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   Chapter 5 Jennifer, Don't Regret It

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When Ryan noticed Jennifer's fierce gaze, a deep frown furrowed his eyebrows. His face was listless with his stone-cold eyes.

"I am not an incompetent man who needs a woman to support me in my career." After Ryan said that, he turned to look at Jason and asked, "Grandpa, is this because you don't trust me? Do you look down on my abilities?"

Upon hearing Ryan's words, the expression on Jason's face changed immediately.

However, before Jason could lash out on his grandson, Jennifer interrupted and said, "Who dares doubt your abilities, Ryan? But, don't you think you're being too confident to believe that you can stand in such a high position for the rest of your life? Ryan, you're overexerting yourself, don't you think? At some point, you're going to look for some moments of relief. By then, are you so assured that nothing can bring you down?

Besides, I will not be helping you unconditionally. The position of the young lady of the Gu Family must be me. This will be a long-term investment of mine. The only condition is that I will be your wife, nothing else."

She was well aware that no matter how much she tried to convince Ryan, it wouldn't be enough to change his mind. For that reason, Jennifer directly asked Jason for his opinion, "Mr. Jason, perhaps you could preside on the decision of my marriage with Ryan. I'm sure that a filial grandson like Ryan would not let you down."

There was no reason for her to say any more than she had. At this point, she didn't really care about what Ryan thought of her. The only thing that matter was to get married to him as soon as possible.

"Jennifer, don't you have any sense of shame? How could you just force a man to marry you? Are you a second-class woman that needs to do something like this?" Ryan's face turned ghastly pale. He didn't expect that Jennifer would ask his grandfather to make a decision and let her marry into the Gu Family. Looking at the expression on Jason's face, it was clear that he had reached an agreement with her.

Jennifer looked at Ryan with a simple smile and said, "Sense of shame? I thought that you must have been aware of what kind of person I am after meeting several times. Anyway, I've always been in love with you. I want to get married to you, and it doesn't matter to me if you want it or not."

She walked amorously towards Ryan and sat right next to him. Before giving him a chance to react, she held his arm flirtatiously and beamed an enchanting smile.

With a disgruntled look on his face, he tried to pull his hand out with force. However, the more he tried to pull back, the more Jennifer held tightly into his arm. She even brazenly placed his arm on her chest, which repulsed Ryan all the more.

As Jason watched the scene between the two of them, he suddenly cleared his throat and said, "Ry, I want you to understand that Jennifer is not as the media says of her. I believe that after spending some time with her, you'll realize this. As for the marriage between the two of you, I believe that she is a capable and beneficial wife who can help you in your future. She is definitely an excellent fit. I hope to see that you can put your prejudice aside and try to get along with her."

From his statement, it seemed as though he had undoubtedly agreed to the marriage between Jennifer and Ryan.

By the time that Jason finished his piece, a cold atmosphere had already surrounded Ryan. Despite that, Jennifer still stuck to him like an octopus with its eight tentacles, which only irked Ryan all the more.

"Grandpa, I'm not going to marry her," Ryan refused sternly.

With an apparent displeased expression, Jason answered, "Ry, enough with the stubbornness. Don't you trust my judgment?"

Ryan said with a dry smile on his face, "With a woman like Jennifer, Grandpa, it seems like your judgment..."

'Your judgment doesn't seem to be very good.'

That was what Ryan wanted to say, but before he could finish with his insolent words, Jason irately interrupted him.

"It has

already been decided. Ry, you will be in charge of the future of the Gu Family. You need to prioritize what matters the most. Otherwise, how can I ever be certain of handing over the Gu Group to you? If you really want to get to the top and take over the world, sacrifices need to be done." Jason looked at Ryan with a meaningful look, making it difficult to resist him.

After looking at Ryan profoundly, Jason stood up and left, leaving the three of them on their own.

By now, Jason had already said what he wanted to. The next step depended entirely on Ryan himself.

When Jason was gone, darkness cast over Ryan's face, while a coldness enveloped his whole body. He understood that his grandpa wanted him to gain the core power of the Gu Family, and therefore needed to follow through with his arrangement.

He needed to make a sacrifice in exchange for his position in the family, and this meant he had to get married to someone he despised.

It could be said that Jason had successfully tackled Ryan's key weakness, now leaving him with no room for resistance.

Shemar sighed and said, "Ry, your grandpa wouldn't just ruin your future marriage for no significant reason. He has thoroughly thought of this, just like in everything he does. Think about it carefully. I won't force you in this matter. If you really don't want to be with her, the worst thing that could happen is that we leave the Gu Family and get away from these problems."

As a member of the Gu Family, there were decisions that had to be made and could not be taken back. This was exactly what Shemar went through in the past. Of course, he inherently did not want his son to follow in his footsteps. If Ryan did not want to go through this decision, Shemar was willing to risk his life to protect him.

Shemar's words caused Ryan to be lost in thought. After a long, lingering silence, he said in a hoarse voice, "Dad, I will marry her. I must do it."

He said these words through gritted teeth as he looked at the smug expression on Jennifer's face. He then warned her fiercely, "Jennifer, if you insist on marrying me, then don't have any regrets."

He wanted to find out and see for himself if this woman was as capable as she made his grandfather believe.

"Ry, you don't have to force yourself to make this decision. If..." Shemar could tell that his son was infuriated, so he stopped him out of worry. He feared that his son would regret it for the rest of his life if he agreed to this marriage.

"Don't worry, Dad. I know what I'm doing," Ryan said to his father.

However, his words only caused Shemar to be all the more worried. He knew his son's character quite well, so now, he couldn't do anything but heave a deep sigh.

"Miss Jennifer Lu, since my father has made up his mind, I will arrange for Ryan to visit the Lu Family on an auspicious day," Shemar said to Jennifer with a helpless look on his face.

All he could do was to hope that this woman would not let them down.

Hearing what Shemar said, a bright, beaming smile appeared on Jennifer's face. "Okay, Uncle Shemar. I'll go back and tell my father. We will be looking forward to it."

As soon as Jennifer said that, she released her grip on Ryan's arm and looked at his cold, indifferent face with a wide grin.

She found this day to be very satisfactory.

As long as she could get married to Ryan, nothing else really mattered.

"Ryan, there is no way I will ever regret marrying you." After saying these firm words to Ryan, Jennifer turned around seductively with a smile on her face and left the Gu residence in a hurry.

In that moment, Ryan seemed to have noticed the firmness in Jennifer's eyes for the first time. It was very different from her typical frivolous demeanor when she looked at him before.

But before Ryan could see it clearly, Jennifer had already turned around and left.

Her words caused Ryan's eyes to darken as he clenched his fists tightly.

'You will never regret it?


Just wait and see!'

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