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   Chapter 11 Edward Long And Coffee Beans

Hunt For Love: Lured By CEO's Lust By Hua Luoluo Characters: 7180

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Edward Long's identity in the Imperial Capital was not simple. First of all, he graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at an early age. He was a typical technology geek, and now he inherited the family property from his parents and became one of the famous Golden Bachelors in the city. Growing up with Brandon, he was less tough and more rational than Brandon. Moreover, he was more popular among women because of his funny personality.

Edward Long had just returned from Sweden after attending a medical equipment meeting. He found that the key was lost before he entered the house. Unfortunately, the iris scanner had not been installed. Now that the key was lost, he could only take a taxi back to the hotel. He would replace the original lock with the iris scanner.

At this time, Edward Long was watching the latest technology consulting in the deluxe suite. He was enjoying a comfortable life after the meeting, but this cozy life was quickly broken by the rude doorbell.

Edward Long walked to the door and cleared his throat.

"Who is it?" His voice was low, magnetic and a little tired.

"Hello, it's a package."

Edward Long looked at the sky and sighed helplessly.

"Oh, a package. I'm sorry. I don't want it. "

Brandon, who was knocking at the door, suddenly flared up with anger. As the president of the Gu consortium, he had never met such a dejection before!

"Edward, don't think that I will let you go as soon as you come back! Come out! "

Why didn't you say that earlier? Edward Long had the initiative now. If he didn't want anyone to enter the room, he would not allow anyone to. Especially this kind of abrupt president. How could he punish him? After all, they were two of the four richest men in the city.

"Hey, who are you?"

Edward Long walked to the coffee machine and poured the Blue Mountain coffee beans he brought back from Sweden into it. The sound of grinding was accompanied by the sharp sound of the machine. It could tell the joy of grinding the best coffee beans into powder. At the same time, this crisp sound could not cover up the curses of Brandon outside the door.

"Mr. Long, do you believe that I will kick the door open and skin you now?"

Edward Long held back his laughter and cleared his throat after he calmed down.

"Okay, rip off my skin. Sure. First of all, you have to kick open my door. This door can generally hold the force of 1000 kilograms. Let me see how you are doing. "

"Edward Long, don't refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit!"

Edward Long knew that the man outside could not put up with embarrassment. Hearing that he was really a little angry, he opened the door and let him in.

"Mr. Gu, long time no see."

Brandon, who had been exasperated outside the door for a long time, kicked the door as soon as he opened it. Edward Long had already been used to the intimate relationship between the two. Knowing that Brandon might have to use the same trick to kick the door in today, he quickly made way for Brandon.

"I haven't seen you for a few days. How dare you!"

Brandon walked into Edward's suite and went straight to the sofa. The sound of the coffee pot indicated that the coffee was ready. Edward Long took out a coffee cup from the wardrobe and put it on the table in the kitchen. The heavy coffee pot was placed on the table. Edward Long skillfully put the sugar and milk in a small cup. Within three minutes, a cup of good coffee was placed in front of Brandon.

"I know you don't like coffee as much as I do. I bought two bags of cof

fee in Sweden. Blue Mountain coffee can't be imported now. The year before last, I bought a coffee stove and could only smuggle coffee beans. It's quite wasteful to entertain you! Burn a Guqin to cook a crane. "

Brandon took a sip of coffee disdainfully, and the pure and neutralized taste filled his mouth. He knew that this was good fresh coffee beans, which would not last more than a month from frying to drinking. Edward Long had a sharp tongue. Brandon seldom studied coffee. Although he could distinguish several world-famous coffee beans, he was not good at it. And the man in front of him was as crazy as his hobby of luxury cars.

"Don't pretend to be high-end. This coffee beans are in October. They grow in the north of the Blue Mountain. Besides, the rain this year is less than last year, so the taste is more bitter and intense. This is the taste of severe baking, and it has been twenty days since it was out of the furnace, right? "

Edward Long was surprised, "Brandon, I am surprised. People who haven't seen each other for two month, should look at each other with new eyes. "

Brandon snorted coldly, "Blue Mountain coffee is the most famous and prosperous coffee in the world, so now... I'm half an expert in coffee. I can't know other coffee beans to such extent. "

Edward Long nodded and pushed his thick rimmed glasses. He was dressed like a standard engineer, which could not be changed for decades.

"I know you are an expert on this. I know I'll buy Mandheling coffee beans next time. The coffee beans are sweet. I must make you frown because you can't the time of the coffee beans.

Brandon put down the coffee cup and said nothing to Edward Long. Edward Long also knew that he should end this topic. If they talked about luxury cars, they could talk endlessly for the whole morning. But when it came to coffee beans, Brandon couldn't do anything about it. Sure enough, they should compete with each other in the same field.

"Well, I've been abroad for two months. How are you?"

After making the coffee, Edward Long leaned against the sofa and talked to Brandon. At this time, he wanted to sit down and have a rest. As long as he met Brandon's unique temperament, Edward Long felt headache. He was too annoying to approach. Maybe it was because he deserved to be single all his life.


Brandon was not good at lying. He was hostile and even dodged backwards. It was obvious that something was wrong.

"Look at Mr. Gu. He must haven't done anything good in the past two months. Is there any substantial progress between you and Alice? Or... "

Edward Long wanted to tease Brandon, but he didn't notice that his face was getting darker and darker. Edward Long knew that the problem was very serious.

"Who pissed you off?"

Brandon looked out of the window. The sun rose high, but it was still cold outside. The feeling cold and wet was the most annoying.

"A woman."

Edward Long couldn't sit still anymore. He had only heard that Brandon failed a woman, but he had never heard of any woman who dared to fail Brandon. What a horrible world!

"A woman? It's the first time I've seen a woman who dares to provoke you. What does she look like? How dare she disappoint you? "

Brandon picked up the coffee cup as if he was teasing him. The coffee was not as hot as before and finally reached a good taste. After drinking half a cup of coffee, Brandon put down the cup.

"This woman is engaged to Alex in the banquet hall on the second floor today. She succeeded in irritating me. That makes me interested. "

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