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   Chapter 6 Just To Let You Know

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About the news that she and Ryan were going to get married, Jennifer immediately informed her friends who worked in the media industry, asking them to spread the news as quickly as possible.

As expected, the news of the marriage between the Gu and Lu families quickly swept through the whole F City at a crazy speed. Everyone was curious about the marriage between Ryan and Jennifer.

News of the upcoming nuptials took over the trends in all news sites and social media platforms, and some netizens even launched an investigation on the topic. Most of them believed that Ryan would never marry a woman like Jennifer and that she had probably employed some underhanded means to force him to marry her.

Looking at the comments on different websites, Jennifer just smiled, her face an unreadable mask.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her phone's ring tone. It was Elliot calling.

Looking at her phone screen, Jennifer took a deep breath and answered, "Hello, Dad..."

"Jennifer, come back right now!" Elliot shouted angrily from the other end of the call.

Before Jennifer could reply, Elliot had already disconnected the call.

She put away her phone and calmly headed back to the Lu Family house.

As she had expected, Elliot was fuming. He was sitting on the sofa when she arrived, his face livid. The moment he saw Jennifer, his eyes flashed with a vicious intent, like he was a step away from strangling her.

Jennifer caught that look. With a faint smile, she walked up to her father and said, "I'm back."


The greeting was barely out of her mouth when Elliot slammed his palm on the table before him. He glared at Jennifer and said fiercely, "Explain to me what is going on. What is this I heard about you marrying into the Gu Family? When did you decide to marry Ryan?"

Two days ago, he had declared his intention to have Jennifer marry Francis and become a member of the Gu Family. Indeed, she would succeed in becoming a member of that family, but the man she was going to marry was Ryan—Ryan, who was Jacob's bitterest rival. Now, how would he explain that to Jacob?

As if unaware of the anger on Elliot's face, Jennifer shrugged her shoulders and said, "It seems like you already know about it. In that case, let me put it frankly: I've known Ryan for a long time, and I think it's a good idea to marry him. So, I visited Jason for him to make the decision for me, and he agreed to my marriage with Ryan.

Dad, if my memory serves me well, didn't you say two days ago that you wanted me to marry into the Gu Family? It will be as you wish. Now I am marrying Ryan and joining the Gu Family. Francis has no power or influence in the family, but Ryan is different. Mr. Jason has always treated him as the heir. Anyway, his future prospects are better than those of Francis."

In her peripheral vision, Jennifer saw the exasperated look on Elliot's face. With an innocent smile on her face, she continued, "Dad, you have taught me since I was a child that no matter what I do, I have to put my own interests first. I don't think choosing Ryan as my future husband is wrong. When he becomes the master of the Gu Family, I will be the wife of the master. Then, I will have everything I want. Now, imagine if I were to marry Francis. No matter how hard he tries, he will be crushed under Ryan's heel. I don't think I need to state the pros and cons to you."

What Jennifer said was true—Elliot did hammer that into her head when she was growing up. Now, she was using his own words against him.

Jennifer met Elliot's angry eyes with her guileless gaze colored by a touch of hurt, as if she was a good girl who always listened to her father..

With her eyes, Jennifer told Elliot that she was just following his words and did nothing wrong.

Elliot felt a twinge of regret. He had said these words to Jennifer since she was a child. She never seemed to pay attention to him when he was saying them at the time—who would have thought that she could quote him back word by word?

He was at a loss to provide an appropriate response.

Jennifer was overjoyed at the sight of Elliot's frustration, but she schooled her face into a calm facade. "Oh, by the way, the Gu Family w

ill come to visit us and talk about the marriage in two days. I hope that you would treat them well at that time. After all, I can do anything, even something shameless, in order to marry Ryan. Dad, you wouldn't want my efforts to be in vain, would you?

I'm just doing this for your sake and the development of the Lu Group. I'm now known as the shameless woman who pestered Ryan into marrying her."

Her words made Elliot's face become even paler. He asked in a cold voice, "Do you mean to say that Ryan didn't agree with the marriage?"

Jennifer nodded. "Yes, he didn't agree. However, his grandfather did, so he was left with no choice."

Hearing those words, Elliot felt a twinge of joy in his heart. He cleared his throat and said, "Jen, you don't have to do this. Since Ryan doesn't want to marry you, you won't be assured of a good life even if you marry into the Gu Family. Listen to my advice—leave Ryan. I think Francis is really a good man."


Jennifer thought with an inward sneer. 'He hasn't given up yet?'

Jennifer shook her head at the thought and flatly refused, "No, I'm going to marry Ryan."

She was standing her ground.

Her strong words almost had Elliot choking out blood in anger. With a scowl, he blustered, "The parents' wishes in their children's matches have always prevailed. Besides, he doesn't even like you, so why don't you salvage the dignity you have left? You are a woman, but a man turned you down. How could you continue being shameless and pestering him? Do you want the entire Lu Family to lose face?"

Jennifer hid her smirk and replied, "Dad, whether you agree or not, I will marry Ryan."

She didn't want to maintain the act with her father, so she told him of her decision in no uncertain terms.

Elliot could not believe how his daughter, who had always been obedient, would thwart him over and over again. Even now, she had made a decision on her own marriage without telling him.

If she married someone, Elliot would have liked her to leave the Lu Family as soon as possible, even if she were to marry a beggar on the roadside. Who would have thought that she would marry Ryan?

He had just told her that he wanted her to marry Francis—the next thing he knew, she had become engaged to Ryan in a blink of an eye. Elliot was starting to expect that she had done it on purpose.

"Jennifer, you're doing this on purpose just to spite me!" Elliot roared furiously.

How could he explain this to Jacob?

Jennifer said coolly, "Dad, I don't know what you are talking about."

"You..." Elliot's face was almost purple in anger, and his chest heaved violently. He rushed toward Jennifer and proceeded to castigate her, "What an unfilial daughter. With your reputation right now, do you think you're qualified to marry into the Gu Family? What was Ryan thinking, affiancing himself to a shameless woman such as you? I am telling you right now: you will go to the Gu Family house and break off your engagement at once. Isn't it enough for you to drag the reputation of the Lu Family through the mud that you have to harm another family's good name, as well? You... You're insufferable."

"I will marry Ryan," Jennifer insisted.

Every time she insisted on having her way, Elliot's rage burned even hotter. "You undisciplined child, I will beat you to death today, or else you would disgrace our family further."

As he spoke, Elliot raised his hand to hit Jennifer.

At that moment, Jennifer's entire demeanor turned glacial. Her originally gentle eyes now looked like sharp shards of ice.

Her knife-like glare pierced Elliot's heart, and his hand stopped midair.

At that moment, Elliot was horrified to find that he was actually not immune to the look in Jennifer's eyes and that his hand was trembling slightly. Such a situation should never have happened.

"I only came here to tell you that I am going to be married. I don't need your permission," Jennifer said in a cold voice. She turned around and left, oblivious to her father's eyes shooting daggers at her retreating back.

His hand still in the air, Elliot watched Jennifer's receding figure until she was gone. He felt a lingering fear, but he did not know why.

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