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   Chapter 6 The

Robbed Of Love: Fall Into Charming Doctor's Trap By Ming Yue Characters: 3133

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This excellent man named Vincent must have frightened Lydia with his car. Although Lydia didn't know much about cars, she recognized that it was a limited edition of the Lamborghini.

The reason why Lydia could recognize the car was that the man in Lydia's heart liked reading Cars Magazines, and Lydia occasionally read one or two of them when she was free.

As for beauties and cars, even women were a little curious. What's more, Lydia liked to see pictures and she could remember them at a glance.

The car Lydia saw now was indeed a limited edition of Lamborghini, which shocked Lydia. Wow, it was not so powerful, was it? How excellent the handsome man in front of her should be? Lydia couldn't even imagine.

What happened today was beyond Lydia's imagination!

Regardless of what she was thinking, Vincent took out a suit jacket from the car and handed it to Lydia. "Put it on. Get in the car. I'll drive you back."

Lydia took the suit and trembled with fear. It was a limited edition and worth a lot of money. Lydia suddenly felt that she had received a hot potato and had an impulse to throw it away reflexively, but she didn't dare to move.

"Mr... Dr. Cheng... " Lydia was a little hesitant. She couldn't speak fluently when she called him. She knew his last name was Cheng, and the man was called him Mr. Cheng. As he said he was a doctor, Lydia took it for granted that it was appropriate to call him Dr. Cheng. However, in this society, no doctor would have so much money to buy the limited edition of Lamborghini? Who else would wear t

his limited edition suit? He looked like a son of a rich family or a CEO, not like a doctor?

Lydia was really suspicious at this time.

However, the medical kit Vincent was carrying was really a very advanced medical equipment. Ordinary people should not have such a professional medical kit.

"My dress is so dirty. I'm afraid it will dirty your clothes..." Lydia's mind was in a mess. What if she soiled his suit? She couldn't afford it!

Lydia didn't want to compensate this expensive limited edition suit!

"It doesn't matter. It's just a piece of clothes. It's not a big deal." Vincent smiled and said lightly.

What? It's no big deal to throw it away if it's dirty?

Lydia felt completely shocked. She opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end, she could say nothing.

Lydia was not on the same level as this handsome man.

The handsome man didn't care about it at all? Lydia herself was just being sentimental and worried about it.

Damn it! You don't care. It's you who said that you can throw it away if it's dirty. You don't care about it at all. Do you think I'll feel sorry for you? Thinking of this, Lydia gritted her teeth, put on the suit and got into the car.

The Lamborghini was a limited edition. Lydia had never thought that she would have the chance to take such a car in her life.

Lydia didn't know why she got on Vincent's car. However, this man looked gentle and indifferent, but Lydia felt that he was still domineering deep in his heart.

Lydia felt that she couldn't refuse his invitation.

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