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   Chapter 10

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Well, it seemed that Lydia didn't like to see the shop assistant bow to her or trample on her snobbishly. 'You think I'm invisible, don't you? It didn't matter. I am happy!' Lydia thought.

"Take out the most expensive shirt in the shop and let me try it on!" Without taking a look at the shop assistant, Vincent ordered directly. Besides, took the lady to the women's wear area to pick two suitable clothes.

"Yes, sir!" The shop assistant didn't dare to neglect them and took action immediately. Someone took the clothes to the fitting room for Vincent, and someone took Lydia to the women's wear area.

Lydia was at a loss by the sudden enthusiasm of the shop assistant. Buy clothes? Lydia didn't want to buy it at all, okay? Lydia picked up one randomly and looked at it. Wow, it was ninety-eight thousand. Wow, this dress cost about one hundred thousand. Lydia couldn't afford it even if sold herself? Lydia wanted to escape at once.

Anyway, Lydia was a normal girl. She didn't even need to think about the ninety-eight thousand clothes. Moreover, in her eyes, Lydia really didn't understand that the ninety-eight thousand clothes were better that the two hundred clothes she bought on the internet.

Gold rimmed? Anyway, it was just a piece of clothes. Why did it cost so much? Lydia was afraid of being robbed!

At this time, Lydia was a typical spirit that she despised the rich and handsome man from the bottom of her heart. While thinking, she quickly hung the clothes in her hand back to their original position, as if she had received a hot potato. Lydia couldn't wait to keep the clothes away from her.

"Miss, this dress looks good on you!" The shop assistant thought that she didn't like the one just now, so she took a light blue dress which was particularly suitable for Lydia's temperament and handed it to


This dress is really beautiful. Lydia just took a look at it and felt that it flashed her eyes.

The dress was too elegant and noble!

The transparent and bright white crystal inlay, the noble and elegant dress, the beautiful waist line, and the pattern made of gold silk.

It looked elegant and beautiful, pretty and young...

The dress was so beautiful and generous. But when Lydia saw the price tag, she was stunned. Oh, three hundred and eighty thousand? Lydia nearly dropped the dress on the floor...

Lydia felt that her smile was frozen in the air and could not continue.

"I... I'm not the right one!" Lydia denied at once. As she spoke, she handed the clothes back to the shop assistant as soon as possible.

What's more, a dress cost three hundred and eighty thousand dollars. Does Lydia seem to be able to afford it? It's too mysterious!? Illusion, it was absolutely an illusion! Lydia felt that she was totally incompatible with this shop. Just now, Lydia thought that maybe some cheap clothes suited her. Now Lydia realized that no matter how cheap the clothes in this shop were, she couldn't afford any of them.

"But I think you look good in it. Why don't you try it on? You won't know the effect until you try it on, will you?" The shop assistant was not convinced. She thought she had a professional taste in choosing clothes. Mr. Cheng asked her to help the girl choose two clothes. Of course she would try her best, wouldn't she? Besides, she could get a commission from selling clothes. She couldn't let the fat in her mouth go back.

"No..." Before Lydia could say no, a voice beside her interrupted her.

"Miss, you have a bad taste. A poor woman like her can't afford these clothes? Don't blame me for not teaching you. From now on, when you see a woman like her, don't let her in! "

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