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   Chapter 9 Get Off The Car

Robbed Of Love: Fall Into Charming Doctor's Trap By Ming Yue Characters: 3356

Updated: 2020-07-20 00:04

Vincent and Lydia chatted for a while. Suddenly, the car stopped in front of a very luxurious clothing shop.

"Get off the car!" Vincent said gently and opened the door quickly.

"Where are we going?" Lydia looked around suspiciously and felt that she didn't know where she was? There was no bus station around. Lydia wondered where to take a bus after getting off the car!

"Go shopping with me!"

"Buy clothes?" Lydia looked at Vincent's handsome face in surprise, and Lydia's face flushed again. Yes, this guy didn't have a shirt, and his coat was given to Lydia. It seemed that he really needed a coat.

While Lydia was thinking, Vincent got off the car and opened the door for Lydia from the passenger seat. "Well, Miss Han, do you want me to be naked all the time?"

"Oh, no... No... " Lydia was knocked down by Vincent's words. What... Why did Lydia want Vincent to be naked all the time? Lydia was not that erotic, okay? Miss Han was speechless. Oh my god, why do Vincent's words sound so ambiguous?

Lydia got off the car and followed the man silently. Ah, it's so embarrassing!

Did this man think of Lydia as a anthomaniac? And she, today's performance was really a little anthomaniac, but Lydia did not have any evil thoughts in her heart?

"Let's go. Why are you dawdling?" Just when Lydia was lost in various fancies and conjectures, the man in front of her suddenly stopped impatiently and turned around. Lydia couldn't help but bump into the man's arms.

'Oh my God! I'm so shy. I'm throwing myself at him.' Lydia really wants to die. 'What's wrong with me?' It was better to hit the tofu than this. How could Lydia hit the chest of the princ

e charming? He was still naked. Lydia's face began to burn. It was so hot that she wished there was a hole on the ground to let her in.

Lydia turned her face away and pushed Vincent away. She ran into the shop in a hurry. It was too embarrassing. Lydia really didn't have the face to look at her prince charming's expression. At this time, it must be the best way to leave.

Vincent laughed and shook his head. This girl was so cute. Was she really 21 years old? It's so interesting! Vincent hadn't laughed so happily since he came back. And it was because of a girl!

"Watch out! You're just like a kid. Why did the new hospital hire you? " As Vincent spoke, he quickened his pace to catch up with Lydia.

Lydia looked at the man not far behind her in surprise. 'Good guy. He chased me so fast. By the way, his chest seems to be hard and strong, as if he is a good fighter.' Lydia thought.

Lydia was a little absent-minded, completely ignoring the shop assistant's expression when she rushed in. The shop assistant was speechless, but when she looked at Vincent behind Lydia, the assistant suddenly showed an overjoyed smile.

"Welcome, Mr. Cheng. What can I do for you?" The shop assistant's expression was faster than turning a book. Lydia was surprised to see that the shop assistant was more respectful to Vincent than to her own grandfather.

"……" The charm of a prince charming was really great. How envious others were!

The world was unfair. The way the shop assistant looked at Lydia was so different from that of Mr. Cheng. Lydia was just a decoration when she stood beside Vincent. Others didn't even look at her and treated her as transparent.

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