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   Chapter 16 Keep A Low Profile

Robbed Of Love: Fall Into Charming Doctor's Trap By Ming Yue Characters: 3525

Updated: 2020-07-27 00:03

Lydia could just worry about it alone. She still hoped that the handsome man could find out and call her in time.

If Lydia couldn't find the offer, she would have to go to work tomorrow! Things would be more troublesome, but wouldn't she be forbidden to work?

It seemed that she had to trouble Astrid Lin again. But Lydia didn't have to be so sentimental about her classmate and best friend. Astrid Lin helped Lydia a lot in the past few years. Maybe it was Astrid Lin who made use of her connections to get Lydia into the New Royal Aristocratic Hospital. Otherwise, no matter how excellent Lydia was, she might not be able to enter the New Royal. What's more? This time, the New Royal didn't need any intern to work in their hospital.

How could Lydia be so lucky to be hired directly?

The head teacher had said that only Lydia and Astrid Lin were hired by the New Royal in the school. How could it be such a coincidence? Lydia couldn't believe it.

The whole night, Lydia felt a little absent-minded. It was a candlelight dinner, romantic and sweet. But Lydia was always thinking about her cell phone, hoping that the rich and handsome man would call her.

On the other hand, Ryan Mo was in high spirits. He was surprised and surprised that Lydia could get the new job.

"Lydia, I'll officially take you home and announce our relationship openly, right?"

"What?" Obviously, Lydia was shocked by what Ryan Mo said. "You mean? Are you going to officially introduce me to your parents? But wouldn't it be too soon? Didn't you say... " Lydia bit her lips. She was not prepared at all.

Over the years, the relationship between Lydia and Ryan Mo was underground, hiding it from each other's parents. Lydia didn't want to cause any trouble to h

er family, let alone Ryan's family.

As far as Ryan was concerned, Lydia was still a student, and it was not appropriate for Ryan to take Lydia home and announce their love publicly. Ryan said that his parents were also some realistic businessmen. They were born with some petty ideas and hoped that Ryan could find a good job girl. Therefore, Ryan didn't want his family to know Lydia too soon.

Ryan's plan was to slowly find a suitable opportunity to make their relationship public after Lydia worked.

So in the past three years, their love was underground. Although this kind of love made Lydia feel a little insecure, she also understood that it was in order to protect their love. To put it bluntly, Ryan was afraid that his parents would interfere in their relationship.

At that time, Ryan just graduated, and it was the time he went all out for his career. Ryan Mo went back home to run business and couldn't go against his parents in everything. Moreover, he also said that Lydia was too young at that time, and their focus should be on improving their own abilities. Ryan should develop his career well, and Lydia should work hard to improve her study. When Ryan has the ability to give Lydia a better life and Lydia graduates, Ryan will be able to find a better job for Lydia.

When Lydia's job is stable and they are mature, everything will be natural.

To be honest, Ryan was good at planning for the future, and everything was well planned.

Now, Ryan had fulfilled his expectations. It was said that his career had developed well, waiting for Lydia to graduate and have a good job. As for Lydia, she didn't want to be helped by Ryan. As the top student in the school, it was not a problem for Lydia to find a hospital in B City.

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