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   Chapter 8 Before The Wedding

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The wedding day was fast approaching. Jennifer had already requested a leave from the company in advance. She had not seen anyone from the Lu Family since her clash with Elliot. But the wedding was taking place the following day; she had no choice but to come back to the Lu Family's old mansion.

She was a member of the Lu Family, after all. According to the custom, she should stay in the old mansion of her family and wait for the groom to come pick her up tomorrow.

When Jennifer got home, she bumped into Elliot whose face was livid. He looked exasperated so she decided not to pay him much attention. She simply nodded at him then walked hurriedly towards her room.

Jennifer's demeanor made Elliot more furious.

'This damn girl didn't dare to be so rude to me before. Does she really think that after she becomes Ryan's wife, she can disregard me, her father?'

A hint of cruelty flashed through Elliot's eyes. He thought that he could control this stupid girl for the rest of her life, but he didn't expect that Jennifer would disobey him at such a critical moment, which made him very angry.

Fortunately for him, this ignorant girl wasn't aware that such a will existed.

As he ruminated over the will, Elliot's eyes became more and more vicious.

If Jennifer wanted to marry Ryan without any obstruction, she had to ask for his permission. Thinking of this, Elliot smiled wickedly. He had to get the will. Since she refused to accept his arrangement, she could not blame him for being rude to her.

As soon as Jennifer got to her room, she took a shower to soothe herself and get rid of all that day's exhaustion. She then got dressed and sat in front of the dresser. She stared blankly at herself in the mirror and got lost in thought.

Suddenly, someone pushed the door open. With a straight face, Elliot walked over towards Jennifer. He had a glass of milk in his hand and handed it to her. "Are you still angry with me?"

Jennifer glanced at the glass of milk, momentarily unable to hide her surprise. She took it over and shook her head with a smile. "No, Dad. We are father and daughter. It was just a misunderstanding. There should never be hatred between us, right?"

Sighing slightly, Elliot said, "You say that you are not mad at me, but you didn't come home for so many days."

Surprised by what he said, Jennifer smiled and tried to explain, "Dad, what are you talking about? The law office is quite busy these days. It also happened that my superior sent me out for a few days' work. Add to that the wedding preparations. I just got really busy. I'm not angry with you, really."

While saying that, Jennifer winked at Elliot as she usually did and pouted, looking as if she was wronged.

Her reaction stunned Elliot at first, but he also felt immediately relieved.

'This girl is still as simple-minded and gullible as before, ' Elliot thought. He might have overestimated her.

Jennifer's response to him made Elliot feel relieved. Like a loving father, he touched her head dotingly and said, "Jen, it's for your own good that I got so angry before. Ryan is not someone you can control. I'm just worried that he might hurt you. I didn't mean to say those words that day. I hope you don't take it to heart."

Jennifer's body instinctively stiffened, but she endured Elliot's gesture. She looked calm on the surface, but her heart was surging. He said he didn't mean to do it. As a father, how could he say something like that to criticize his daughter? If he didn't think it in his heart, how could he say it s

o easily?

"I know," Jennifer answered softly.

Elliot looked at her and continued, "Since you insist on marrying Ryan, okay, I support you. Now, drink the milk and go to bed early. You are getting married tomorrow, Jen, and I want you to be the most beautiful bride in the world."

Jennifer nodded slightly and tightened her grip on the glass of milk.

She was not stupid, so she didn't miss the sharpness in Elliot's eyes when he glanced at the milk in her hand.

The milk might not be as plain as it seemed...


How could she get away from this situation?

Figuring out that there was something wrong with the milk, she wouldn't be foolish enough to consume it. But under Elliot's gaze, she couldn't outrightly refuse to drink it. Especially when he had already exerted much effort, pretending to care about her just to have her drink the milk.

If she didn't drink it now, it would throw a hint that she was still mad at him.

Jennifer was caught in a dilemma and was trying to figure a way out of it when all of a sudden, her cell phone vibrated. The call was like a life-saving straw. She quickly picked up the phone and said, "Derek, what? You are drunk at the bar? Okay, sit tight and wait for me there. Don't run around, okay? I'll pick you up right away."

Before Derek could react, Jennifer quickly hung up the phone.

She casually put the milk down on the dresser and stood up. She anxiously said to Elliot, "Dad, Derek came back from abroad. His friends held a welcome party for him, but now he's drunk and he asked me to pick him up. I need to go out for a while."

Without giving Elliot time to respond, Jennifer passed by him and was about to leave.

Seeing this, Elliot grabbed Jennifer's arm and reminded her, "Jen, you are going to marry into the Gu Family tomorrow. Just a night before the wedding, you're going to that kind of place to meet another man in the middle of the night. If someone tries to make a fuss about it, how will you face and live with the Gu Family in the future?"

Elliot's words seemed filled with concern, but the truth was Jennifer leaving would ruin his carefully laid out plans. If she left, how could he carry out his next step?

Therefore, no matter what Jennifer said, Elliot was decided not to let her go.

Hearing his words, Jennifer grew more anxious. "Dad, I'll be back soon. Don't worry. I know what to do. Besides, Derek and I are just friends. He came back from abroad and got drunk. I can't just leave him alone."

As she spoke, Jennifer pulled her arm away from Elliot's grip and added, "I'll take Derek to the Xiao Family and then I'll be home soon."

Before Elliot could react, Jennifer had already rushed out of the room.

Elliot watched her anxious figure walk away. The warm smile and concerned expression on his face gradually disappeared. His eyes turned cold, and he immediately thought about how to carry out his next plan.

While he was racking his brains, he suddenly thought of the relationship between Jennifer and Derek. Perhaps he could make use of that.

The relationship between the two was well known and much talked about by the people in F City. Many times, their closeness had been the subject of attention and exaggerated by the media. But for some unknown reason, Derek suddenly left F City and went abroad half a year ago.

And Derek's return was perhaps a chance given to him by God.

Contemplating this, Elliot quickly came up with an idea and smiled coldly.

This time, he would leave no room for Jennifer to turn the tables!

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