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   Chapter 75 Bill Had Been Paid (Part Two)

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"Well, what about you? Don't you come with me?" Astrid nodded slightly and asked in confusion.

"No, I asked for leave today. We can talk after you get off work. I'll go out for a walk and stay here depressed."

"Hey, Lydia..." Astrid had just taken a few steps when she suddenly turned around. She felt that Lydia looked strange. She hit that woman back, but why did she look so lonely?

"Hurry up and go in. Don't look for me until you get off work. My grandmother is in Ward 620, Building B. You can find me there after work!"

Astrid nodded and went to her office. Maybe she thought too much. Since Lydia's grandmother was sick, she was naturally in a bad mood.

Of course, Lydia was in a bad mood. She had been enjoying the sunrise with Vincent in the morning, which made her feel cheerful for a while, but now she was in a worse mood.

She couldn't stay in the hospital any longer. It was good for her to fight back, but she caused trouble in the hospital. She could imagine the consequences of irritating Felipa. All of a sudden, she felt as if the air here could suffocate her.

As for Ryan, whenever she thought of him, she would feel heart breaking.

In the night before, he abandoned her totally. She called him for help, but he refused to answer it. He even hung up directly, and finally turned off his phone...

Before she woke up from his identity as a son from a rich family, her love was crumbling in the misunderstanding.

She didn't even dare to imagine if she could go on with her relationship with Ryan?

Just as Lydia thought, her father fell out with Felipa, and Felipa was unwilling to pay the medical fee in the hospital at all. Harland was in a hurry to raise money the whole afternoon.

Her grandmother finally woke up in the evening, but after she saw Lydia, she always mentioned Grover. After all, Grover was the only grandson of the Han family, and their grandmother always loved him the most. But she didn't see Grover when she woke up, so she felt uncomfortable.

Lydia also frowned. Grover had come here at noon, but was called away by Felipa. He hadn't shown up even when his grandmother woke up.

"Grandma, Grover has been with you for a long time at noon. He has a debate competition tomorrow at school and is going to rush back to finish his thesis. Have a good rest. He will come to see you when he finishes his work." Lydia made up an excuse casually, but she was worried secretly.

She could make up a lie for one time. Well, how long could she deceive Grandma?

"Well, that's good. His homework is important. But tomorrow, you must ask him come to see me. And where is Mae? Hasn't she come back from camp yet? Why isn't she here?"

"The camping site may be a little remote, and there is no signal on her phone! I couldn't get in touch with her. Grandma, you don't have to worry about her. She is so playful. Don't you know that?" At the mention of Mae, Lydia frowned.

"You are the best. You are the only one who can take care of Grandma when I'm sick."

"Grandma, no... I'm sorry. It's all my fau

repay the about three million to Dean Vincent. She didn't know how much money she could raise so far, but she was trying.

Although Astrid was born in a rich family, she had just come to work and had been spending her family's money. Moreover, she had always been good at spending and had no habit of saving money.

The pocket money her family gave her had always been fixed. When it was not enough, she would act cute and ask her parents for it. She was such a capricious person. 'Alas, I don't think this rich girl will save some money all year round.'

Lydia thought bitterly. Sure enough, as she expected, Astrid really didn't have much money. However, she had promised that she could ask her parents for a little money, which was estimated to be about one million.

"Thank you, Astrid." Lydia thanked Astrid from the bottom of her heart. She was already satisfied to borrow one million.

After all, it was not Astrid's own money, but her parents' money.

"It's okay. But I don't think one million can resolve your problem. Why don't you tell Ryan? Didn't you go to Ryan's home last night? You should know that he actually..."

Astrid had already known that Ryan was the son of a rich family long time ago, but she had promised him and never had told Lydia about it. "Lydia, Ryan is different from me. I'm not interested in the family business, so I'm not interested in the family business and company affairs. So I don't have any savings all the time. But, Ryan has taken over the family company for two years. As far as I know, not long ago, he established another company. He has been thinking about how to marry you smoothly after you graduate. He has been creating conditions for your future. I know he is really good to you, so I always believe him and haven't told you his identity. He said he would tell you when the right time has come..."

"Millions are really not a problem for Ryan..." Seeing the strange look on Lydia's face, Astrid thought that Lydia was worried that Ryan wouldn't have such a financial ability.

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