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   Chapter 28 Her Humbleness

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In the past two years, without grandpa's protection, the aunt became more and more domineering, and Lydia couldn't stay in that house any more.

If Lydia hadn't endured the humiliation and wanted to complete her study, and if she hadn't been cared by her grandmother, Lydia would have left that house long ago.

Thinking of her humble position in this family, Lydia couldn't help but feel a little sad. She was not the daughter of Mrs. Han, but an illegitimate daughter. Such an identity was destined to be regarded as a thorn in Felipa's flesh.

Felipa said that Lydia's mother was a mistress, but Lydia didn't even know who her mother was.

In Lydia's memory, she had almost no memory or picture of her mother.

Sometimes, she also hated her mother.

Lydia hated her mother for leaving her behind?

Everyone was curious about their mother, and Lydia was no exception. Lydia would miss her mother, she would yearn for her, but Lydia had hidden her desire for maternal love for a long time.

No one had ever told Lydia who her mother was? And her father, Harland Han, never mentioned it.

Lydia just knew that when she was less than one year old after her birth, someone sent her to the company of her grandfather Lance Han, saying that Lydia was his granddaughter.

Later, Lance Han tested the DNA and confirmed that Lydia was the offspring of the Han Family, so she was able to stay in the Han Family all the time.

At that time, Lydia's father seemed to have just been married to Felipa, and the matter of illegitimate daughter had caused a lot of trouble at that time. Of course, Felipa regarded Lydia as a foreign matter. Felipa was the wife of Harland Han, who was just married. But Felipa just got married, she found that her husband had an illegitimate daughter, which was a great humiliation to her.

If it weren't for the insistence of Lance Han and his wife, Felipa wouldn't have allowed Lydia to enter this house.

However, there was nothing Felapa could do. How could the two old men ignore the blood of the Han Clan? Even though F

elipa hated Lydia so much, with the protection of two elders, Lydia still stayed in the Han Clan legally...

Lydia had been used to the terrible life since childhood. She was humble and weak. Even if Lydia didn't want to be humble or weak, she had to pretend to be weak and easy to be bullied. Only in this way could she better protect herself.

Although her grandparents loved her, they were too busy to protect her all the time. Besides, since Felipa gave birth to two children... Her grandparents didn't love her much. After all, Lydia's two half brothers and sister were given birth by the real Mrs. Han. Who was Lydia?

In fact, what made Lydia sad was not that her grandfather and grandmother didn't love her enough, but her father Harland Han's attitude towards her.

Since Lydia was a child, she had always felt that her father didn't love her and even hated her a little. Children were actually very sensitive, especially children who had never been loved by their mothers. For their father, they were longing for his father's love from the bottom of their hearts. However, Harland Han had always been cold and indifferent to Lydia, almost treating her as air.

When Lydia was a child, she wanted her father to hug her, but Harland said, "Get out of my way. Don't bother me!" It left an indelible pain in Lydia's heart.

From that moment on, Lydia never let her father hold her.

Besides, if Lydia's father was on a business trip or something, he would bring gifts home. At that time, Lydia would walk far away sadly.

Because Lydia knew that everything did not belong to her!

Sometimes, her father's indifference to her was even more heartbreaking and disappointed than the aunt hatred for her!

However, Lydia had no choice. Lydia only had that kind of family. Whether she accepted it or not, she could not change it...

Lydia thought about the past bitterly and a mocking smile appeared on her face. Although she knew that Felipa wouldn't be kind to her for no reason, Lydia still sat down obediently and watched the scene quietly.

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