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   Chapter 12 The Stockholders' Meeting

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On the next day, Jennifer woke up to find Ryan gone. Although she was disappointed, her mask of indifference did not show it.

Because of their newly wedded state, Jennifer and Ryan only stayed at the Gu Family mansion for one night and then moved to Ryan's apartment in the center of the city. Since that night, Jennifer had yet to see Ryan again. She was still on her wedding holiday and was only leisurely busy.

Jennifer got busy redecorating Ryan's cold, impersonal apartment. While she was happily doing so, she received a call from Derek, and the two of them agreed on a meeting place. She changed her clothes and went to the agreed upon location.

Derek launched into an explanation as soon as he saw her. "The situation is a bit more complicated than I expected. I hope that you can be prepared."

Jennifer frowned slightly at those words. "Derek, you know that I only have this one opportunity left, and mark my words, I will win. I have to get those odd lots regardless of how much they cost."

Otherwise, she would not have the chip to help Ryan win this election.

Derek's eyes darkened as his eyes met Jennifer's, then he sighed helplessly. "I know that, Jennifer. As long as you want it, I will do everything in my power to fulfill your wish."

"Thank you," she said sincerely.

Derek stared at her silently, an unreadable emotion subtly flashing in his eyes.

As soon as she found out that Jacob and Elliot would be conniving to deal with Ryan, Jennifer had secretly asked Derek to help her purchase odd lots of the Gu Group. She had to get a head start on Jacob and grab those odd lots so that she could gain more advantages for Ryan and let him win the election.

However, no matter how reluctant Derek was in his heart, he had been involved in it since Jennifer had entrusted him with her portfolio abroad. After returning to their home country, he had been dealing with all those cunning foxes and gotten used to how they operated.

However, things were not as simple as they had originally surmised, and he now thought that they might go way over budget. Jacob was determined to win this time, and it was not easy for Derek and Jennifer to deal with those sly old dogs. Finally, after working days and nights on end, Jennifer's efforts paid off. Before the stockholders' meeting, Jennifer managed to buy the odd lots of the Gu Group that she needed.

The whole time, Jennifer didn't get to see Ryan until the day of the stockholders' meeting.

After informing Jason of her arrival, Jennifer stood quietly outside of the meeting room, listening to the raised voices of the people arguing inside the room and paying particular attention to Jacob's triumphant speech. Jennifer smiled.

In the meeting room, Jacob strongly opposed the decision for Jason to hand over the core power of the Gu Group to Ryan on the basis of Ryan owning fewer shares than he did.

Jason's face darkened. He stared at Jacob with an unreadable expression.

Throughout the discussion, Ryan remained silently seated next to Jason, his face seemingly set in stone. He ignored Jacob as if he were inconsequential.

"Dad, I know that you favor Ryan, but there should be a limit to your partiality. The shares under Ryan's control are far from enough for him to take charge of the Gu Group. The rules of the Gu Group can't be broken because of your favoritism," Jacob said proudly with his head held high.

Inside, Jacob was rejoicing. He knew that Jason was a man of principle, so he dared to mention the rules of the Gu Group in front of everyone.

"Who said that Ryan didn't have enough shares?"

Jacob was so preoccupied

with savoring his victory until Jennifer spoke up.

The doors of the boardroom swung open, and Jennifer, clad in a formal suit, purposefully strode in and stood in front of everyone. She raised the folder in her hand in front of Jacob and said with a smile, "These are seven percent of the shares of the Gu Group. At this point, they are all under Ryan Gu's name, and he already has thirty-five percent of the shares. Uncle Jacob, Ryan currently controls forty-two percent of the shares. That portion is a little bit more than the forty percent that you control. Now, do you think that Ryan is qualified to be the CEO of the Gu Group?"

After dropping that bomb, Jennifer opened the folder and placed the documents in front of Jacob, with a faint smile on her face the entire time.

Jacob stared at the documents on the table in disbelief. Flustered, he looked around and glared at the others in the meeting room. What was going on? Didn't they promise that they would never sell their shares to Ryan?

Noticing the anger in Jacob's eyes, the small shareholders lowered their heads and evaded his eyes. Their reactions gave Jacob his answer.

After all his planning, he had failed to consider Jennifer.

Jacob's hand clenched around the folder's contents, as if he was one breath away from tearing them apart.

Jacob's shock was nothing compared to Ryan's, but all he could do was look at Jennifer's face with an indifferent expression firmly in place.

In fact, even if Jennifer didn't show up today, Jacob still didn't have much chance of winning. As early as the night of the wedding, Jason had transferred five percent of his shares to Ryan's name.

In other words, Ryan did not hold merely thirty-five percent of the shares—he was actually on an equal footing with Jacob.

Jennifer's appearance dispelled all of his doubts he had during this period. No wonder Jason let him have just enough to control the same number of shares as Jacob—he must have known that Jennifer was up to something. The proceedings proved to Ryan who had been snooping around this entire time.

It was Jennifer.


Ryan looked at Jennifer, an unspoken question in his eyes.

As if aware of Ryan's attention on her, Jennifer turned her head to meet his glance and smiled at him gently. Then, she turned her attention back to the incensed Jacob. "Uncle Jacob, even if you tear up the documents, I still have countless copies with me. Ah, and please be assured of their authenticity. As a lawyer, I naturally know that forgery is in violation of the law."

Jennifer's words further fanned the anger burning in Jacob. He gritted his teeth and threw daggers at her with hate-filled eyes. Even though Jacob did not doubt the authenticity of the documents, Jennifer made him sound like such as skeptic. Jacob glared at Jennifer, his eyes burning with resentment.

Jennifer met his eyes fearlessly, and the smile on her face deepened. "Uncle Jacob, do you have any other questions? You can ask whatever you want. I'm still knowledgeable about law."

At these words, Jacob could say nothing else.

Gnashing his teeth, Jacob answered, "I have no questions."

Even if he couldn't accept the results, Jacob had no choice but to keep his anger inside.

He had severely underestimated Elliot's supposedly unimpressive daughter.

With the help of the shares that Jennifer had acquired, Ryan successfully took over the Gu Group.

After announcing the result, Jason shot Jennifer a look brimming with satisfaction. Then, the old man turned around and walked out of the meeting room.

Meanwhile, Ryan remained seated, his expression blank.

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