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   Chapter 29 A Man Like A Pig

Robbed Of Love: Fall Into Charming Doctor's Trap By Ming Yue Characters: 3256

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As soon as Lydia sat down, the man who had just chatted with Felipa immediately looked at Lydia up and down, like an X ray in the hospital, from left to right.

Then the man's eyes lit up.

"Miss Han, twenty-one years old? You just graduated from university? "

Ah, ask Lydia? Lydia was confused! Why was the man staring at her? Lydia was not the braised pork. Why did the man look at Lydia so lustful?

'Damn it! I'm not interested in Uncle level people, okay?' Lydia thought.

Lydia wanted to sit there obediently, but the man's eyes in front of her were so annoying that she couldn't help but look at the TV. At first, it was just a formality for Felipa to turn on the TV, and neither she nor the middle-aged man paid attention to the TV.

But in this way, Lydia had something to do to avoid embarrassment. At least he could watch TV without looking at 'the pig' who coveted her.

"Miss Lydia..." The man didn't seem to be angry, but his eyes became more and more passionate when he saw that Lydia was indifferent to him and watching TV.

"Lydia, Mr. Hong is asking you! How can you be so impolite? " Said Felipa unhappily.

"Aunt Felipa, I'm sorry. I'm a little busy. I'll go back to my room first. Please take good care of Mr. Hong. I'm sorry for my absence." Lydia couldn't stand Felipa's attitude. What did she mean? It was obvious that Felipa wanted to introduce her to this 'pig'.

Damn it! Was this a prelude to selling her?

Although Lydia had always pretended to be weak and obedient, she was not a pushover. Lydia could do whatever she wanted. For other things, she could compromise. But it wa

s impossible to sell Lydia to a pig!

After all, Lydia was the most beautiful girl in the Medical University, and now she was the future doctor of the New Royal Aristocratic Hospital. Lydia was very popular, OK?

Even if Lydia didn't have a boyfriend, she didn't want to take a fancy to a pig, let alone she already had Ryan. Damn it! Lydia was not interested in a middle-aged man, okay?

Especially a middle-aged man like a pig.

This time, Lydia didn't show any respect to Felipa, nor did she look at the two of them. She stood up.

Anyway, Lydia had made up her mind that it was not a big deal to break up with Felipa. Anyway, she had stayed in this family for a long time, and she had endured it for a long time. In the past, she had wronged herself so much in order to complete her study. But now, Lydia had graduated and had a job.

If Lydia couldn't stay any longer, then it wouldn't be a good thing to leave.

"Lydia, what are you busy with? Who do you think you are? A state leader or a high-ranking official? Mr. Hong is a business partner of Aunt Felipa. You can talk to him and learn a lot of useful things, which is also good for society... "

Lydia frowned, a trace of displeasure appearing on the corner of her mouth, and a sense of disgust arose in her heart. Damn it, don't talk so high and mighty, okay? Was Lydia a fool or an idiot? Wasn't this pig's intention obvious? How dare Felipa lie to her like a fool?

Lydia raised her lips and was about to retort, when her phone rang loudly.

Looking at the number on the phone, Lydia was a little nervous and answered it without hesitation.

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