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   Chapter 9 Brandon Went To The Ceremony

Hunt For Love: Lured By CEO's Lust By Hua Luoluo Characters: 7685

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There were pure black wooden wardrobe, leather seats, and the Philippine maids just hired. All of these indicated the rich and astute taste of Qi family.

Brandon went to the company early in the morning to deal with the routine schedule. The Secretary, wearing a ten centimeter high heels, knocked on the door of the CEO's office.

"Mr. Brandon, the invitation card of the Chen family is here. You are invited to attend the engagement ceremony of the two ladies in the Chen family. Would you like to join?"

Brandon thought of the documents given by Randy a few days ago. 'Isn't the woman who dared to sleep with him Daisy? How come? Is she really engaged today?' Although Brandon had lost interest in Daisy at the first sight of her information. But in a twinkling of an eye, he thought of the shocking redness. Brandon, who had decided not to join the ceremony, was still curious about Daisy.


The secretary was about to turn around and leave. She knew that the CEO didn't like to attend other people's wedding. She didn't expect him to ask where the ceremony to be hold? It was so strange.

"Oh, it's... In the Nandu hotel."

Brandon glanced at his schedule that there was no agenda for this day, frowned and picked up the Armani suit coat on the sofa.

"Arrange the car and ask the financial department to prepare eight hundred and eighty thousand dollars as a gift."

The secretary was surprised again. Eight hundred and eighty thousand dollars? Although it was a small amount of money for the Gu's Group, the negotiation with the German representative tomorrow couldn't be underestimated. Did Brandon forget?

"Mr. Brandon, at five o'clock tomorrow morning, the representative of Von Sewell Company from German invited you to have breakfast together. Shall we cancel the schedule?"

After thinking for a while, Brandon realized that the cooperation with Von Sewell Company was about to expire. Now it was the critical period of the company's transformation, so he couldn't take it lightly.

"No need to postpone it. I'll sleep there tonight and pick me up tomorrow morning."

The Secretary also thought this arrangement was very reasonable. After reporting the work, she went straight out of the office. She turned around and told her assistant about the arrangement of the car.

A pure black frosted Ferrari sports car stopped in front of the gate of the Gu's Group. Brandon, in a suit and leather shoes, walked into the company's straight ladder with the secretary. He unbuttoned the second button of his suit.

"Mr. Brandon, your room in the Nandu hotel have been booked. Only a presidential suite on the top floor left due to today's wedding ceremony."

Brandon replied faintly and then walked into the driver's seat of his Ferrari.

"Hello, Mr. Brandon. Do you need to use the latest intelligent system?"


The Ferrari started automatically, and the whole process didn't exceed 0.13 seconds. This was the latest artificial intelligence system designed by the Technology Department of the Gu's Group, which could realize auto-driving. Brandon was a technology tycoon. He became the first beneficiary for the products developed by the company.

The prosperous special economic zone of the capital city was located in the southern part. The leaves of the ginkgo tree could be seen all over the street. They were connected into neat arched doors and were sent back and forth on the road. The autumn wind blew, and the leaves were blown with the wind. However, the tire of the Ferrari sports car passed through the yellow leaves, leaving a faint mark on it. The door of the Nandu hotel opened and closed like a golden butterfly. Brandon was a frequent visitor here.

"Welcome, Mr. Brandon. The next is a thirty-minute revolving car ride. Do you need to deal with the latest b

usiness during this period of time?"

Brandon put down the book "1984" and rubbed his eyebrows. His eyes were a little dry. The comfortable car chair adjusted his sitting position automatically. Of course, he had to deal with latest work in time.

"Open the inbox."

"This email is from Miss Alice." "Honey, we didn't have a good time at the party last time. I'm going back to America today. I will go back to deal with some business next month. See you then." "Do you want to reply?"

Brandon] snorted. The artificial intelligence system could accurately read the mind of the driver.

"Mr. Brandon, just detected that your heart beat faster and your pupils shrank, releasing aggressive hormones, and your body subconsciously leaned back. It is a kind of resistance. Are you going to delete or drop this email?"

"Delete it completely."


After Brandon handled two unimportant business negotiations, the Ferrari automatically located the empty parking space on the top of the hotel. After parking the car automatically, the Ferrari intelligent system stopped working.

Most of the time when Brandon was with the artificial intelligence, he felt relaxed. First of all, this system was really smart enough to read the psychological data of the driver. Second, the machine would not play tricks with human.

He put the check in the invitation card and looked at that girl. Brandon knew he was abnormal because of the heat inside him that day. However, Daisy didn't come to him after that. He really didn't know what she was up to.

The hall of U697 on the first floor was the place for the guests to sign in. Brandon saw the glass ladder descending rapidly and reached the first floor in an instant.

"Oh my God..."

Among the guests waiting on the first floor, one of them happened to notice that Brandon was here!

"Mr. ... Mr. Brandon!"

A coquettish woman screamed as she held the arm of a man at her father's age. But she quickly stopped her surprise. It was really impolite to scream at Brandon.

Several rich ladies who came to attend the engagement party of two daughters of the Chen family were staring at Brandon. One word was most suitable for them -- lust.

Brandon had already been used to this kind of situation. He walked to the stage in suit and threw the invitation card on the stage. The amount of the check in the card was reasonable. It could be seen that Brandon didn't have a deep relationship with the Chen family, so even his appearance could save Bill's face.

"Hello, Mr. Brandon. This is the VIP passage."

To see that girl? Brandon was a little hesitated. What would he say after seeing her? It was hard for Brandon to imagine. After throwing down the invitation, Brandon still wore a standard poker face and said expressionlessly, "No, I have something else to do."

Turning around, Brandon walked to the lobby of the hotel. He just wanted to take a shower. God knew why he came here on a whim. At five o'clock tomorrow morning, there's a breakfast appointment with the German representative! For a moment, Brandon felt very unhappy that his schedule was full.

The executive U884 Hall of the Nandu hotel was paved with black marble, which was low-key and luxurious and was very suitable for business people. When Brandon walked into the lobby, the lobby manager of the hotel walked up to him.

"Hello, Mr. Brandon. Your room has just been cleaned up. Mr. Larry also checked in. Would you like to arrange a visiting with him?"

The service of the Nandu hotel was always known for its humanity. The identity information of all the business people who came to check in the hotel had already been recorded. Therefore, it was the professional skill of the lobby manager to speak specialized words when he served someone.

"Him?" Brandon sneered, "Of course."

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