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   Chapter 13 He Is My Husband

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As soon as Jason departed, the shareholders left the boardroom one after another. After everyone else had left, Ryan remained in the room, while Jennifer and Jacob stared at each other silently.

Jacob then sneered at Ryan and said, "Ryan, you're very lucky to have gotten married to such a clever wife. It really is impressive. Now, I'm just not sure how you can handle your future responsibilities, as you've only attained your new position because of your wife's own sacrifices. If you need to rely on your wife to accomplish anything, then it seems I have a lot more to learn about you."

He said his words carefully, with intention to provoke dissension between Ryan and Jennifer, to the point of questioning the morality of how Jennifer obtained these shares. There was a trace of mockery and an attempt to shame Ryan for tolerating his wife's behavior.

Ryan spoke with cold formality and replied, "Uncle Jacob, even without Jennifer, are you really so sure that you would have won today? You've been trying to compete with me for years, but in the end, you always still lose. Yet, you're telling me now that I only succeeded because I relied on a woman. Is this because you look down upon me, or do you just think too highly of yourself? Huh..."

When Ryan sneered, a cold breeze was felt in the room.

Jacob was taken aback by his words and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Did you really think that you had the majority of the shares in your hands? I'm going to say this in the nicest possible way. You bought those odd lots at such a low price and even made a promise to return them in full to the stock holders once you've become the CEO of the Gu Group. How many people did you think would believe you?" Ryan asked sarcastically as he raised one of his eyebrows.

He had known Jacob's plan all along, but didn't bother to interfere. The truth was, he just wanted to see how far Jacob could go thinking that he was one step ahead of Ryan.

However, what Ryan didn't know was that Jennifer had bought a lot of stocks behind his back. He wondered how she was able to do it.

Especially because Elliot hadn't prepared much dowry for Jennifer when she married into the Gu Family.

In that moment, Jacob came into the realization that he had been a fool all along. Ryan had just been waiting to watch him ridicule himself in the end.

All of a sudden, Jacob's face turned red from both anger and embarrassment, making him feel a bitter resentment towards Jennifer. Besides, the only reason things turned out the way it did today was because of her. Otherwise, he wouldn't have made a fool of himself in front of everyone.

Noticing the outrage in Jacob's watchful eyes, Jennifer smiled at him and said, "Losers will always be losers. Even if you stare at me with those angry eyes, that won't change a thing. I'm sorry that I let you down. Besides, at your age, it wouldn't be so bad to live a simple and happy life in your home. You have lived past your prime, so you don't need to pay too much attention towards your accomplishments and fame. Maybe it's time to pass the opportunity to the younger generations. After all, this isn't something you could bring to your grave, right?"

Jennifer didn't mind drawing Jacob's anger towards her. In fact, she enjoyed playing this kind of game.

Sure enough, after hearing what she said, Jacob's face immediately turned livid.

For some reason, her words attracted Ryan's attention once again.

Pretending not to notice, Jennifer continued, "I have to deal with some things in my law office, so I'm gonna go ahead."

She turned around and left the boardroom.

However, she didn't notice that a strange look flashed across Ryan's eyes the moment she turned around.

When Jennifer left the building of the Gu Group, she released a deep sigh. A bright smile then appeared on her delicate face.

Suddenly, her gaze fell on a man who was leaning against her car, and she slowly withdrew her smile.

Jennifer walked towards her car gracefully, and with a nod, she asked, "What's wrong? What are you here to inquire about?"

It was Francis.

He must have heard about the outcome of the stockholders' meeting.

It wasn't that Jennifer couldn't feel the anger that emanated from Francis, it was just that his anger wasn't something that Jennifer took very seriously.

Francis fla

shed a cold look at the woman in front of him, who was looking pretty self-satisfied. He suddenly asked in a hard tone, "Jennifer, you're determined to go against me, aren't you?"

"I think I've answered this question quite clearly the last time you came to visit me," Jennifer said indifferently. "Francis, Ryan is my husband. As his wife, it's just natural that I choose to stand by his side. Do you really think there's anything wrong with that?"

In fact, before the wedding, Francis had angrily found Jennifer and questioned her why she chose Ryan instead of him.

Jennifer could still remember what she answered him at the time. It was simple and straightforward. "Because he is Ryan."

Back then, Francis told her confidently that she would definitely regret her decision, because at that time he was so sure that Ryan didn't have much of a chance to win in the stockholders' meeting. However, the last thing he expected was that Jennifer would go through such lengths to help Ryan acquire the core power of the Gu Group.

After hearing about what Jennifer had done, Francis couldn't help but feel burning rage hissing through his body. He immediately came to find her so he could ask her. He needed an answer. Why on earth couldn't he compare with Ryan?

"Jennifer, you..."

Francis was so angry that he was ready to blurt it out and ask her. However, Jennifer interrupted him and said, "I've already told you that your father came and proposed a marriage between us in order to defeat Ryan. But, between you and Ryan, how do you think you can compare to a man like him? Francis, I'm not sure what's causing you to be so resistant in this situation. If the only reason is because of the Gu Family, well, I'm your cousin's wife now. It's best to keep our distance. After all, I never really knew you well before, and there is no reason for me to know more about you now or even in the future."

Jennifer directly took the initiative to distance herself from Francis.

She was well aware the gossip was a dangerous thing. Even though Jacob wanted the two of them to get married, they never had any connections beforehand. Even if she was now married into the Gu Family, she never thought that she should have a connection with Francis. Besides, she had to make sure to avoid any kind of situation that would cause her to be taken advantage of.

A gloomy look cast over Francis' face when he approached her. With a trace of annoyance in his voice he asked, "What are you worried about, Jennifer? What? Are you scared that others would assume that you have something to do with me? After all, Jennifer, you are a promiscuous woman, aren't you? Even if you're telling me that you want to avert suspicion and avoid the gossips, but do you really think that Ryan will believe that your actions towards him are sincere?"

Francis approached her slowly, but Jennifer had already taken a step back. She had a frown on her face and her eyes gradually turned cold. "Of course Ryan trusts me. Besides, I really don't have anything to do with you. Francis, you're too arrogant. You need to stay away from me, otherwise, you can't blame me for acting rude."

"Well, seeing that you're speaking to me so bluntly, I'd like to see what you can do," said Francis with a raised eyebrow while his eyes turned even colder than before. It looked as if he was ready to validate every one of his words. He forced Jennifer to the corner while a hint of madness flashed from his deep, brooding eyes.

Jennifer had nowhere else to hide. She took a deep breath and was just about to pull herself away, when Ryan's voice was suddenly heard from a short distance.

"I never realized that my wife is so charming that she even attracts my own cousin. What is it that the two of you are going to do in front of everyone's eyes?" Ryan said sarcastically as he looked at the two of them with an indifferent expression. They were so close to each other as if they were clinging onto each other.

Francis' body stiffened.

Right at that moment, Jennifer pushed Francis as hard as she could. She then looked at Ryan without saying a word.

Francis turned around and walked towards Ryan with his hands in his pocket. He proffered, "Oh, it's you. Seems like you got here at the wrong time."

Hearing his words, Ryan stared back at him with hard, cold eyes.

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