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   Chapter 73 Appointment in the Morning (Part Two)

Robbed Of Love: Fall Into Charming Doctor's Trap By Ming Yue Characters: 9653

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In such a beautiful environment, they could breakfast while watching the sunrise. It was really beautiful and romantic, but unfortunately the person accompanying her was no longer the one she loved.

"Lydia, have you been here before?" Looking at Lydia's facial expression, Vincent frowned slightly.

"Yes, I came here with Ryan before. At that time, he just graduated from the university and started working, and I was still in college..." Lydia spoke frankly about her relationship with Ryan. When she recalled the past, a faint smile naturally appeared at the corners of her mouth.

Vincent seemed to be stabbed by such a smile, and a bitter feeling arose in his heart, which he didn't know why. "Didn't you say that you just dated your boyfriend not long ago?" Vincent asked casually as he opened the food bag, as if it was just a casual question.

"We just planned to have a public relationship. In fact, we have been in love for two years, but we didn't tell our parents and families, and our friends didn't know much about it."

As soon as Lydia finished his words, a lump came into Vincent's throat. It turned out to be like this! It had been two years. No wonder she cared so much. He asked casually, but accidentally knocked over the porridge when he opened the box.

"Oops, Dean! Watch out!" As soon as Lydia saw that Vincent was burnt by the hot porridge, she was frightened. She took out a tissue from her bag in the car and wiped Vincent's hands gently.

"Why are you so careless? Your fingers are burnt to red!" Lydia wiped Vincent's hands carefully and washed his fingers with a bottle of clean water.

She was more nervous and careful than when she herself was burnt. Of course, Dean Vincent needed to operate for surgeries. How precious they were! While carefully wiping the hands of Dean Vincent, Lydia secretly praised how perfect his hands looked like.

"Nothing!" Seeing Lydia wipe his hands so carefully, Vincent's melancholy vanished in an instant.

"Look, the sunglow is increasing. The sun is about to come out." Vincent's elegant handsome face was full of joy.

"I'm really looking forward to it..." Lydia was also in a good mood. She picked up a glass of milk and handed it to Vincent.

The thick milk fragrance, the sweet taste, the beautiful sunglow, the poke head of the red sun, and the pure and innocent girl's fragrance, mixed with the fragrance of flowers, made Vincent feel extremely happy.

He felt that he liked Lydia's intimacy. He was overjoyed when she just handed him a cup of milk.

The sun rose slowly with the gathering of the sunglow. Seeing such a beautiful scene, Lydia's attention was diverted. She no longer thought about the past, and began to enjoy the sunrise and have breakfast.

Vincent was really a good companion. In addition to his identity as the dean of the hospital, she felt particularly comfortable and

n expenses for Mrs. Han as well as Mrs. Han wouldn't get totally recovered until the second operation would take place, she exploded immediately.

She left without caring Harland, who was still talking to the doctor and asked them about the matters needing attention after the operation of his mother. She rushed into Mrs. Han's ward angrily and dragged Lydia out of the ward with great strength.

"Aunt Felipa, what are you doing?" Lydia looked at Felipa confusedly. She really didn't understand why this mid-aged woman suddenly lost her mind again. Felipa looked so gloomy and horrible, as if she was going to eat Lydia up. Lydia wondered how she had offended this woman again.

Felipa was in a bad mood, but why did she throw a tantrum on her again? But Lydia was also in a bad mood. There was a limit to bully people, wasn't there? She had been working all night. If this woman was still making trouble here, Lydia really couldn't stand it.

But before she could react, the two burning slaps from Felipa had already made her dizzy.

"What are you doing? You wrecked girl! Your grandmother is sick. You just need to take care of her. Why did you call your father and ask him to come back in a hurry? You did it on purpose, didn't you? You really want to ruin the family business, don't you? There are so many hospitals in B City. Why didn't you chose another hospital? Why did you choose the New Royal Aristocratic Hospital, the most expensive hospital? Did you do it on purpose? Or do you think you're amazing just because you're a doctor here? You owe this hospital about five million dollars for the medical treatment. How about you pay back the money by yourself? If you have that capability, just pay it by yourself. Don't ask your father to pay for it! How could you agree to take the operation with such an expensive surgery fee? Did you ask your father and me when you signed the operation agreement? Huh?"

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