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   Chapter 5 Jennifer, Don't Regret It

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Seeing Jennifer's eyesight, Ryan frowned tightly. His eyes were full of coldness.

"I'm not so incompetent as to need a woman to support my career." Then, Ryan turned to look at Jason and asked, "Grandpa, don't you trust me as well? Do you look down on me?"

Hearing what Ryan said, Jason changed his face immediately.

Before Jason got angry, Jennifer said again, "Who dares to doubt your ability? Ryan. But are you so confident that you can stand on the high position and overlook the world during all your life? Ryan, you think too highly of yourself. There will always be a moment when you relax yourself. Will you be sure that you would be safe all the time?

Besides, I'm not helping you unconditionally. Your wife must be me. This is also a long investment of mine. As long as I become your wife, I don't want anything else."

Knowing that no matter how much she said to Ryan, it couldn't change his mind, so Jennifer directly asked for Jason's opinion. "Mr. Jason, maybe you need to help us to make a decision about my marriage with Ryan. I believe that a filial man like Ryan will not let you down."

It was useless for her to say more. Jennifer didn't care what Ryan was thinking about her now. The most important thing for her was to marry him as soon as possible.

"Jennifer, do you still have any sense of shame? Why are you in such a hurry to marry a man? How cheap are you?" Ryan's face turned ghastly pale. He didn't expect that Jennifer would ask his grandfather to make a decision and let her marry into the Gu Family. Looking at the expression on Jason's face, it was clear that he had reached an agreement with her.

Hearing what Ryan said, Jennifer smiled and said, "Sense of shame? I thought you must have known it well after we met for several times. Ryan, I like you. I want to marry you, and you have to marry me, no matter you want it or not."

Then, Jennifer walked gracefully to Ryan and sat directly next to him. Without giving him a chance to react, she held his arm and smiled at him enchantingly.

Ryan frowned and tried to pull his hand out. However, when he exerted force, Jennifer also exerted force. She even shamelessly put his arm on her chest, which made Ryan's expression even worse.

Seeing the interaction between the two people, Jason cleared his voice and said, "Ry, Jennifer is not as rumors say. I believe that after getting along with her for a while, you will find her different side. As for the marriage between you and her, I also hope that she could be your good wife to help you. I think she is a good choice. You can leave your prejudice against her behind and get along well with her for a while."

What he said was undoubtedly telling Ryan that he had agreed to the marriage of Jennifer and him.

As soon as Jason finished his words, there was already a cold atmosphere around Ryan, but Jennifer still stuck to him like an octopus with eight claws, which made him more irritable.

"Grandpa, I won't marry her." Ryan refused coldly.

Frowning slightly, Jason said unhappily, "Ry, don't be willful. Don't you believe in my judgment?"

Ryan smiled coldly, "Woman like Jennifer, Grandpa, your judgment..."

Your judgment was really "good".

But before Ryan could finish his sarcastic words, Jason interrupted him coldly.

"Well, that's it. Ry, you will be in charge of the Gu Family in the future. You have to know which is more important. Otherwise, how can grandpa rest assur

ed to hand over the Gu Group to you? If you want to make a big deal and become a big shot, you have to sacrifice something decisively." Jason gave a meaningful look at Ryan, with an irresistible look in his eyes.

Jason took a deep look at Ryan, and then he stood up and left, leaving the other three people alone.

Jason had finished what he should say. What Ryan would do depended entirely on Ryan himself.

After Jason left, Ryan's face darkened and his whole body was filled with coldness. He knew that what his grandfather had just said was to tell him that if he wanted to get the core power of the Gu Family, he must follow his arrangement.

He needed to sacrifice his marriage in exchange for his authority in the Gu Family.

It had to be said that Jason had successfully grasped the key weakness of Ryan, leaving him no room for resistance.

Shemar sighed, "Ry, your grandpa won't easily ruin your marriage life. He has his own thoughts in everything he does. Think about it carefully. I won't force you. If you really don't like her, the worst result is that we can leave the Gu Family and stay away from the troubles here."

As a member of the Gu Family, there were too many helpless things that could not be undone. That was how Shemar came through in the past. Naturally, he did not want his son to follow his own steps. If Ryan did not want to, even if Shemar risked his life, he had to protect him.

What Shemar said made Ryan lost in thought. After a long time, he said in a hoarse voice slowly, "Dad, I'll marry her. I must marry her."

After saying that, Ryan gritted his teeth and looked at the complacent look on Jennifer's face. He warned her fiercely, "Jennifer, if you insist on marrying me, then don't regret it."

He would like to see how capable this woman was to make his grandfather agree and force him to marry her.

"Ry, you don't have to force yourself, if..." Shemar looked at his angry son worriedly and tried to stop him, fearing that Ryan would regret in the future if he agreed to the marriage.

"Dad, don't worry. I know what I'm doing," Ryan said to Shemar.

His words made Shemar, who had been worried, even more worried. But he knew well about Ryan's character, so he could do nothing but sigh in the bottom of his heart.

"Miss Jennifer, since my father has made up his mind, I will propose to the Lu Family on an auspicious day." Shemar looked at Jennifer helplessly.

He hoped that this woman wouldn't let him down.

Hearing what Shemar said, the smile on Jennifer's face became brighter. "Okay, Uncle Shemar, I'll go back and tell my father, waiting for you to come."

As soon as Jennifer finished her words, she let go of Ryan's arm and looked at his cold face with a smile.

Today's result was undoubtedly satisfactory to her.

As long as she could marry Ryan, she didn't care about anything.

"Ryan, I will never regret marrying you, never." After taking a firm look at Ryan, Jennifer turned around with a seductive smile and left the Gu Family briskly.

It seemed that for a moment, Ryan seemed to have noticed the firmness in Jennifer's eyes just now, which seemed to be very different from her frivolous attitude when she looked at him before.

But before Ryan could figure it out, Jennifer had already turned around and left.

Her words made Ryan clench his fists, with a touch of coldness in his eyes.

'You will never regret it?


Let's wait and see!'

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