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   Chapter 11 Buy It If You Can

Robbed Of Love: Fall Into Charming Doctor's Trap By Ming Yue Characters: 3367

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Lydia looked up at the woman in surprise.

She looked about twenty-five or six years old, tall and beautiful, well-dressed and fashionable. Lydia didn't know her and her voices was not familiar. Her face was obviously exquisite and flawless. What a typical rich and beautiful girl! It was none of her business whether Lydia could afford it or not? 'I don't seem to know you, OK?' Lydia thought.

What the hell! Why did Lydia feel that the rich and beautiful look at her was sinister? The cold light seemed to be poisoned. She must have taken a fancy to that dress. Was it necessary for her to be so jealous? It doesn't matter. Just let you do whatever you want. Anyway, the dress need money. Three hundred and eighty thousand. If you have the ability, just buy it!

Lydia sneered, showing a trace of disdain on her face, "Auntie, your mouth is so stinky. You haven't brushed your teeth or suffered from endocrine disorders. You just scold people when you open your mouth. Just a dress, right? I'm a high quality girl. I'll give it to you. If you have the ability, buy it now!" While speaking, Lydia rolled her eyes and calculated quickly in her mind. Didn't she look down upon her? Didn't she say that Lydia was a poor woman? 'It doesn't matter. I doesn't have money to buy it. Since you are so rich, you can buy it. Buying this dress can save me from finding any excuses to say that the dress is not suitable.' Lydia thought.

Lydia calculated in her heart, and the sneer at the corners of her mouth became thicker, which made the woman angry.

"What did you say? How dare you scold me and look down upon me? " The beauty was angry. She took the dress from the sho

p assistant's hand and said to her without looking at the price tag, "Pack it for me."

"Okay, wait a moment, miss. I'll finish it soon." The shop assistant showed a smile, but she quickly picked up the clothes and walked to the cashier's desk with a little trepidation. At this time, the smoke was too strong, and it was not easy to mess with this woman who suddenly appeared. The little girl was not afraid of death. The shop assistant was also afraid of getting into trouble. She was very sensible and decisively withdrew.

"See? poor wretch! Why didn't you take a basin of water to look at yourself? I'm from a real rich family. I don't even frown when I buy this dress. A poor girl like you, don't dream about wearing beautiful clothes and meeting a prince! "

'What? I dreamed of meeting a prince in beautiful clothes?' Lydia thought.

What's wrong with the beauty?

Neuropathy! Why did she sound so jealous? Even if Lydia is dreaming, she wants to meet a prince, which is her freedom. It's none of her business!

Nowadays, there are so many strange things happening this year! Lydia rolled her eyes and sneered, "What's wrong with you, aunt? It seems that you are not only in bad temper, but also mentally ill. Don't think that a woman like you is great enough to buy beautiful clothes. No matter how beautiful the dress is, no man will like a woman like you. I'm different. I'm young and beautiful, and bright, and I'm also energetic in a dress worth two hundred. I'm not like you, aunt. Aren't you afraid of losing face? "

"What did you say? You're courting death! " The beauty couldn't stand it anymore. She raised her hand and slapped Lydia in the face.

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