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   Chapter 7 Derek Xiao

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Although she was going to marry Ryan, the wedding was all arranged by Jennifer herself. When she knew that Ryan was not willing to take wedding photos, she did not get angry. She just quietly mentioned Jason, which forced Ryan to take a group of wedding photos with her.

As soon as the wedding photos were taken, Ryan immediately left the studio with a cold face, leaving Jennifer sitting in front of the dressing table. Jennifer let the staff remove her makeup. She closed her eyes to cover the loss in her eyes, with a decent smile on her face all the time.

At this moment, the phone on the table vibrated.

Opening her eyes, Jennifer looked at the name on the screen. With a smile on her lips, she picked up the phone, "Finally you are willing to call me? I thought you would be mad at me for a long time."

"Jennifer, let's meet." A low and displeased voice came from the other end of the phone.

Knowing what he was angry about, Jennifer continued to smile and said, "Well, half past eight. See you at the usual place."

As soon as she finished her words, the phone was hung up.

Jennifer shook her head with a laugh and put the phone back in place. "When can I start choosing photos?" she asked the staff around her.

"Our photographer would work overtime tonight and you could come by tomorrow evening at the latest to select the photos. Miss Jennifer, don't worry. We will finish all the products before your wedding with Mr. Ryan," the staff answered with a smile.

Hearing this, Jennifer smiled and said, "Thank you. I'm sorry to trouble you."

"No, you're welcome, Miss Jennifer." The staff laughed even more happily, only because of the politeness of Jennifer.

Without saying anything, Jennifer just looked at herself in the mirror and lost in thought.

After removing the make-up, Jennifer refused to put another make-up on again. She raised her hand and looked at her watch. It was almost eight o'clock. She thanked the staff of the studio with a smile. Then she turned around and drove to the appointed place.

After parking the car in the parking place by the roadside, Jennifer walked towards the YP Restaurant with her bag. She told the waiter the room number and then followed the waiter to the room.

The moment the door was opened, Jennifer saw the man sitting in his seat, wearing a grey sportswear. Almost at the same time, the man's eyes met with her and a smile appeared on his lips.

After saying thanks to the waiter, Jennifer walked towards the man.

"Derek, I thought you would never come back." Jennifer looked at the man in front of her with a smile, but there was a hint of imperceptible criticism in her words.

With her words, Derek Xiao stood up and walked up to Jennifer. He stretched out his hand and gently held her in his arms. "I have no choice. After all, there is a little fool here who I miss so much. If I don't come back, what if she is bullied and can't find a backer?"

Hearing Derek Xiao's words, Jennifer got out of his arms and punched him in the chest, "What? You are lying! You don't want to see me, do you? You can even leave me alone for half a year. What brought you back?"

With a smile on his face, Derek Xiao looked at Jennifer gently. He gently touched her head and said, "Are you hungry? I've ordered your favorite food. Sit down and eat. We can talk about it after finishing eating."

He pulled out the seat for her like a gentleman. After Jennifer sat down, Derek Xiao slowly sat in his previous seat.

After Jennifer looked at the dishes she liked on the table, tears welled up in her eyes and she smile

d bitterly. She picked up a sweet and sour rib with chopsticks and chewed it slowly.

In this world, the only person who could give Jennifer warmth was probably Derek Xiao.

Half a year ago, the two of them had a quarrel in discord because of something. In a fit of anger, Derek Xiao chose to go abroad for further study. Even though he said that he would never care about Jennifer, he still cared about her secretly.

Jennifer knew it better than anyone else.

This time, Jennifer also knew why Derek Xiao returned to home country secretly.

Derek Xiao didn't say anything. He just picked up some food for Jennifer with a smile on his face all the time.

"I'm getting married." After taking a few bites, Jennifer put down her chopsticks and looked up at Derek Xiao.

Hearing her words, Derek Xiao paused for a moment, and then put a piece of sparerib into Jennifer's bowl as if nothing had happened. He said in a low voice, "Eat more. You've lost a lot of weight in half a year."

"Derek, I'm getting married with Ryan." Jennifer said again.

Derek Xiao put down his chopsticks and said with a smile, "I know. Why do you think I come back? My favorite little sister finally got married. As her brother, how could I not come back? Jenny, Congratulations! Your wish has eventually come true."

For some reason, looking at the smiling Derek Xiao in front of her, Jennifer felt very uncomfortable.

An indescribable feeling spread in her chest.

"As you said, don't force yourself to laugh when you don't want to. We don't need to hide too much emotion in front of each other," Jennifer said, looking straight into Derek Xiao's smiling face.

Her words finally made Derek Xiao stop smiling and change into a serious look. He stared straight at her with sharp eyes. After a long time, Derek Xiao slowly opened his mouth, "The will you want me to deal with is ready to be over. Are you sure you want to use it, Jennifer? That's the last thing your mother left you."

In fact, Derek Xiao really wanted to question this silly woman loudly. Was it really worth spending all her money for the sake of Ryan?

But in the end, Derek Xiao held back his anger, because he knew Jennifer too well.

"I'll use it sooner or later. The only difference is whether I use it for what it's worth." Jennifer replied calmly.

Her reply was just as what Derek Xiao had thought.

After hearing Jennifer's answer, Derek Xiao smiled helplessly and finally stopped bothering about this question.

"OK, no matter what you do, I will support you unconditionally. Since you think it is worth it, I will help you to the end." Derek Xiao finally chose to compromise.

He would never forcefully stop Jennifer from doing anything.

"Thank you," Jennifer said gratefully to Derek Xiao.

Feeling bitter in his heart, Derek Xiao continued, "By the way, pay attention to your father. He can't let it go so easily. Be careful."

At last, Derek Xiao still reminded Jennifer to be careful of Elliot.

"I know." Jennifer's eyes became cold and sharp, but her heart was full of irony.

No matter what he was going to do this time, he couldn't stop her.

Derek Xiao stared at Jennifer for a long time. Finally, he could only sigh helplessly and say nothing. He silently picked food for her and gently persuaded her to eat more.

The two of them didn't know that through the crack of the door, a tall figure saw the intimate interaction between the two of them. The smile on the one's lips was very ironic, and a look of disgust flashed through his deep eyes. Then he turned around and quickly left.

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