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   Chapter 13 Accident

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"You are so stingy." Edward's words immediately changed the topic. Taking the artificial intelligence system into consideration, he really didn't make much money.

"Well, I'll take a shower. I'll go to bed after replying some E-mails."

Brandon stood up and straightened his wrinkled sleeves. When he was about to walk out of the door, Edward stopped him at once.

"Wait, let's go out for dinner tonight."

Brandon smiled nervously. He really didn't want to go out. In addition, today's engagement party was held in the banquet hall, and the chef was very tired. How could he cook more delicious dishes?

"I know a restaurant. A famous chef from Su Zhou and Hang Zhou area just opened it last month. The high-end club only welcome the friends of the owner. How about I take you there? I know you like to eat the Huai Yang cuisine the most."

Brandon put on a helpless expression. It was true that the two of them hadn't seen each other frequently since they had their own business. He still remembered that the two of them had such a tacit understanding and had a good talk in the past, and now they were probably just memories.

"Okay, then I'll condescend to go."

Brandon's tone was long, which made Edward difficult to adapt to it. He could only criticize in his heart, "Okay, I can call you Grandpa!"

The harmonious scene of Brandon and Edward didn't continue to the other places of the hotel. Obviously, Abby didn't put on her usual obedient face in front of others.

"I ordered the dress three months ago. What about now?"

Abby broke out into curses in the dressing room. The staff who had just arrived at the South Water Hotel in the fitting room almost burst into tears.

"I'm sorry, but..."

"Now I need you to provide me with a solution. Don't you know anything else except sorry?"

Abby acted like a nouveau riche and accused the staff harshly. The person in charge had been called over. It seemed that the engagement ceremony could not start at a normal time.

"My dress was ordered from France three months ago. It was made of the best material. How could there be any color difference? Have you received any training here? Please tell me why there is a color difference between my dress and the photo. I sent it directly here. "

The emcee stood aside. She had experienced a lot like this, so she was calm. She had seen a lot of unreasonable upstarts like this one, so the emcee didn't care about it now. Anyway, she was the one who was engaged. Whether she liked it or not, she would wear this dress to attend the engagement ceremony on the stage later. The reason why she behaved like this was very complicated and the emcee didn't want to think about it.

Of course, Daisy wouldn't do anything out of line. Her dress was an accessory of Abby's dress, with the same size. It didn't fit well in some places, but Daisy didn't want to make a fuss like Abby did. She would never let anyone point at her back and scold her, "Look, she is Irene's daughter. So uneducated. "

When Abby finally came to an end and was willing to wear this dress to attend the engagement ceremony, the original time had been delayed for half an hour. All the staff were in place. The two walked to the luxurious gate of the banquet hall one after the other, waiting for their fiance.

The first one to arrive was Alex. Da

isy thought to herself that sometimes this man could be more reliable. Soon, Mike also arrived. Because there was something wrong with the light system of the restaurant, he went to deal with it temporarily. He was forced to get engaged, so he didn't care much about it.

The four people who were preoccupied with their own thoughts gathered together. Daisy suddenly felt as if she had goose bumps all over her body. To let a dissolute person contact her, in Daisy's eyes, she could only use the word "disgusting" to describe her current mood.

"What's wrong? You have to sleep with me from now on. "

Alex could feel Daisy's discomfort from Daisy's movements, but it didn't matter. They could play separately and not disturb each other in the future. Before the door was opened, Alex was closer to Daisy. The intimacy in public really disgusted Daisy. Disgusting and abnormal.

"Don't struggle. After I have sex with you, we will have our own fun. What are you afraid of? Huh? "

Alex's hands were getting more and more restless. Of course, Daisy's patience was limited. Since Abby had heard what she said just now, she would not let go of this opportunity to ridicule her.

"Sister and brother-in-law look so affectionate. Have a baby as soon as possible. "

What she said deepened Daisy's discomfort. Just as the door was about to open, Daisy used her high-heeled shoes to hit hard on the foot of Alex, which made him cry in pain.


"Please don't act like a toy poodle in public."

Daisy's words were like a curse without any dirty words. It hurt so much that he lifted his foot to relieve the pain. Fortunately, it did not cause long-term pain. Alex cursed Daisy in his mind.

Mike stood aside them with an impressive handsome face. He just looked at the three people with a playful mood. He knew that he would never have any contact with this family in the future. At the same time, no matter how attentive Abby's family was, he would never take a look at Abby after his grandmother died. He had heard about Abby's making a fuss of the engagement dress and her personality. Although he disdained to get engaged, he had chosen a professional dress designer.

He did spend some time investigating the Chen family. It was nothing more than great disappointment.

The Wedding March sounded from the banquet hall. The door was finally opened. Alex and Daisy held hands stiffly, while Mike held Abby's hand and wanted to end the torture as soon as possible.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the engagement ceremony of the three family. I'm Amanda, the emcee of this engagement ceremony. "

The host's high pitched words did not attract much attention in the hall. Only a few people waiting for the opening of the banquet clapped their hands. Bill, who had always been a proud man, felt a little embarrassed, but at least his daughters were engaged. Bill's face was still filled with joy.

"Now, let's welcome the two couples to the stairs of love and come to the engagement stage."

Daisy stood in front of them. When she just took two steps forward, her dress suddenly felt tight. Before she could stop, she tightened her dress all of a sudden. All of a sudden, she fell on the stage in front of all the guests. The low and dull atmosphere was unexpectedly pushed to the climax by this kind of accident.

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