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   Chapter 78 You Don't Deserve It

Hunt For Love: Lured By CEO's Lust By Hua Luoluo Characters: 6711

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It was hard for Alice to believe that she had sent an e-mail to Brandon when she returned to the Imperial Capital. The man who usually ignored her wrote a letter to her.

The sun must have risen from the west today.

The flight to Saudi Arabia had informed her to board. What should she do? Went on a date or not? Although it was just a meal, she was afraid that the relationship between her and Brandon would be alienated because of distance. It didn't matter. A big order of ten million was lost, but who was more important than Brandon in the world?

Looking at the ticket in her hand, she turned around and walked out of the exit. She knew that there was an important date now, so she should wear more beautiful clothes. She often went to the luxurious store to buy clothes.

She was as happy as a little princess. She took her luggage and waited for her assistant at the gate of the airport soon. She called her brother who was in Shanghai and made up some random excuses. When the assistant took over the suitcase, it was hard to believe that she smiled so brightly, as if she had found a clear spring, without any impurity.

There was only one person in the world who could make Alice smile like this, and that was Brandon. This poor woman completely built her happiness on Brandon, making people feel pity for a business elite who could shake the world and lose all the personality that she should have in the face of the richest man of the Imperial Capital.

Later, when she thought about the experience of Alice, she felt sorry for her.

"So you don't want to go to Saudi Arabia?"

Her brother, Victor Kang, was sitting in his office. His fingers cleverly slid across the desk, causing a gentle sound of rubbing. The female secretary beside him clenched a folder. This Miss Alice always called when the Chairman was busy, which made the secretary a little tired.

"Well, because..." Far away in the Imperial Capital, Alice got in the minibus driven by her assistant. After a sound of d

ing bought by a bumpkin, what she felt more incredible was that the most talented person in the world, the top representative of Chinese architecture designer, was engaged to her.

The world was really crazy.


With her arms akimbo, she came to Abby. Abby lifted her dress with disdain and was about to pay the bill. She didn't expect to see a woman coming out halfway. As the most outstanding daughter of a rich family, she suppressed Abby's arrogance at once.

"What's the matter?"

Abby turned her head and looked at Alice with disdain. Today was Friday, and the school had an afternoon off. It was not easy for her to go out with her card. She didn't expect that when she finally saw a dress, there was a ghost in her eyes.

Abby was also confused. Did she know this woman?

"Nothing. I just fell in love with the dress in your hand by accident. I believe you know that this design has only one piece of dress in the world. I hope you can give me the dress. After all, you can't appreciate the beauty of it at all. "

Abby felt that she was going to explode with anger. In the past eighteen years, no one had the courage to humiliate her like this!

"What do you mean?"

Abby put down her ladylike look and immediately turned into a shrew.

"I say you are a country bumpkin. You don't deserve the dress."

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