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   Chapter 79 Competition Over A Dress

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The employees of the store immediately turned to look at the impending war between Alice and Abby. Obviously, from the beginning of the war, Alice had the upper hand. Abby was still a little girl who had never experienced the world. Just a few words of provocation from Alice irritated Abby in an instant.

Although Alice's words were not very intense, it was very humiliating. A good show was about to begin. The shop owner was very grateful to Alice for helping him deal with this little girl who didn't know how to appreciate the beauty.

He subconsciously ordered the shop assistant not to get involved in this matter!

"Say it again!"

Abby threw down her clothes fiercely, as if she was about to hit Alice, but Alice looked very disdainful. A girl who hit her was equal to admit defeat at the moment she waved her fist.

Obviously, the girl in front of Alice didn't understand this point.

"Well, your father is an upstart. As the daughter of an upstart, your aesthetic level is obviously very low."

Abby shook off her bag and cursed in her mind, 'Who the hell is this woman?' Her father was the boss of a company with over one hundred million assets. This woman, looked at her dressing. It was already cold winter, but she was still so thin. 'Well, you want to find fault with the wrong person.'

"Yes, my father is an upstart. But miss, you look so shabby. Is it too cold for a female beggar to go into the shop to warm up? "

Alice was also dumbfounded. She could expect the woman in front of her to speak ill of her and even punch and kick her. But she didn't expect that she would say something like that. It's so dirty! How could she say such vulgar words directly? This really surprised her.

"Miss, I think you are also from a rich family. Do you think it is appropriate for you to say something like that?"

"Why not? In this world, rich people were the boss, and poor people were the grandson. In my opinion, you are just nobody. Why do you come here to buy clothes? Do you know what this shop is? I guess you can't even afford this underwear with your poor savings. "

"Two hu

for a piece of dress? "

"If you don't have money at home, just say it. You are not only a bumpkin, but also a poor person. I thought I had met an opponent today. In fact, she was just a nouveau riche who thought her family was rich. It's so disgusting. How could I compete with you for a dress? "

Alice let her with no rag. Abby lost her mind and shouted angrily, "Five hundred thousand, five hundred thousand. Who do you think you are? I'll give you one million. "

"Little girl, I have to remind you now that you can eat casually, but you can't talk nonsense. I know you are Bill's daughter, and the most important thing in doing business is to be honest. If you pay this price today, you must buy it, understand? Don't yell like an inexperienced village girl. "

"Let me tell you. I will buy this dress today even if I have to spend all my money. I, Abby, have never been humiliated. "

At that moment, Alice had nothing to say. She came to A city this time because she was on a business trip to Saudi Arabia. One of her credit cards was four hundred thousand, and the other was three hundred thousand. Even if she was overdraft, she really didn't have the money to buy this dress. But how could she lose when she was angry with a little girl?

She was not reconciled at all.

A familiar voice suddenly sounded in her ears.

"One million and two hundred thousand. I'll buy this dress. "

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