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   Chapter 9 Come To The Hotel, Ryan

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Many celebrities in F City were invited to the wedding of Ryan Gu and Jennifer Lu. Although Ryan was not happy about the proceedings, he still came to the wedding and greeted the guests who passed by him with a stony face. It was his own wedding, yet no trace of happiness could be found on his cold face.

Seeing that the groom had arrived at the venue, everyone was immediately on the lookout for the arrival of the bride.

Up to that point, Jason had been busy chatting with some old friends. Shemar reminded him that only the groom had appeared, while the bride was nowhere to be seen. Even Elliot, the bride's father, had yet to arrive at the venue.

Jason scowled with displeasure and called out to Ryan to come to him. "Ry, where is Jennifer?"

According to custom, shouldn't he go to the Lu Family residence to pick up the bride and then come here to receive the guests with Jennifer by his side?

Ryan slid his hands into his pockets and said casually, "Jennifer said she would come here by herself. I don't know what's going on."

This marriage was not what Ryan had originally foreseen for himself, so he agreed without hesitation when Jennifer proposed the night before through a text message to go to the wedding venue by herself.

"Oh, well." Hearing Ryan's answer, Jason could only sigh softly. He turned to Shemar and said, "Call the Lu Family and ask what's going on."

Jason knew how unhappy his grandson was, but he thought that nothing else mattered as long as Ryan could get married obediently.

Shemar nodded and walked to the side to call the Lu Family, but no one received the call. His face suddenly darkened, and he leaned over and whispered in Jason's ear to explain the situation to him.

A trace of coldness suddenly came over Jason's unhappy face.

'What the hell is going on with the Lu Family?'

He motioned for Shemar to continue trying to reach the Lu Family. Jason asked Ryan to go to the Lu Family residence in person, but he refused.

Ryan turned around and headed to a corner. His completely indifferent attitude infuriated Jason. Ultimately, he was left with no choice but to order his people to go to the Lu Family residence to inquire about the situation.

As time passed, the guests present at the venue had started to notice that something was wrong. They whispered their speculations to each other regarding the missing bride.

Jason's face darkened with the passage of time waiting.

That time, Ryan's mobile phone vibrated in his pocket, and he glanced at the screen to know who was calling. As expected, it was Jennifer, today's protagonist who had quietly disappeared. With a sneer on his lips, Ryan disconnected the call without hesitation.

The phone rang many times after that—the same number of times that Ryan rejected the calls.

Perhaps she knew that Ryan would just reject her calls anyway, so Jennifer stopped being stubborn and just sent a message.

"If you didn't want the Gu Family to be ridiculed by others, you should immediately come to Room 9023 of the DH Hotel,"

said the message from Jennifer.

Squinting his eyes, Ryan deleted the message coldly and stood still, lost in thought. After some time, he straightened up and walked toward Jason. "Grandpa, I've found Jennifer. I'll pick her up right away."

One could say that the message dwelled in Ryan's mind. For the sake of the family's reputation, he had to go personally even if Jennifer were up to mischief.

Even with a livid expression, Jason did not lose his temper in front of the crowd. He just waved his hand, wordlessly ordering Ryan to go hurriedly and to come back as soon as he could.

Just as Ryan was leaving, Elliot

finally showed up. He walked past him with anger on his face. A waiter led him to where Jason was standing. However, Ryan did not notice him.

Ryan directly went to Room 9023 of the DH Hotel. The moment he pushed the door open, he saw Jennifer clad in a hotel bathrobe and resting on the sofa with her eyes closed.

Hearing the noise, Jennifer opened her eyes slowly and looked at the newcomer in confusion. Recognizing him, she smiled and said, "Ryan, you are here."

With a cold face, Ryan nodded and said, "Jennifer, what do you think you're doing? It was you who wanted to get married, yet you did not even appear for your own wedding."

Jennifer did not seem to hear what Ryan had said. She stood up and said, "Let's go. Let's go to the wedding venue now."

"Wait a minute. Do you want to appear at the wedding in such a disarray? Jennifer, don't tell me that you spent the whole of last night in this hotel." Ryan grabbed Jennifer's arm and glared at her.

The thought of Jennifer messing around with someone else right before she married him made Ryan feel extremely uncomfortable.

It was true that he didn't like Jennifer, but he never would have thought that this woman would not have a single ounce of shame. She was getting married today, yet she dared to do such a thing.

Jennifer was forced to stop. Turning her head to look at Ryan's angry eyes, she said with a languid smile, "Ryan, you drove over here, right? If there's anything you want to ask, let's talk it over in your car. Wouldn't it be awesome if the paparazzi managed to get photos of us right before the wedding?"

"Jennifer Lu, don't you know that little word called shame? You should have a limit to how much you mess around. Now, you asked me to get you so that I could clean up your mess for you?" Ryan's eyes were red-rimmed and blazing with anger. Jennifer had no idea how close she was to being throttled at that moment.

Taking a deep breath, Jennifer said, "Ryan, the reporters will be coming up in a minute. Are you sure you want me to appear in front of everyone looking like this? No matter how bad I am, I am marrying into the Gu Family. Even if you don't give a damn about mine, don't you care about your family's reputation?"

She knew that there was no point in saying anything more, just as she knew that Ryan had misunderstood her. Anyway, Jennifer didn't care—all she wanted now was to leave the hotel as soon as possible so that the wolves who wanted her blood wouldn't have the opportunity to pounce.

At first, Ryan was so angry that he wanted to leave Jennifer to fend for herself. However, upon hearing her words, he pushed down his anger to the bottom of his heart, pulled her wrist, and quickly walked out of the room.

Jennifer felt a sharp pain on her wrist, which told her exactly how mad Ryan was. She reeled and stumbled behind Ryan.

When they reached Ryan's car, Jennifer felt the world spin. Ryan unceremoniously dumped her small frame into the back seat. The resounding slam of the car door echoed in Jennifer's heart.

As Ryan slid behind the wheel and started the car, Jennifer straightened up and said softly, "Wait for five more minutes. I've already asked someone to go back and pick up the wedding dress for me. Today is our wedding. Do you really want me to appear in front of everyone like this?"

Ryan gripped the steering wheel so tightly that blue veins popped out prominently on his arms. Looking in the rearview mirror, he glared at the woman behind him fiercely. If only it were possible, he would want her to show up in public like this.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn't!

So, he decided to put up with her for the time being!

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