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   Chapter 82 Waiting For A Girl

Hunt For Love: Lured By CEO's Lust By Hua Luoluo Characters: 6657

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"What are you afraid of?" Brandon turned to look at Alice.

"I'm afraid that you don't think our relationship is that close. You want to develop another lover, so you don't want to get involved with any gossip with me."

"You think too much." Brandon took a sip of coffee and said, "Do you think I haven't figured out these questions before asking you out? "

"I knew it. When I'm with you, I really have a sense of security. "

"Really?" Brandon knew that for women, a sense of security could make them entrust their lives, but he didn't expect that the three words "sense of security" could come out from the mouth of Alice.

"I thought in your eyes, the sense of security is not important."

"Nonsense. This is very important to every woman. I know that a business woman like me is indeed a little intimidating for men, but from the bottom of my heart, I am still a woman. "

She lowered her eyes. She didn't want to argue with Brandon about whether a woman should put work or marriage to priority. Now she was only looking forward to the favor of Brandon, which was inseparable from her brother, Victor Kang. If it weren't for her brother's words that "girls should first be financially independent to enjoy love", Alice was unwilling to become a strong woman in the eyes of everyone.

Victor, who was far away in Shanghai, probably heard his sister's complaint and his ears turned a little red. But this change did not attract his attention, because he was now worried about the problem of recruiting college interns. Indeed... Although there were many key universities in Shanghai, it did not mean that the people who had just graduated from the key universities could be qualified for any post in their company.

Because of the internship certificate, it was impossible for Victor to put these college students in the cleaning position. Even if to be a salesperson in his company, one had to have excellent professional quality. Could these college students be qualified?

y own selfish motive. I really want to take this opportunity to find this girl. "

The female secretary was also helpless. China had a vast territory. How could a girl living around the Imperial Capital go to Shanghai to study? Even if this girl came to Shanghai to study, how could she come to the Kang group by chance to find an internship? Maybe the CEO was just being sentimental.

But as a woman, the female secretary envied the girl mentioned by the CEO very much.

"Boss, I will inform the branch company in the Imperial Capital to join the internship plan."

"Two or three years ago, I notified them in person, but they... They didn't even find a suitable girl. I think I'm too sentimental. Maybe this girl won't appear in my world for the rest of my life. "

The female secretary praised the CEO's wisdom again. It was true that he was too sentimental about this matter. It was indeed difficult for this girl to appear in his world again. It was better to.... Focus on practical matters. For example, dealing with the Gu's Group was the most important thing right now!

"Boss, it seems that the sales department has found some capital flow of the Gu consortium. Would you like to have a look? "

There was no change in Victor's eyes. He nodded and motioned for the female secretary to send the documents.

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