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   Chapter 1 Prince Charming Man

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Happiness and excitement filled Lydia Han as the elevator slowly moved. Her hands clenched tightly around the strap of her small handbag, giddy at the thought of the admission notice within.

The New Royal Aristocratic Hospital was the best hospital in B City. Almost her every classmate yearned for working here, and she became the lucky one. Wasn't this too good?

It was a stroke of good fortune like winning the first prize of the lottery. It was so unreal. Such happiness came so suddenly that she felt like she was in a dream!

When Lydia Han took the letter containing the offer from the head teacher's home, she was filled with shock. Even now with her cheeks hurting with how wide she was smiling, she still hadn't come down from her high.

Fortunately, Lydia Han was the only person in the elevator. If other people saw how silly she looked while she was smiling, they might think she was mentally ill.

While she was smiling in a daze at her reflection on the elevator's walls, the door suddenly opened.

Despite the thick haze in her mind, Lydia Han's eyes couldn't helped but be drawn to the man who gracefully walked into the elevator.

Wherever her missing soul went, it immediately hurried back to see this man.

With how handsome he looked from head to toe, how could her soul not return? Even though Lydia Han prided herself on being immune to handsome men, she couldn't help but stare at the man in front of her.

In just a simple white shirt and black trousers, the man still looked stunning and no older than twenty-five or twenty-six years old. The air of elegance and charm was obvious around him.

Although his delicate face, brows, and other features were undeniably gentle, elegant, and handsome, it was his eyes that caught Lydia Han's attention. Under the reflection of the elevator's dim lights, his deep black eyes were even more attractive, almost as if it could intoxicate people with just one look.

There was a slight smile on Vincent Cheng's lips that made Lydia Han's heart skip a beat.

'Holy moly! What a hot guy!' Lydia Han thought. Shaking her head, she tried hard to calm herself down. How could she be drooling over a strange man like that? At that moment, Lydia Han really despised herself. He was undeniably handsome and charming, but she should still behave appropriately. What was more, she already had lost her heart to another man.

Although she had to admit that the man in front of her seemed to be more exquisite than the excellent man she loved, she still shouldn't stare at a man as if she had discovered a new continent.

'Come on, Lydia! It's not like you have never seen a man before! What are you doing now?'

Heat crept up her cheeks and she wanted to look away, but through the mirrored walls of the elevator, she was shocked to find that the handsome man's eyes were fixed on her.

Both of their eyes were glued to each other and neither of them could look away...

Lydia shifted her gaze in awkwardness after she came to her senses a few seconds later. Was this handsome man staring unblinking at her just then? There was far too many surprises for Lydia Han today!

There was no denying that the man before her was extremely rich and handsome! Although his clothes seemed simple, it was all limited edition items of famous brands. Coupled with his striking face and charming aura, Lydia Han couldn't help but being attracted to him.

Even if the clothes didn't mean anything, then the innate aristocratic aura of this man alone was proof of his status.

Such a man was clearly the kind of person used to living at the top of the pyramid in the upper class circle.

That kind of nobility and temperament couldn't be hidden.

"Hello? Sir? Which floor do you want to go to?" Embarrassment colored her face a bright red at her loss of control. All the words that left her lips felt unnatural, like she couldn't even speak fluently.

As Lydia Han struggled to string her words together, the man's intent stare flustered her furthermore.

Flushed, she lowered her head and took a deep breath to calm herself down.

Why was he looking at her that way? Shouldn't he answer her question first?

Her hesitant words did manage to draw Vincent Cheng's attention back to the present. A surprised smile appeared on his lips. It had been a long time since he last stared at a woman.

An odd emotion filled his chest at the sight of the woman in front of him.

Especially when she stared at him...

An ordinary snow-white dress clad her body, but in Vincent Cheng's eyes, it made her look different, very lively and elegant. In the eyes of someone like him who was used to seeing the "angel in white" in the hospital, she seemed to be the most suitable woman to wear white.

Her youth was so apparent that maybe she shouldn't be called a 'woman' yet, but a 'girl'.

He could tell that she was about seve

nteen or eighteen years old. Her skin was tender, and the aura around her was clean, pure, and youthful.

Even as she kept staring at him, he didn't feel any uncomfortable or have the thought that this girl had any hidden agenda.

Like a magnolia blooming in the morning rain, her smile was beautiful and pure, involuntarily attracting people. Although plenty of more gorgeous women entered his life before, the impact this girl brought to Vincent Cheng at this moment was incomparable, especially the beauty of her smile and eyes.

Both her smile and eyes were so captivating. He could see her innocence in the eyes, as pure as moonlight.

A hint of warmth tickled the bottom of his heart. He hadn't had such a feeling for a long time.

After a moment, Vincent Cheng quickly regained his composure. As he put his hand on the button of the elevator and was about to press it, his action was interrupted by a loud call.

"Wait!" An anxious voice came from outside as a man of more than thirty years walked in the elevator with a pregnant woman.

"Please wait a little longer. My wife is about to give birth. Please help me." Although the man's voice was trembling, his hold on his wife was nothing less than careful and firm.

With the arrival of two more people, Lydia quickly got over her nervousness and embarrassment and returned to normal. A soft smile pulled on her lips as she quickly blocked the elevator's door to let the couple come in.

"Don't worry. We'll wait for you. The safety of pregnant women is the most important," Lydia answered.

On the other hand, the handsome man didn't say a word.

Although the man looked gentle, he emitted a faint sense of alienation, as if no matter what was happening around him, he wouldn't be affected.

Even when Lydia asked him a question, he didn't answer either, did he?

Despite Vincent's indifference, she didn't feel anything odd about it.

There wasn't anything surprising about a rich and handsome man being indifferent and arrogant, not when he was obviously the best of the best. Unlike other people, Lydia wouldn't flatter herself and think she was important since he stared at her.

Since the couple came in, Lydia had focused all her attention on the pregnant woman. It made her happy to help out, and she could avoid the embarrassment of being caught staring at the handsome man.

After asking where they were heading, Lydia took the initiative to press the floor for the couple. The pregnant woman was about to give birth, so they were heading to the first floor. As Lydia was focused on smiling at the couple, she was shocked when a hand met hers while she was reaching for the elevator's button.

She quickly pulled away as if being bitten. It turned out that all of them were heading down the same floor. Only then did it hit her that the handsome man was standing close to her.

More embarrassment filled her than it did earlier. Somehow, all the buttons flickered. Before Lydia could step back, the elevator jingled and the light above their heads dimmed.

Cracks filled the air and the elevator started falling rapidly. Lydia quickly lost her balance and felt her whole body pitch forward. As a scream ripped its way out of her throat, a warm embrace caught her.

All the lights in the elevator went out. Although it was daytime outside, within the walls of the elevator, it was pitch black inside. A strong masculine scent filled Lydia nose and strong arms held up her shaking form. Her heart skipped a beat again. She knew who the man was without even a look.

"Don't worry. The elevator's out of power. Something's wrong." Even in the face of this emergency, Vincent didn't panic. He tightly held the girl in his arms, but quickly and decisively pressed the elevator buttons. Despite the sudden event, it didn't faze him.

Fear still pulsed through Lydia's veins and she couldn't bring herself to look at him, but she could feel his calmness.

His voice was pleasant to hear, beautifully clear and magnetic. Especially in this sudden crisis, his voice seemed have some magic to bring comfort to people.

As she listened to his voice and felt the warmth of his arms, even Lydia who had always been timid and afraid of darkness, felt relief filling her. If she had been left alone, she would have been terrified by the violent jolt of the elevator and the dark environment.

Except for her earlier scream, she didn't make another sound again.

However, compared to Lydia, the pregnant woman was completely terrified.

Her continuous screams were still filled with terror.

Even her husband was at a loss and couldn't comfort her.

Eventually, the elevator finally stopped after Vincent pressed the emergency button several times. A cry of pain left the pregnant woman as the elevator halted.

"Honey, I can't stand it. My belly hurts...

Honey... I'm so scared. Am I dying?"

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