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   Chapter 2 A Sudden Change

Robbed Of Love: Fall Into Charming Doctor's Trap By Ming Yue Characters: 4166

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"Don't say that. Don't be scared. I'll call someone to open the elevator door. We'll be at the hospital soon. There's no need to be scared!" Although the man must be more than thirty years old already, he couldn't hide the tremble in his voice as he tried his best to calm his wife.

Doubts clawed its way through his mind, reminding him of what would happen if no one came to rescue them in a short time. Besides, they weren't even anywhere close to the hospital. Anxiety filled the man's trembling heart. Unlike the comforting words that left his mouth, he himself was extremely terrified.

Fortunately, the elevator's descent had stopped by then, and they no longer had to fear sudden jolts. Even though his trembling arms were careful around his terrified wife, his loud shouts for help were filled with fear and worry.

A frown appeared on Vincent's face but he remained unfazed by the couple's uncontrollable cries. All he cared about at that moment was that the girl in his arms was struggling to leave him.

Every curve he could feel on the girl's soft body made him a little more reluctant to let her go. Even her unique pure fragrance was refreshing, and plucked at Vincent's heartstrings without trying.

On the other hand, Lydia didn't even notice that the handsome man tightened his grasp around her once again, nor did she realize the storm stirring in his heart. As soon as the elevator paused, Lydia quickly regained her sanity and became calm. Without any hesitation, she pushed away the handsome man, and didn't indulge herself in daydreams of being in the arms of prince charming.

Despite his gentle and harmless appearance, Lydia knew better than thinking she could afford to offend such an excellent man. Most importantly, her heart already fell in love with someone else. How could she let herself be seduced by a strange man?

There was no way Lydia's true love and complete devotion would stray, right? At this moment, Lydia's heart was as clear as a still lake, without a hint of desire for romance!

Since she already chose someone, no matt

er how excellent the man before her was, her heart wouldn't change.

A gentle expression appeared on Lydia's face and any normal man would have been intoxicated by her shyness if they saw her face.

However, Vincent could only be unhappy with her pushing him away. Under the cover of the darkness, no one could see the expression that replaced his normally calm and gentle mask.

It was true that Vincent had always been patient and good-tempered, but the inexplicable restlessness in the bottom of his heart couldn't be stopped.

Moreover, the loud cries of the pregnant woman and her husband just worsened his mood even more. Darkness shrouded his eyes and he said coldly, "Stop shouting. The emergency bell has rung. Someone will come and rescue us soon. Crying so loudly at this point is useless."

"My wife's belly is hurting and she's about to give birth. She's starting to bleed too. What should I do? What if... What if the rescue doesn't come in time?" A barely suppressed sob made the husband's voice crack, and his arms trembled around his wife in panic. Fear was obvious in his tone. Even if the rescue arrived, would the elevator door open in time?

"Man up and calm down. I'm a doctor. If your wife can't make it, I can help and she'll be fine," Vincent explained, his voice tinted with indifference.

"You're a doctor?! Really?!" For a moment, the man's heart soared at Vincent's words. He couldn't help but be confused, how this extremely handsome man be an obstetrician? He looked far from being one? When he first laid eyes on Vincent, he had to admit that this man was extremely stunning. After a moment, he recalled that Vincent was carrying something that was similar to a medicine box.

As Lydia heard the conversation between the two men, she also remembered that the handsome man really did have a high-end medical kit on his arm. It took too long for her to realize it because she was so much more focused on his attractive face, so she didn't pay much attention to it.

"I'm a doctor, but not an obstetrician. I'm an expert in cardiology."

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