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   Chapter 10 Two Fiancés

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Daisy was not a fool, so she could hear the implication of this sentence.

"Then I'm really luckier than you. It was said that Mr. Mike spent most of their time in the design draft. He was a man of few desires... Oh, the gossip a few years ago said that he was a gay. Sister, don't worry. It's not easy to be a gay's wife."

Daisy had always been uprightness, but it was the first time that Abby saw her being so tough. When she was about to lose her temper, she remembered that today was her engagement party downstairs and her husband-to-be was downstairs, so she had to hold back her anger and forced a smile.

"Are you jealous? It's not sure who will suffer in the end."

This sentence hit Daisy's heart. If she followed this arrangement, she would definitely suffer losses. Regardless of the bad character of Alex, only considering his messy private life... What if she got some diseases? That was to say, the fire at the city gate would affect the fish in the pond. Thinking of this, even Daisy, who always dared to fight, could not help shivering. The more she thought about it, the more frightened she felt.

The glass elevator opened. The two men, Alex and Mike, were waiting at the door.

Perhaps it was because the two couples didn't feel anything when they got married, Daisy and Abby walked towards their fiancés emotionlessly respectively. The wedding music was already being played. The red carpet was covered on the spot, and the wreaths were covered on it. On the right side of the red carpet was the table for banquet, and on the left side was the live music troupe invited by Qi family from Vienna.

It was still early for the wedding to begin, but the site had been decorated almost eighty or ninety percent. The staff, dressed neatly, was putting bunch of lilies on the red stage, forming a heart shape.

On the other side, several male waiters were carefully placing the glass goblets. Layers upon layers of goblets quickly formed a Pyramid like a glass mountain. Since the two daughters of the Chen family were engaged at the same time, things had to be prepared in double. Which also made the staff exhausted when decorating.

"Are these two newly engaged couples? Please follow me to the backstage to change clothes."

The kind-hearted woman, who looked just forty years old, walked up to the two ladies of the Chen family. Her gold rimmed glasses showed her severe temperament. Daisy often worked part-time in college. Even now, she was an intern and happened to be a sales manager in a convenience store. She was quite sophisticated and nodded slightly and said, "Please show me a way."

However, Abby took it for granted. She didn't change her clothes with the staff, but looked around the wedding site.

"Not bad." The disdainful words made Mike a little unhappy. He had won the prize internationally for this, but this unknown outsider just said "not bad". Before the engagement, he had had two meals with Abby, and he had no opinion of her, but at this moment it was difficult for him to remain neutral.

"I didn't expect that Miss Abby knows something about the arrangement of the wedding site." Alex said jokingly. He didn't care about his fiancée at all. He didn't expect that his interest was cleverly captured by the second daughter of the Chen family.

Abby certainly knew how bad the reputation of the person in front of her was. At the first sight of him, she thoug

ht of the word "disgusting". The Chen family was as powerful as the Han family, and even better than the Han family in terms of reputation. Naturally, she looked at Alex as if she had eaten a fly.

"I didn't notice that Mr. Alex is also here. My sister is going to marry you. You are a perfect match."

Being graceful was always a sign for Abby. She always gave people a feeling of being generous and outstanding. It was not a big deal for her to say this on other occasions, and even some people would praise her for being so polite. But now, everyone could hear something hidden in her words.

"Two girls, it's time for you to change your clothes."

The stern emcee was a little angry. Although the engagement ceremony was not as solemn as the wedding ceremony, it should be taken seriously. This person who seemed to like to stir up trouble was not only talking and laughing, but also taking it as a child's play. This was totally intolerable for a professional emcee.

"Excuse me."

Daisy had the same opinion as the emcee. And Abby thought she should restrain herself in front of her fiancé. Although she was dissatisfied with the engagement, it would pave the way for her to leave a good impression on a rich man like Mike.

"Well, I'm going to change my clothes."

As soon as Daisy and the emcee took two steps forward, Abby raised her head arrogantly and went to the dressing room. The engagement ceremony was different from the wedding ceremony. The Chen family chose a style which was not very formal. In this way, the two girls could change their wedding dresses on the spot, and the real wedding ceremony required girls to change their wedding dresses at home.

The emcee and the two of the Chen family walked to an invisible door and touched the wall. The door quietly sank, and a large cloakroom with lights on and curtains drawn was shown in front of the two of them.

Both Daisy and Abby were shocked by the scene in front of them. 'Oh my God, Mike is so imaginative. No matter how to achieve this visual effect, the designer who could only think of this design was not an ordinary person!'

"This is a private room specially designed to prevent the theft of precious items and the protection of other people's privacy. It is temporarily set for you to change clothes today. There is someone helping you pick up the wedding dresses you have chosen a few days ago. Remember, I will pick you up at eleven o'clock on time. If you don't change your clothes, I'm sorry that the wedding ceremony won't be suspended. The one who would feel embarrassed are your fiancés."

The emcee didn't say anything more. She had a lot of work to do today. Daisy saw that it was already ten o'clock, she hurried into the room. When she entered, she found that she couldn't see the outside at all. This design was really surprising.

Standing at the door, Abby rolled her eyes at the female emcee who just left.

"So, some people who are at the bottom of the society can only be regarded as a mule or a horse."

Abby was not sure if her words could be heard by others, nor did she know why she said that. She only knew that she was the second daughter of the Chen family, although her family status was not higher than the two sons of the Gu family and the Long family. There're still lots of people who could be stepped under her feet.

In front of such a group of people, she was an arrogant princess!

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