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   Chapter 11 Admit Her Mistake Voluntarily

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Throughout the wedding and until it ended, Jennifer's smile felt stiff. But she knew that another battle was coming and that it would be tough, so she couldn't let her guards down. She couldn't show how exhausted she was.

After walking out of the hotel, Jennifer and Ryan followed Jason back to the Gu Family mansion. They were also accompanied by Elliot.

Jason kept a straight face throughout the ride. It was easy to tell that he was holding back his anger.

As soon as they arrived at the Gu Family mansion, Jennifer made a move that surprised everyone. She walked up to Jason, knelt in front of him, and took the initiative to confess her mistakes. "Grandpa, it was me who did a bad job at today's wedding. I hope you won't be angry anymore."

Jason snorted coldly, "Oh, you know you did wrong? Jennifer, I'm not interested in knowing how absurd your previous private life was, but today's wedding is such a big event. How can you sleep with another man on the eve of your wedding? Are you not taking us Gu Family seriously?"

Jason's face turned pale as he thought of how Elliot handed the photos to him.

Jason intended to believe in Jennifer at first, to give her a chance. But those photos were like a slap in his face and it humiliated him. He couldn't contain his anger and decided that the Gu Family couldn't accept a woman who had no self-respect.

Jennifer could tell that Jason's attitude towards her had changed. She took a deep breath and explained herself, "Grandpa, I didn't sleep with anyone. I did spend the night in the hotel, but I spent the night alone. If you don't believe me, you can send someone to the hotel to get the surveillance video. I'm not afraid of an investigation."

"Then how do you explain these photos?" Jason angrily threw a stack of photos in front of Jennifer.

The photos scattered in front of her like snowflakes. She looked at the photos that showed her helping Derek walk into the hotel and smiled.

She raised her head and looked up to Jason with a confident smile on her face. "Grandpa, the man in the photo is Derek Xiao. We have been good friends since childhood. He just returned home from abroad and his relatives and friends held a welcome banquet for him. He got drunk so I got him a room at a hotel. When we arrived at the hotel lobby, it was a waiter who helped him upstairs. As for why I was in the hotel the whole night..."

Jennifer paused for a while. She just took a glance at Ryan and spoke slowly. "I saw Ryan at the hotel yesterday, and I spent the night in the room that he booked. Grandpa, do you think I would be so stupid to meet another man in the room that Ryan booked?"

This time, it was Ryan's turn to be stunned.

If he remembered correctly, he did entertain an important client at the DH Hotel last night and booked a room for him under his name. But how Jennifer ended up being the one to stay in that room was one thing he couldn't figure out.

After hearing Jennifer's explanation, Jason glanced at the flustered face of Elliot and somewhat understood what was going on.

Regardless of whether the photos were real or not, Elliot was a really "good" father to Jennifer. He personally brought the controversial photos into Jason's hands.

Elliot didn't expect things would turn out the way it did. He had arranged everything well. How could this happen?

Before Elliot could think further, Jennifer continued to speak. "As for being late for the wedding this morning, it's really my fault. I was too excited about the idea of marrying Ryan soon so I drank too much and got drunk. I didn't expect that it would cause that much trouble. It's all my fault. Grandpa. I'm sorry."

Jennifer took the initiative to admit her mistake.

How she handled the situation made Jason, who was very angry, calm down in an instant. He even seemed to gaze at her with curious admiration.

Jennifer didn't dodge her responsibility, and it somewhat impressed him.

Jason cleared his throat and said, "Although you have given a reasonable explanation, we still have to conduct an investigation. Jennifer, it's not that Grandpa doesn't believe you. This is about the reputation of the Gu Family and Ryan. I hope you can understand. Of course, since you married into the Gu Family, you have become a member of my family. So if someone has ulterior motives to frame you, I won't let that go easily. I'm not going to let you be bullied."

Even though Jason still insisted on investigating, the second part of his sentence made it clea

r that he had chosen to believe Jennifer on this matter. The so-called investigation was just a formality to counter gossip and block the mouths of the people on the scene.

Jason's reaction made everyone in the room gasp.

His trust and appreciation of Jennifer were very apparent.

Even Ryan was shocked. After all, everyone in the Gu Family knew what kind of person his grandfather was. But for some reason, Jason's anger was soothed by just a few words from Jennifer. Ryan blinked in disbelief, and couldn't help but look at her for a few more times.

He really had underestimated this woman.

Jennifer smiled gently, "I understand, Grandpa. I have enough confidence in what I haven't done, and I'm not afraid of an investigation."

Jason nodded with satisfaction and then ordered his people to go to the hotel to get the surveillance video immediately.

Meanwhile, he didn't intend to ask her to stand up. Jennifer kept kneeling with her back straight.

She knew that although Jason believed her, he still had to consider the opinion of the others present there. He didn't ask her to stand up for two reasons. In addition to punishing her for being late for the wedding, more importantly, he had to block the mouths of the onlookers around him.

Gritting his teeth, Elliot looked at the situation in front of him and realized that he lost again this time. He had never expected that Jennifer could pull herself together like that and fight back.

While everyone had their eyes on Jennifer, Elliot frowned in annoyance and left the Gu Family mansion in despair.

From the corner of her eye, Jennifer caught a glimpse of Elliot fleeing in embarrassment. A wry smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

More than half an hour later, the person who went to the hotel came back with the surveillance video. The footage was consistent with Jennifer's account. At the front desk, she had given Derek over to the hotel's waiter. When she was about to leave the hotel, she suddenly recognized Ryan who was going upstairs. She turned around and went back.

As for those photos, anyone with a discerning eye would be able to tell that someone deliberately tried to put Jennifer in trouble.

The truth was revealed.

Glancing around the crowd, Jason beckoned for Jennifer to stand up and said, "You'd better get up. I wronged you. I'm sorry."

Jennifer shook her body and stood up. Her knees were numb because she had kneeled for quite a while, and it was difficult for her to balance and stabilize her body. She smiled at Jason and said, "Grandpa, I accept your apology. I have done something wrong too. I hope that I can get along well with you and the elders of the Gu Family in the future. I will try my best to be a good wife."

Jason was the Gu Family patriarch, so Jennifer didn't expect him to apologize. But she just gratefully accepted his apology anyway.

Her words and demeanor made Jason fond of her even more. He liked a straight shooter and hated hypocritical people most. Obviously, Jennifer was not one of them.

"Well, you two have been busy all day. You and Ryan will stay and rest in this old mansion tonight. The others can leave now." Jason left Ryan and Jennifer to stay at the old mansion.

The others were stunned by how easy the situation was reconciled, but they did not dare to say anything more in front of Jason. They turned around and left the Gu Family mansion indignantly.

Following the housekeeper, Jennifer went with Ryan to his room in the old mansion. She looked around and took a deep breath. The room looked festive with wedding atmosphere.

Without even as much as a glance at Jennifer, Ryan turned around and walked into the bathroom.

Seeing this, Jennifer just shrugged her shoulders. She took out a set of sheets and quilts from the wardrobe and spread them on the sofa. She didn't think that Ryan would be willing to lie on the same bed with her. She was very self-aware.

By the time Ryan walked out of the shower, Jennifer had already removed her makeup. She held her pajamas, passed by him, and walked into the bathroom to freshen up.

When he saw the quilt on the sofa, Ryan stopped for a second and smiled sarcastically.

Ryan turned over, lay on the bed, and closed his eyes.

When Jennifer came out, she looked at Ryan who was lying in the bed. She then lay down on the sofa and stared at the ceiling absentmindedly. She couldn't help but sigh.

She could only hope that she and Ryan could live in harmony in the days to come.

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