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   Chapter 18 We Will Work Hard

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Everything happened naturally.

The two of them were like lost in the deep sea and clung to each other. They enjoy with it for a night and didn't end the battle until the sky was white.

In the morning, Ryan and Jennifer woke up one after another and stared at each other without saying a word.

Thinking of that he was out of control last night and actually had sex with Jennifer, a trace of regret flashed across Ryan's cold face. How could he not control himself?

Lying on the other side of the bed, Jennifer blinked her eyes. The pain all over her body was telling her what happened between her and Ryan last night. It was not a dream. She glanced at the man beside her from the corner of her eyes. When she saw his upset expression, she felt bitter in her heart.

Jennifer turned over and sat up on the bed. As she moved, the quilt covering the two of them slipped down quietly. The marks on her fair skin fell into Ryan's eyes, and his deep eyes narrowed slightly.

Jennifer quickly pulled over the falling quilt, covered her body, wrapped herself in the quilt and got out of bed, heading to the bathroom.

The moment her tiptoes touched the ground, Jennifer was a little unsteady on her feet and almost fell down awkwardly. She steadied herself quietly. She didn't know how to face Ryan now, so she could only choose to escape.

Because the sheet was pulled away by Jennifer, Ryan's strong body was exposed in the cold air.

Almost at the same time, Ryan also turned over and sat up, but his eyes were attracted by the red on the bed sheet. He raised his head and looked at Jennifer's back in astonishment.


Ryan couldn't help but think of what happened last night, but he didn't care at all at that time.

Looking at the bed sheet absentmindedly, Ryan's eyes were full of uncertainty.

It was said that Jennifer had seen a lot of men, but why she was still a virgin?

Few people would believe such a thing if it was spread out.

To be honest, even Ryan was confused.

It seemed that Jennifer had noticed Ryan's gaze, so she turned her head and looked at the red stain on the bed. A trace of panic flashed across her clear eyes.

Ryan looked up at Jennifer with a trace of inquiry in his eyes, as if he wanted to get the answer from her eyes.

Stunned, Jennifer looked away and said coldly, "Please take what happened last night as you and I each took what we needed."

Then, Jennifer straightened her body proudly.

"Take what we each need?" Ryan smiled sarcastically, "It seems that Ms. Jennifer of the Lu Family is quite good at what happened last night. Since you don't care, do you think I will care? Just as the rumors said, Ms. Jennifer is really good at playing with man."

Hearing what Ryan said, Jennifer stopped again.

With her back to the man behind her, even if Jennifer didn't turn her head, she could feel the irony in his eyes.

Ryan's words made her heart tremble. There was a touch of embarrassment and sadness on her delicate face. Jennifer smiled weakly.

Taking a deep breath, Jennifer answered in a careless tone, "Well, are you care about it? Mr. Ryan. It's not good for a man to be like this. Oh, by the way, by the way, Mr. Ryan's service last night is just passable. I will take it as my reward for helping you become the master of the Gu Family."

Jennifer gave Ryan a charming smile. Then she turned around and left.

Only Ryan was left with a cold face and stared at her back. It had to be said that what Jennifer said caused Ryan's d

iscomfort. Was this woman using him to solve loneliness?


Ryan snorted coldly in his heart.

It was not until Jennifer disappeared from his sight that Ryan got out of bed and walked towards the dressing room. He took out his night robe and put it on. Then he turned around and left the bedroom.

After what had happened in that morning, Ryan and Jennifer returned to their previous life. They lived under the same roof, but ignored each other like strangers.

On Friday, as usual, Ryan took Jennifer back to the old Gu's mansion. As usual, the two of them one slept on the bed and the other on the floor and spent the night peacefully.

In the morning, the two of them had breakfast with Jason.

Sitting on the host seat, Jason sensitively sensed the cold atmosphere between the two people. He put down his chopsticks, cleared his voice and said to Ryan, "Ry, you have been married to Jennifer for more than half a month."

Jason's words drew the attention of both Ryan and Jennifer.

Ryan nodded without answering.

Seeing this, Jason continued, "Although you have just taken over the Gu Group and need to pay attention to your career, you should also pay more attention to your family. Grandpa is old, and I am not able to deal with many things. I am tired of the life of deception. Now I just want to live a peaceful life with my children and my grandchildren around my knees. Since you are married, you should hurry up to have a child with Jennifer, no matter it is a boy or a girl. Grandpa is waiting for you two."

His words made Jennifer blush instantly.

Jennifer didn't expect that Jason would ask her to have a baby with Ryan so directly.

Thinking of the way the two got along with each other, Jennifer felt helpless. Jason hoped that she could give birth to a child for the Gu Family, which was probably impossible to realize.

"Grandpa, about the baby, we won't..." Seeing that Ryan's face was cold and he had no intention of answering Jason, with a smile on her face, Jennifer wanted to tell Jason that she and Ryan were not in a hurry to have a baby.


Before Jennifer could finish her words, with a slight smile on his face, Ryan gently put his big hand on Jennifer's shoulder and let her lean against him. He promised, "Grandpa, don't worry. We will try our best to make it! We will work hard!"

Ryan said calmly.

However, Jennifer was frightened by his sudden change. She stiffened and leaned against Ryan. Feeling his burning temperature, she only felt her cheeks burning.

Jason listened to Ryan and saw the interaction between the two of them. He nodded with satisfaction and said, "Then I'll wait for the good news of you and Jennifer."

It had to be said that what Ryan said made Jason very happy in the early morning.

At first, he was worried that Ryan would dislike Jennifer because of what happened before. But now it seemed that he was thinking too much and everything went well. He was worried too much. Their relationship could be developed slowly.

The current situation made Jason completely relieved.

There was always a smile on Ryan's face. When he looked into Jason's smiling eyes, he slowly loosened his grip on Jennifer's shoulder, lowered his head and ate breakfast in silence.

At the same time, Jennifer also sensitively sensed the change of Ryan's expression, and instantly understood that what he said just now was to make the old man happy. Although she did not know the reason, she was finally relieved.

That was good!

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