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   Chapter 80 Met Again

Hunt For Love: Lured By CEO's Lust By Hua Luoluo Characters: 6409

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Another one who was not afraid of death came out of nowhere. Abby looked at the direction where the voice came from.

This was a man, no, it should be said that he was particularly handsome. Abby had never seen a man with such good temperament. He had a handsome appearance, a straight nose and a hot figure. Plus the incomparable aura.

Abby knew who he was. This was Brandon, who appeared at the engagement ceremony last time. She would never forget him since she met him once.

Abby, an eighteen year old girl, stood in the clothing shop and looked straight, not knowing what to say for a moment. But she didn't expect that the man who competed with her for this dress in the end was such a handsome man.

But it was not a problem. How could this man be so handsome? Abby was surprised.

"How old are you? And you are fighting for clothes with a little girl. "

"It's not a competition for clothes!" the angry tone of Alice suddenly softened. "This is the dress I want to wear to see you. Even if I sell the Kang group, I still want to buy it."

"Just say frankly that you want to buy new clothes."

Alice, who had been seen through by Brandon, was no longer coquettish as before. She could only be like a child who had made a mistake and said: "Well, I really can't control myself."

Brandon looked at the naive Abby with his dark eyes. He didn't want to frighten the girl who was jealous of Alice. After all, it was he who made her lose her momentum in the end. But Abby was very grateful to Brandon now. If it weren't for Brandon, she would have continued to raise the price like a gambler, or she would have cried at home and asked Tracy for money.

The best result was that he paid for this woman after he came in.

But Abby suddenly became angry again. How could this woman seduce such a handsome man? This man really had no taste. She didn't lack anything except that she was not as mature a

en thought that Brandon had a crush on her.

"Brandon... Is this your girlfriend? I'm sorry. I didn't mean it today. "

"Girls like beautiful clothes and dress themselves up. There is nothing to be sorry for."

Abby was completely obsessed with this gentle tone. Why did that woman meet Brandon earlier than her? It was unfair in this world. Why did she meet the right person at the wrong time? Obviously, Abby thought too much. Brandon just treated her politely, but she made a fuss about it as a kind of affection for Brandon.

"You are right. I have imagined myself as a princess since I was a child I was so childish back then. "

"Can you damage others' lives by treating yourself as a princess?"

Brandon's tone suddenly became harsh. Somehow, he suddenly remembered that Daisy was still lying in his villa.

Abby was shocked by his sudden change of tone. Why did he suddenly talk about such a serious problem? But it didn't matter. Abby thought she could accept his sudden change.

"No, no, of course we can't hurt others' interests. I know this. But sometimes... It was really difficult to give up things that you like. It must be very cruel. Mr. G, is it right? "

Brandon didn't want to talk to her, but Abby's words didn't sound like a lady's words.

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