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   Chapter 8 You Are Like A Student

Robbed Of Love: Fall Into Charming Doctor's Trap By Ming Yue Characters: 3282

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Vincent chuckled. The girl in front of him was so interesting when her face flushed. He seemed to have seen through what was going on. Perhaps Lydia herself wouldn't know how attractive she was when her face flushed.

"Miss Han, are you really a doctor?" Vincent couldn't help asking this question. Not only did Lydia not believe that Mr. Cheng was a doctor, but Vincent also doubted if this little girl in front of him could be a doctor? Lydia looked like a college student.

Lydia was so young and didn't look like a doctor at all!

Vincent was curious about the age of the girl in front of him.

"Don't I look like a doctor?" Lydia blushed and smiled. To be honest, many people didn't believe that she was a doctor.

But it didn't matter whether the man in front of her believed it or not!

"You are like a student. You look like seventeen or eight years old. It's really difficult to be connected with a doctor just by your appearance." Vincent smiled, but he's got the point.

"I'm twenty-one years old!" Lydia smiled, "I just graduated this summer. I can officially go to work in the hospital in two days."

Not knowing why, Lydia told the truth very seriously. In fact, Lydia didn't want to explain anything, but she explained it naturally. Maybe, Vincent saw her so young, but he trusted her so much and asked her to help the pregnant woman deliver the baby. It was a matter of great importance to her.

It was a matter of life and death, but he believed her. No matter what reason he believed, Lydia had an inexplicable sense of respect in her heart.

"Twenty-one?" Vincent was surprised, but he didn't doubt it.

"Which hospital are you going to work in a few days? Maybe we are still colleagues? "

"What a coincidence! So you are really a doctor of the cardiology department?" Lydia also laughed.

"Yes, if it's a fake, you can return it. Tell me, which hospital? " It seemed that Vincent was still obsessed with which hospital Lydia was from.

Lydia was speechless. This man was so gossipy. "The New Royal Aristocratic Hospital!" Lydia didn't intend to tell him, because it was not her style to tell others about the work. But when she saw the passion in Vincent's eyes, she said it naturally.

"New Royal? Are you sure? " An unpredictable expression flashed through Vincent's eyes and disappeared soon. Vincent still smiled lightly as usual.

"Yes, I'm sure!" Lydia didn't notice the difference in the man's eyes. She said proudly. The New Royal Aristocratic Hospital was the best hospital in B City.

Almost all doctors yearned to work in the New Royal Aristocratic Hospital. Although it hadn't been built for two years, it was a rising star in the medical industry of B City.

A young graduate like Lydia could work in such a noble hospital, which was the representative of envy.

"It's good." There was a flash of surprise in Vincent's eyes, but he soon became calm. It seemed that nothing could affect a man like him.

Lydia's complacent heart disappeared in an instant.

Oh, my God, the handsome man was too boring.

As the two chatted, Lydia's nervous and embarrassed heart disappeared a lot. She became natural in front of the top-grade man. As long as he didn't mention her delivery, she wouldn't be so embarrassed.

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