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   Chapter 12 Please Forgive Me

Robbed Of Love: Fall Into Charming Doctor's Trap By Ming Yue Characters: 3332

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Seeing that something was wrong, Lydia quickly wanted to retreat. She reacted quickly, but no matter how fast she reacted, it was not as fast as the woman's slap. It seemed that this woman was quite skilled at slapping people's faces. It seemed that she often did this kind of thing. As a little girl who just came out of the society, Lydia is no match for the woman. Although Lydia removed a little, she was really slapped in the face.

Lydia must be stunned. She didn't expect to meet a shrew who was well-dressed and looked like a dog. She was so cruel when she attacked, which was really comparable to Lydia's aunt. Lydia clenched her fists and was about to scold the woman, but before she could say anything, the woman raised her hand again.

'Fuck! Do you really think I'm a pushover?' Lydia thought. Lydia was fuming with anger. When she was about to put down the woman's hand, she felt that she fell into a hug. Before the woman's hand fell on Lydia's face, it was gripped by another slender and good-looking hand. Within half a second, the woman screamed.

"You can bully my friend? Open your eyes wide and see clearly. She, is my friend! " Vincent always said in a beautiful and clear voice, but when he heard the woman's words, he seemed to feel a strong chill from his ear. Everyone in the circle knew that Mr. Vincent was not easy to get angry. When he got angry, he could even smile and be kind to others. However, once Mr. Vincent was really touched the line, it would be dangerous.

A gentle man was not as harmless as people looked. On the contrary, a gentle and scheming man like him was sometimes even more difficult to deal with than a do

mineering one!

"Mr. ... Mr. Vincent, please forgive me. I dare not. My hand is almost crushed by you. " The woman felt like weeping but had no tears. The admiration in her eyes when she first saw Vincent was frightened by Vincent's coldness and cruelty.

The woman felt as if her hand had been detached, and the pain was piercing. Facing this gentle man in front of her, the man she often thought of day and night, now she seemed to see a devil.

The woman had never thought that she would see such a dangerous side of Vincent, and that he would be so cruel to her for another girl.

The woman hated Lydia, and her eyes became more and more unfriendly.

The woman looked at Vincent with both love and fear.

Vincent didn't show any mercy to her. He threw her to the ground as if he was throwing garbage. "Get out!"

Vincent's voice was still gentle, but with incomparable shock. The woman was frightened to stand up from the ground. She was going to settle the bill at the cashier's desk.

Vincent cast a cold glance at her and said, "My girl like this dress first. You don't deserve it, do you? Don't think you can compete with my girl for clothes with a little money. I can buy clothes ten times or a hundred times more expensive than this one. Do you want to compete with me? " Vincent's voice was still as gentle and calm as today's weather, but the woman was trembling with fear.

"No, Mr. Vincent. It's my fault. I'm leaving now." The woman quickly turned around and fled as if there was a monster chasing after her.

She would remember this revenge. What was more hateful than the man she had been secretly admiring so humiliated her!

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