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   Chapter 76 Betrayal (Part One)

Robbed Of Love: Fall Into Charming Doctor's Trap By Ming Yue Characters: 7214

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"I... I fell out with him." Lydia said with a little disappointment, thinking that maybe they would soon end up breaking up. How could she have the face to borrow money from him?

Last night, when her grandmother was having an operation, she still had the courage to call him. But now, after a day and a night, she had no courage at all.

He didn't listen to her and directly hung up her calls. He even turned off his phone to avoid her. How much did he dislike her now? If he still cared about her, he should have called her back.

But, no, he didn't. He never did.

Although it was just a misunderstanding between them, he didn't even give Lydia a chance to explain. What else could she expect?

No, she didn't want to see him, and she didn't have the courage to borrow money from him anymore. What would he think of her if she borrowed money from him now? After he turned off his phone last night, Lydia felt that she couldn't afford to be hurt. Perhaps, she was thinking that it would be better to owe the money to Dean Vincent temporarily than to grovel to Ryan.

Perhaps, subconsciously, Lydia didn't think that Ryan would believe her.

When Ryan's cousin met Lydia in a clothing shop for the first time, she had been in a bad relationship with her. Although Lydia also felt that the problem was a little inexplicable, she understood one thing, which was that woman was very incompatible with her. Lydia believed that after she left, Ryan's cousin must have spoken ill of her behind her.

But they were a couple who loved each other deeply. Why didn't he trust her? Was it useless for her to say anything at all? Could she still make it up? Should she do that?

"Lydia, what's wrong with you and Ryan? Are you blaming Ryan for hiding that he is from a rich family?" When Astrid heard Lydia say that she had a fight with Ryan, she subconsciously thought that it was because Lydia suddenly knew the family background of Ryan and couldn't accept it for a while, so they were at odds. She also explained for Ryan naturally, "Lydia, he didn't mean to lie to you. You know, you have a prejudice against rich children. Do you know how difficult it

and thought for her everywhere.

He would rather rent an apartment than going back to the villa.

His affections and behaviors were all seen by Astrid. She didn't want her best friend to miss such a good man.

"Lydia, money is not a problem. But don't miss your true love."

That was the last sentence that Astrid left to Lydia before she left.

The night wind blew gently on Lydia's bright hair. The last sentence that Astrid said to her echoed in Lydia's mind again and again. There was a trace of peace in her heart.

True love? True love also needed fate! If it was really fate, she wouldn't miss Ryan, would she?

Lydia didn't want to think too much. When she returned to the hospital, she told Harland that Astrid had promised to lend her one million. She also told him that the dean of the hospital had already paid the medical fees they owed, so it shouldn't be a problem for her to fight for some more time with Dean Vincent.

Hearing Lydia's words, Harland felt a little relieved. He asked Lydia to go back and have a rest, and he would stay in the hospital to keep watch tonight.

Lydia didn't say anything more. She just nodded slightly and walked out.

She was indeed tired. She had stayed with her grandmother the whole night last night and barely slept all day and night. She didn't need to be polite to Harland. Her father would keep watch tonight, and she would be the one to keep watch the next night.

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