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   Chapter 30 I'll Pick You Up

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Updated: 2020-08-10 00:03

"Lydia, where are you now? Get dressed now. I'll pick you up right away! " Vincent's magnetic, gentle and decisive voice came through the phone.

"Well, I need to prepare it for a while. I'll call you when it's ready!" Lydia said in a low voice.

"Lydia..." Felipa would have lost her temper if the middle-aged man hadn't been here. For the sake of the middle-aged man's affection for the girl and the girl's value in use, Felipa was so easy-going today. She didn't expect that the girl was so shameless that Lydia even put on airs when Felipa became outgoing.

Was it really the opposite?

"You are not allowed to go anywhere tonight. We have booked a seat in AA hotel. Let's have dinner together later!"

"Yes, Miss Han, your mother has ordered a lot of your favorite dishes. A girl should be more obedient to her mother and attend more family activities... "

'Who do you think you are?' Lydia thought.

Lydia was so angry at the middle-aged man's words. 'Quiet? Listen to my mother? How dare he say that? He even has the face to teach me a lesson.'

Lydia didn't know him at all!

"I'm not interested. I'm not qualified to attend such a high-end dinner party!" Lydia said sarcastically. She ignored the middle-aged man and gave her a hard stare secretly. Then Lydia walked towards the stairs without saying a word.

'Damn it! He is so ugly, but what he said is more annoying than his appearance. '

Mother? Lydia's mother had abandoned Lydia for a long time, and she didn't know where she had gone. This man was still calling Felipa as her "mother". It was not Lydia's mother at all, OK?

What an idiot! Why did he mention it! Didn't he hear that Lydia was just called Aunt Felipa? Did the man think Lydia have to give in just because of Felipa?


mn it! The look on Felipa's face was terrible, but no matter how bad it was, she quickly regained her smile. In fact, Felipa hated Lydia so much that she gritted her teeth. If it weren't for the middle-aged man, Felipa would have slapped Lydia several times.

But now, she had to pretend to be a noble lady.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Hong. It's all my fault. I didn't teach her well. She's so impolite that she made you unhappy. Don't worry. I'll ask her to go with us later. But girls are just a little shy. "

"Ha-ha... I know, I know. Mrs. Han, don't worry. You have to teach a little girl slowly. You can't be anxious. Don't worry. I'm very satisfied with your daughter. I'll teach her well, won't I? " Mr. Hong said with a smile to Felipa.

Hearing that, Felipa was overjoyed. "Of course, of course, I will teach her well. I will let her attend the dinner later. She is just inexperienced and not very reasonable. I will guide her slowly. Moreover, she is always obedient..."

With a warm smile like the sunshine in March, Felipa hinted that she must take Lydia to the dinner.

Mr. Hong smiled with satisfaction.

Upstairs, Lydia didn't want to guess what was wrong with Felipa today, nor did she want to know how angry the piggy man downstairs was with her. Lydia was in a hurry to dress up and get ready for the date.

This was the promise she made to the rich and handsome man!

It was better to have a date with a rich and handsome man than with an old pig? What's more, what was the intention of Felipa and Mr. Hong? How could Felipa not see that she was not interested in socializing with such a pig. It would never be a good thing to be remembered by such a person, and it was also a dangerous thing. Lydia was not that stupid to come to him voluntarily!

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