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   Chapter 10 Apologize In Person

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Ryan reined in his anger and waited with a stony expression.

Feeling his anger, Jennifer turned her head and stared out of the window, lost in thought.

Last night, she stayed with Derek the whole night in order to deceive Elliot. Jennifer knew that Elliot still hadn't given up even after she had left and wanted to find a group of people to capture her. It was only too easy to figure out what he intended to do by taking her away.

Therefore, Jennifer decided to do something Elliot wanted her to do—to put on a good show with Derek. She deliberately leaked the photos to Elliot showing that she stayed in the hotel all night. In addition, she showed up late to the wedding because she was waiting for Elliot to start his performance.

Since the members of the Gu Family showed up in the Lu Family residence and met Elliot in person, Jennifer had begun to plan everything. Asking Ryan to come to the hotel was just the first step.

As for Ryan...

It would be ideal if he didn't misunderstand her. Even so, Jennifer had no intentions of explaining if he did. Quite frankly, she was hoping for the latter scenario so that she could carry out her next plan.

A stifling silence settled inside the car, with Ryan's undisguised anger palpable in the air. Jennifer sighed to herself.

The moment Derek's car stopped, Jennifer happily opened the door and waved at him. "Derek!"

Ryan watched with a sneer as the man with Jennifer's wedding dress hanging over his arm walked toward his car. The man carefully handed the white wedding dress and the make-up kit to Jennifer. Ryan recognized him as the man whom he saw in the YP Restaurant that night. Come to think of it, Derek was having dinner with Jennifer that time. The irony in his eyes deepened.

Aware of the other man's eyes on him, Derek met Ryan's look squarely. In front of Ryan, Derek reached out his hand and touched Jennifer's head affectionately. He said in a gentle voice, "Jenny, if you need anything, just call me whenever. I'm at your service 24 hours a day."

Jennifer looked at him in astonishment. 'What's wrong with this man? Why is he saying such cringeworthy words all of a sudden?'

Feeling a sudden chill in the air, she peeked at Ryan from the corner of her eye and understood what Derek was doing. A bright smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. "Sure. You can go back first. I'll go and see you when I have time."

Derek gave Ryan a defiant glance, turned around, and left.

Ryan's eyes were as cold as a pool of ice, and his voice was frigid enough to make people tremble. "Jennifer, I don't care how many men you've been with before. Since you're marrying into the Gu Family, you should completely cut off contact with every single one of them. Stop your restless thoughts and think clearly of how your unrestrained life can impact the Gu Family."

His tone was full of sarcasm and warning.

Hearing that, Jennifer's hands, which were holding the wedding dress, were still for a moment, and the smile on her face became more enchanting. "Ryan, you don't need to remind me over and over what kind of person I am. Besides, you know exactly what sort of person you're marrying. Don't worry. Since I'm to become a member of your family, I will watch my words and actions. You don't need to worry about me. Of course, what I do is my own business. I promise you that I will never do anything to make the Gu Family lose face."

After that, Jennifer slammed the door to vent her frustration.

"You'd better do that." Ryan's harrumph was skeptical, as if he did not believe Jennifer's words. He started the car slowly.

However, Jennifer didn't take it seriously. She took off her bathrobe carelessly and put the wedding dress on herself in Ryan's full view. She didn't feel awkward at all.

She felt lucky that Ryan didn't like sports cars. He chose a mature and steady Land Rover, a vehicle with a large interior space.

Soon, Jennifer finished putting on the wedding dress. Under Ryan's astonished look, she opened the make-up kit, simply fixed her hair, and then sat in the car to apply her make-up herself.

Fortunately, the car was well-sprung, and the road to the hotel was not bumpy. The ride was enough for Jennifer to dress herself up unimpeded in this short distance.

After getting out of the car, Jennifer bent down to tidy up her wedding dress. When she raised her head, her eyes met Ryan's amazed gaze. A faint smile appeared on her lips.

Ryan recovered from the shock. He had to admit that Jennifer looked breathtaking as a bride. The design of the wedding dress showcased her figure, with the neckline of the dress perfectly framing her collarbones and a droplet-shaped diamond necklace. The design of the fishtail at the hemline of the dress also lengthened her proportions, making her look tall. He realized how stunning her figure was.

Seeing the smile on Jennifer's face, Ryan realized his gaffe. He turned around and walked into the hotel with a cold expression.

Seeing this, Jennifer walked quickly to Ryan in her high heels and slid her hand through the crook of his arm.

Ryan's body stiffened, but he didn't refuse. Arm in arm, the couple walked into the hotel and headed to the wedding venue.

Finally, the protagonists had appeared. The guests were starting to show signs of disappointment and expressing how their high expectations weren't met, but one look at the bride took their breath away. Everyone was impressed by her beauty.

With a gentle, beautiful smile on her face, Jennifer followed Ryan step by step to Jason's side.

As soon as she saw Jason's livid face and Elliot's gloating one, Jennifer immediately knew what happened, but she maintained a calm expression. "Grandpa, I'm sorry. Something had happened. Don't worry, I will personally apologize to you once the wedding is over."

Her words stunned Jason who was about to call off the entire affair in his anger. Looking at the smile on Jennifer's face and the resoluteness in her eyes, Jason understood what she meant.

This girl must have known what happened at the wedding venue today, so her words implied to Jason that there was an unavoidable reason for her late arrival. After the wedding, she would naturally give an explanation to Jason.

Suppressing his anger, Jason tightened his face and nodded slightly.

After casting a grateful glance at Jason, Jennifer held Ryan's arm and walked gracefully towards the emcee on the stage.

Elliot was shocked to see what had happened. He thought that a storm was about to break out, but Jennifer managed to diffuse the situation. Uneasiness rose in his heart.

Why did he feel that this stupid girl was well prepared today?

That was impossible! His plan was...

His eyes staring daggers into Jennifer's back, Elliot turned his head and glanced at the livid Jason from the corner of his eye. He held on to that small comfort.

What he didn't know was that Jennifer had already come up with a solution.

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