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   Chapter 12 The Stockholders' Meeting

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On the second day, when Jennifer woke up, she found that Ryan was not in the room. Although she was disappointed, she still showed an indifferent expression on her face.

Because of their wedding, Jennifer and Ryan only stayed at the old Gu's mansion for one night and then moved to the apartment of Ryan which was in the center of the city. Since that night, Jennifer had never seen Ryan again. She was still on a wedding holiday and was leisurely busy.

While Jennifer was busy decorating the cold and impersonal apartment of Ryan, she was quite happy until she received a call from Derek. The two of them agreed on a place to meet. Then she changed her clothes and went out towards the destination.

As soon as Derek saw Jennifer, he explained, "The situation is a little complicated. I hope you can be prepared."

Hearing this, Jennifer frowned slightly and said, "Derek, you know that I have only one chance left. I'm determined to get it. No matter what the price is, I have to get those odd lots."

Otherwise, she would not have the chip to help Ryan win this election.

Derek's eyes darkened, and he looked into the firm eyes of Jennifer. He sighed helplessly, "I know, Jennifer. As long as you want it, I will try my best to fulfill your wish."

"Thank you," Jennifer said sincerely.

Derek stared at her silently, with a hint of imperceptible emotion in his eyes.

When she knew that Jacob and Elliot were going to work together to deal with Ryan, Jennifer had secretly asked Derek to help her purchase the odd lots of the Gu Group. She had to get a head start on Jacob and grasp those odd lots into her hands, so as to gain more advantages for Ryan and let him win the competition.

However, no matter how reluctant Derek was in his heart, he had been involved in it since he got the commission from Jennifer abroad. After returning home country, he had been dealing with all those old foxes.

However, things were not as simple as they thought, and it even exceeded their expectation. Jacob was determined to win this time, and it was not easy for Derek and Jennifer to deal with those old foxes. After working day and night, finally, Jennifer's efforts paid off. Before the stockholders' meeting, Jennifer bought all those odd lots of the Gu Group.

Jennifer still hadn't seen Ryan during this period of time until the day of the stockholders' meeting.

After greeting with Jason, Jennifer stood quietly outside the meeting room, listening to the quarrel in the room, especially the triumphant words of Jacob. Jennifer smiled.

In the meeting room, Jacob strongly opposed the decision that Jason was about to hand over the core power of the Gu Group to Ryan for the reason that Ryan did not own more shares than he did.

Jason's face darkened. He stared at Jacob with an unreadable expression.

Sitting next to Jason, Ryan remained silent with a cold face. As if Jacob was just a clown, he just ignored him.

"Dad, I know you are partial to Ry, but there should be a limit to your partiality. The shares held by Ry are far from enough for him to take charge of the Gu Group. The rules of the Gu Group can't be broken because of your partiality to Ry," Jacob raised his head and said proudly.

Jacob was elated in his heart. He was sure that Jason was a man of principle, so he dared to mention the rules of the Gu Group in front of everyone.

"Who said that Ry doesn't have enough shares?"

Just as Jacob was immersed in the joy of his victory, the

voice of Jennifer suddenly sounded.

Opening the door of the meeting room, Jennifer, in a formal suit, straightened up and appeared in front of everyone. She raised the folder in her hand in front of Jacob and said with a smile, "These are seventy percent of odd lots of the Gu Group. Now, they are all under the name of Ry, and he has thirty-five percent of the shares already. Uncle Jacob, he has a total of forty-two percent of the shares now. Forty-two percent of his shares were a little bit more than forty percent of your shares. Do you think that Ry is qualified to be the CEO of the Gu Group now?"

After saying that, Jennifer opened the folder and put the documents in front of Jacob with a smile on her face all the time.

Jacob looked at the documents on the table in disbelief, flustered, and then glared at the others in the meeting room. What was going on? Didn't they promise that they would never sell their shares to Ryan?

Noticing the anger in Jacob's eyes, those small shareholders lowered their heads and dared not look into his eyes. Their actions had given the best answer to Jacob.

After all his planning, he left out Jennifer.

Jacob clenched his hand which were holding the documents, as if he wanted to tear these documents apart.

Jacob was shocked, let alone Ryan. He couldn't help but take a look at Jennifer with a cold face.

In fact, even if Jennifer didn't show up today, Jacob still didn't have much chance of winning. As early as the night of their marriage, Jason had transferred five percent of his shares to the name of Ryan.

In other words, Ryan was not only held thirty-five percent of the shares. In fact, he was on an equal footing with Jacob.

Jennifer's appearance dispelled his doubts he had during this period of time. No wonder Jason let him hold the same shares with Jacob, it turned out that he knew Jennifer would do something. That was enough to prove who Ryan had been investigating all this time.

It was Jennifer.


Ryan looked at Jennifer with complicated and inquiring eyes.

As if Jennifer had noticed the gaze of Ryan, she turned her head slightly and smiled at him gently. Then she turned her head and looked at the exasperated Jacob. "Uncle Jacob, even if you tear up the documents, I still have countless copies in my hand. And, please don't doubt the authenticity of the documents. As a lawyer, I naturally know that forged documents have violated the law."

After hearing what Jennifer said, Jacob was so angry that he gritted his teeth and glared at her with hatred. Even though Jacob didn't doubt the authenticity of the documents, Jennifer made it sound like he really doubted this documents. Thinking of this, Jacob stared at Jennifer with a resentment look in his eyes.

Looking into his eyes without fear, the smile on Jennifer's face deepened. "Uncle Jacob, do you have any other questions? You can ask whatever you want. I'm good at law."

Now that she had said so, Jacob could say nothing else.

Gnashing his teeth, Jacob answered, "I have no question now."

Even if he was not reconciled, Jacob could only bear his anger on his own.

He had underestimated the unimpressive daughter of Elliot.

Because of the shares in Jennifer hands, Ryan successfully took over the Gu Group.

After announcing the result, Jason gave a satisfied look at Jennifer, then turned around and left the office.

On the other hand, Ryan was sitting in his seat with no expression on his face.

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