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   Chapter 4 Delivery

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Updated: 2020-07-16 00:04

The pregnant woman gritted her teeth in fear.

"I... I feel so painful. My amniotic fluid seems to have broken. Help me deliver the baby, please. " The pregnant woman had read some pregnant books and knew her situation. At this moment, she was so scared that she bit her lips hard to bleed. When she said this, she had already made a plan.

There was no time left for her, and the pregnant woman had no choice. She hoped that God could give her some good luck.


Lydia's heart skipped a beat inexplicably. Although she said she wanted to help just now, she was still very nervous when it came to deliver a baby.

In fact, Lydia didn't know how to deliver a baby at all!

Lydia didn't answer, but looked at Vincent who was not far away from her. It seemed that as long as Lydia heard Vincent's instructions, she would find a trace of peace and confidence.

"Don't be afraid. Everything will be fine!" As expected, Vincent's voice came through. Vincent looked at Lydia and seemed to be comforting the pregnant woman or comforting Lydia. At this moment, Lydia heard it very clearly. The voice seemed to have faded away from its usual indifference, with a pleasant tone and an extremely soothing charm. Such a voice was surprisingly pleasant to the ears of those in great need of help.

In fact, Vincent had been paying attention to the pregnant woman, but the husband of the pregnant woman didn't seem to believe him and had a bad attitude just now. Vincent was waiting for them to speak. Although it was a help, he still needed to cooperate in this situation.

"Hold her and help her lie down!" Vincent ordered directly.

Although Vincent had never given birth to a baby, his words seem

ed to have been ordered thousands of times naturally without any procrastination.

It was hard to imagine that a gentle and handsome man like Vincent would make such a decision so decisively and naturally.

The pregnant woman's husband seemed to be shocked by Vincent's order. Although the man didn't trust and was unwilling, he did as Vincent said.

At this critical moment, the man really had no choice. Even if he had doubts, he could only choose to believe in Vincent...

What happened next left a deep impression on Lydia, because the next thing about the delivery was not done by Vincent, but... Under the guidance of Vincent, Lydia was responsible for delivering the baby with all her strength.

Lydia always remembered that in a very dark and dull elevator, under the simple situation that the woman's skirt was covered by two men's clothes, Lydia acted as a delivery worker and successfully delivered a new baby girl under the guidance of a handsome man.

What a breathtaking and exciting thing it was. Even when Lydia heard the baby's first cry, she seemed to feel that she was more proud than being a mother.

As the baby was born, the fire fighters finally opened the door of the elevator. Then the pregnant woman and the baby were sent to the ambulance. Lydia's glorious mission was completed.

Following the man in a daze, Lydia went to the house of a resident to wash her hands.

Lydia just gave birth to a baby girl. It was amazing to think about it.

Before Lydia washed her hands, she didn't notice that her hands were full of blood, which was shocking. And her clothes were also covered with blood. Although Lydia like a ghost, she didn't attract the resident's attention.

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