks burning.

Jason listened to Ryan and observed the interaction between the two of them. He nodded with satisfaction and said, "Then, I'll wait for good news from the two of you."

Ryan's words definitely made Jason's day so early in the morning.

At first, he was worried that Ryan would dislike Jennifer because of her past, but now it seemed like he was overthinking things. He was worrying too much. Their relationship could develop slowly.

The current situation made Jason completely relieved.

With a smile on his face, Ryan looked up to meet Jason's smiling eyes. He slowly loosened his grip on Jennifer's shoulder, lowered his head, and ate his breakfast in silence.

Jennifer sensed the change in Ryan's expression and instantly understood that Ryan only said those things to make Jason happy. For some unknown reason, she felt relieved.

'That's good.'

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