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   Chapter 14 You Make Me Feel Dirty

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"What's wrong? Did I interrupt you two?" Ryan said in a cold voice. He looked at the two of them with only sneer in his eyes.

Francis shrugged with a smile and asked, "What do you think, brother?"

What he meant was that he was accusing Ryan of disturbing Jennifer and him.

The corner of Jennifer's mouth twitched, and she wished she could tear Francis apart. He really made trouble for her. Although Ryan didn't like her, it was not difficult to see from his expression that he was really angry.

No matter how much he disliked her, Ryan could never accept that she was entangled with another man when she was still his wife.

Ryan said coldly, "Francis, even if I don't like Jennifer, don't forget that she is my wife. Pay attention to your own identity. What is the taboo of the Gu Family? Do you need me to remind you? Do you really think that grandpa doesn't know what you have done?"

Ryan was reminding Francis to restrain himself.

Hearing what Ryan said, Francis's eyes were full of resentment. Finally, he answered with a smile, "Well, do you really think that I care about this woman so much? You married a famous social butterfly in the whole F City. Brother, I admire your generosity. You even take over the company with ease attitude under this kind of situation. She is just a woman. I really don't care about her. After all, you two are a good match."

After Francis said this, no one saw his hands clenched in his pockets as if he was trying hard to hold back something.

"You have no right to judge if Ryan and I are a good match or not. Moreover, I don't need you to definite what kind of woman I am. Francis, get out of here right now." Before Ryan could say anything, Jennifer had already asked him to leave in a cold voice.

She was really angry.

Although Jennifer didn't care about her image in Ryan's mind, it didn't mean that she could easily accept being slandered by anyone. In other words, in her heart, except for Ryan, she didn't allow anyone to judge her.

Francis stared at Jennifer with a complicated look in his eyes and said nothing.

In Ryan's eyes, the interaction between the two was more like that of Jennifer defending Francis and asking Francis to leave before he got angry.

What a loving couple.

The air around Ryan became colder and colder. He even doubted whether it was because of Francis that Jennifer insisted on marrying him?

Thinking of this possibility, Ryan looked at Jennifer fiercely.

No one had ever dared to use him.

However, when Jennifer received the angry gaze from Ryan, she only felt confused. This man suddenly had a murderous look, and he seemed to want to strangle her right away. But it seemed that she didn't do anything which would make him angry.

Then Francis left.

Facing Ryan's sudden anger, Jennifer felt her scalp tingling.

The two stared at each other without saying anything.

In the end, Jennifer was defeated.

She sighed softly in her heart, slowly looked away, passed over Ryan's body and was about to leave.

Although Jennifer didn't know why Ryan was angry, she didn't want to start an unprovoked dispute with him.

"Jennifer, it's only been a few days since you married into the Gu Family. You can't bear your desire and loneliness anymore?" Ryan's voice was cold and he successfully stopped Jennifer from leaving.

After a pause, Jennifer turned her head to look at him and smiled, "Ryan, I know I'm not a good woman in your heart. Even if I really like playing with other men before marriage, even if I really can't bear loneliness,

do you think that I'm so stupid that I will choose a man of the Gu Family? What's more, the man I refused to marry is Francis. How much do you look down upon yourself? Why do you think that you can't even compare with Francis?"

With a livid face, Ryan approached Jennifer step by step and said, "I don't need to know whether you have that intention or not. Since you have married into the Gu Family, you'd better pay attention to your words and deeds. I don't care what you and Francis want to do. If it involves the reputation of the Gu Family, trusting me, you can't still be the Mrs. Jennifer of the Gu Family anymore."

"So, in order to keep my position as the Mrs. Jennifer of the Gu Family, I'm not going to be stupid enough to choose Francis." Jennifer was smiling charmingly. She leaned toward Ryan and tiptoed up, her luscious red lips whispering in his ear, "I already have you. I don't like Francis. Mr. Ryan, you should be confident in yourself. After all, you are different from all the men I met before. Before I completely get you, my interest in you will only increase day by day and will not decrease in the slightest.

Of course..." Jennifer stood straight and smiled more brightly, "I may become a different person after I finally get you. I am fickle sometime. So Mr. Ryan, you'd better keep your cold attitude and don't let me get you so easily. Otherwise, I can't guarantee how long my interest for you will last."

While speaking, Jennifer smiled sweetly.

Her smile and words made Ryan feel disgusted.

Ryan's deep eyes were full of disgust. "Jennifer, you really make me sick."

After saying that, Ryan stepped back, trying to stay away from the woman he disliked.

Sure enough, as the rumors said, she was shameless.

However, on the other hand, Jennifer had already been prepared for it. As soon as Ryan stepped back, she stretched out her little hand and grabbed his tie. Then she leaned towards the man with her delicate and soft body. With a big smile on her face, she said, "Disgusting? There is something that could be more disgusting. I want to see whether Mr. Ryan can bear it or not."

As soon as Jennifer finished her words, she kissed on Ryan's sexy thin lips with a charming smile.

Caught off guard, Ryan let Jennifer kiss him directly.

The soft lips on his lips reminded Ryan that he was kissed by Jennifer. His disgusted eyes had turned cold.

Without any hesitation, Ryan pushed away the woman in front of him, raised his hand and wiped his lips fiercely. His eyes were filled with anger. "Jennifer, even if you are a slut, you should also pay attention to the occasion. You make me feel dirty."

As he spoke, Ryan took off his tie and coat and threw them on the floor angrily. Then he left without taking a look at Jennifer.

There was always a smile on Jennifer's face. Looking at the series of actions of Ryan, the smile of her became brighter. However, as she kept smiling, she found that her sight seemed to be blurred.

It was not until Ryan's figure disappeared that the smile on her face disappeared. Jennifer raised her hand and wiped the corners of her eyes. Feeling the tears from her fingertips, her heart twitched.


She thought she had already been used to this word, but why did it make her feel so uncomfortable when it came out of Ryan's mouth?

With a bitter smile, Jennifer touched her chest and took a deep breath. The sadness in her eyes quickly disappeared, and a faint smile appeared on her lips.

At this moment, she felt deep helplessness surrounding her.

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