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   Chapter 15 I Will Keep It For You

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As soon as Jennifer got into the car, her phone rang. It was a call from Elliot.

She stared at the screen and knew the reason he was calling without having to wonder. The news of Ryan taking over the Gu Group was out. It had been reported by all major news media since it was announced.

"Dad," Jennifer answered the phone after calming herself down and taming her emotions.

From the other end of the call, Elliot asked her calmly, "Jen, do you have time today? Take Ryan with you for a meal here at home."

Jennifer nodded and replied, "I'll be right there."

Without waiting for Elliot to respond, Jennifer hung up the phone.

She cast the phone aside, bent over the steering wheel and closed her eyes for a little bit of rest.

There could only be two reasons why Elliot would ask her to invite Ryan to their home. Either he wanted to curry favor with him, or he took it as an excuse to make her go home to have a talk. He knew very well that Jennifer would never be able to take Ryan to the Lu Family mansion.

According to their custom, the bridegroom should take his bride to her own family on the third day after the wedding to visit her parents. However, on that day, Ryan refused to go to the Lu Family mansion with her with the excuse of being busy with his work. At that time, Elliot had already been disappointed and his expression was gloomy. Moreover, Elliot had always been in touch with Jacob, so he couldn't curry favor with Ryan now.

So, she concluded that it was because of the second reason.

As for the reason why he was asking her to go back this time, she already had an answer in her mind. 'It must be for that thing.

It seems that he couldn't wait anymore, '

Jennifer thought as a mocking smile appeared on her face. A few moments later, she adjusted her mood, started the car, and drove towards the Lu Family house.

When she reached home, Jennifer saw Elliot reading a newspaper in the living room. She walked over and called, "Dad, I'm back."

Hearing Jennifer's voice, Elliot raised his head and looked at her with a vicious look in his eyes. He put the newspaper on the table and said, "Sit down. Let's have a talk."

Sitting opposite to Elliot, Jennifer took a glance at the newspaper. It was turned to the financial page bearing the news of Ryan taking over the Gu Family business. She didn't say a word and simply waited for what Elliot had to say.

"Why didn't Ryan come with you? Sure enough, he has become more arrogant after taking over the family company. He can even ignore his father-in-law's invitation?" Elliot squinted his eyes as he expressed his displeasure.

Jennifer smiled and replied, "Dad, as you said, Ry has just taken over the Gu Group. He has too many things to deal with especially now, so he can't come back here with me."

"Humph!" Elliot snorted, "You said the same thing before, that he was too busy on the third day of your marriage to come here with you. I thought after you helped Ryan obtain power and control in the Gu Family, he should at least change his opinion about you. How come you still can't get a hold of him? It seems like you still haven't won him over. Since when have you become so useless? Didn't you easily win over the hearts of other men in the past?"

Jennifer kept a smile on her face even as Elliot continued to ridicule her. Without a hint of annoyance, she answered, "Dad, I didn't acquire those shares on my own. I couldn't have afforded something that much by myself. It mattered that someone entrusted that to me. As for winning Ryan's heart, I have to admit that I overestimated myself in the beginning. It's very challenging, but I am positive that I will be successful eventually."

Jennifer intentionally brought up the topic because she knew what Elliot was worried about the most.

As Jennifer expected, Elliot sneered in response to what she said. "Jen, tell me the truth. Did you use the legacy from your mother to help Ryan?"

Her guess was right and it was confirmed by Elliot's reaction. That was what he wanted to know about.

After all, he had been wanting to get his hands on it for a long time.

Jennifer looked at Elliot in shock and asked, "Dad, w

hat makes you think that? I know that Mom left me an inheritance, but no matter how obsessed I might be with Ryan, I won't be stupid enough to use it for someone who treats me like this. It's easy to tell that he still doesn't like me."

Despite Jennifer's explanation, Elliot still couldn't easily trust her. "Jen, you really didn't use the legacy?" he couldn't help but ask.

"Trust me, Dad. I didn't." Jennifer looked into Elliot's eyes sternly.

Contrary to Jennifer's expectations, Elliot got angry when she said those words. He stood up and glared at her. "Jennifer, when did you learn to lie? You asked a lawyer to take your mother's will. If you didn't use it, how can you explain the odd lots you bought for Ryan?"

Elliot had his men keeping an eye on Jennifer all the time. He knew about her every move.

Even though Elliot was raging in anger, Jennifer remained calm. She replied in a low voice, "So you have someone following me all this time?"

Elliot defensively answered, "I'm doing this for your own good. Jennifer, tell me the truth. What about the will?"

"I still have it with me. As for the scattered shares, Dad, I already told you. I didn't buy them myself. There's nothing else I can say if you really don't believe me. Now, if Mom's will is the only reason why you asked me to come here today, then I'll just go." Jennifer stood up to leave.

She was very disappointed. Before coming to the Lu Family house, she still held a trace of hope and expectation in her heart. In the end, reality felt like a slap in her face.

She shouldn't have hoped for the best!

There was no point in discussing the matter further. If Jennifer didn't leave right now, the conflict between her and Elliot would just grow worse. Despite everything that happened, he was still her father.

Seeing that Jennifer was about to leave, Elliot shouted angrily, "Stop right there!"

But Jennifer continued to walk away.

Enraged, Elliot ran after Jennifer, grabbed her arm, and said firmly, "Since you didn't use your mother's will, leave it here so I can keep it for you."

Jennifer looked at Elliot with disbelief and said to him coldly, "My mother left that will for me. How I will use it is my concern and not yours. You may be my father, but you don't have the right to ask for my mother's will."

As Jennifer spoke, she tried to break free from Elliot's grip.

But Elliot was aggressively determined to obtain the will. He clutched at her arm with great force and strength. In turn, she struggled harder to pull away, causing a sharp pain on her wrist.

Perhaps it was Jennifer's words and actions that provoked Elliot. When she finally broke free, Elliot's face twisted. He raised his hand and slapped her across the face. "I'm your father. I am doing this for your own good! You ungrateful daughter! I know that you are using that will to help Ryan. He doesn't love you, yet you're still willing to help him this way? I know that you are shameless, Jennifer, but there has to be a limit. Now, give me the will!"

Her face turned red with anger, and she could still feel a tingling sensation on her cheek where he slapped her.

Without any more struggle, Jennifer simply turned her head to look at Elliot. She threw him a menacing glare which angered him more.

Taking advantage of the moment, Jennifer withdrew her hand and said firmly, "I will never give my mother's will to you. Do you really think that I don't know what you are planning? Do you really think that I don't know why you married my mother? I won't give you anything my mother had left for me. You'd better not force me, otherwise..."

She paused for a while and smiled, then continued with her warning, "I will completely disappear with those things and you will never find me."

As soon as she said those words, Jennifer turned around and left.

Elliot didn't dare to do anything as he watched Jennifer walk away. Her words might have threatened him not to react so rashly no matter how angry he felt that moment.

He didn't expect that he would lose control and end up hurting Jennifer.

Now, all his previous efforts were in vain.

That Elliot was annoyed was an understatement.

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