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   Chapter 8 Hotel

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Bill cursed something else, but Daisy sat on the swing unremittingly. She wished nothing had happened. How she wished her father was still the one when she was a child, which was impossible. The reason why his father was in such a hurry to marry off his two daughters was that his business was at a stalemate now.

Therefore, how could she be controlled as a tool? She had to find a better man than Alex, a man worth her sacrifice, and a man who would make the family no longer regard her as a servant.

The moon was as bright as water, with moonlight spreading on the ground. The flower hall was full of dew collected in small curly leaves. It was a cold night in white. Sadness was no greater than death. Daisy didn't stay in the flower hall for a long time and went back. She couldn't bear it at all. This family had no place for her at all. She really didn't know where to go in the future... ·

On September 18th, the engagement party of both Mike and Alex were held in Nandu hotel, and two bride-to-be were Daisy and Abby, two daughters of Bill, who was famous for being slick in the business field. For a moment, the entertainment reporters were excited. They were all curious about Alex. A small businessman who got the favor of a mysterious business man had a large number of business projects and was looking for partners recently. The reason to get married to his family at this time could be imagined.

Alex was a playboy. Everyone in the rich circle knows what kind of person he is. He had always boasted himself of having sex with four young models in the capital city. He seemed to be exhausted because of had been indulged himself in this kind of life. The media all felt that Daisy's life after marriage was in danger. How could Daisy, who just graduated from C University, handle such a playboy?

On the contrary, Abby, Daisy's sister, was the luckiest girl in the capital city this year. First of all, it was not easy for a girl to know the well-known Mike, who was famous in the world of architecture and fashion. Nobody expected that his family would be so stupid that he could agree to marry Abby, whose the Chen family was much lower and poorer than Mike's family.

In fact, it was not because that he was very willing to, but his grandmother was still in hospital, whose biggest wish was to see her grandson get married. Although Mike had an ordinary relationship with his parents, he had a good relationship with his grandmother. Coincidentally, Abby, who had just turned eighteen, was taken by her father to come to propose. Even if they were engaged now, they would get married a few years later. It was an explanation to his sick grandmother. After all, she didn't insist her life for a few years...

The Nandu hotel was one of the hotels designed by Mike. The special parking lot and strange building shape had become one of the landmark buildings in the capital city. At nine o'clock in the morning, the two Audi cars slowly drove out of the Chen family's house. The black cars troop was for Abby. Behind, there were four or five colorful wedding cars, which were for Daisy. The different treatment of the two gave people enough space to imagine.

Daisy looked out of the window coldly. There was no air conditioner in the car, and the driver opened the window. A gust of warm wind blew, and Daisy only felt the bone cold. Perhaps her life would be ruined like this. In fact, there seemed no sequence even she slept with Brandon. However, Daisy didn't regret it that the man she had indulged for the first time was the eldest son of the most powerful family in the capital city. Everything was worthy.

The cars headed all the way to the southern city of the capital. The southern city had been the richest area in the capital since ancient times, and many dignitaries used to live here. Later, this place was also valued by Mike and was chosen to build

the hotel specially.

It was the first time that all tempered glass had been used in the Nandu hotel. Such a design was worried to cause light pollution in the industry at the beginning. However, this worry was unnecessary. When he drew the design drawing, Mike specially introduced a kind of high-heeled glass materials that had just been put into the market abroad. It could control the sun light absorption rate and make the whole hotel reach the most suitable temperature for the human body without air-conditioning.

It was precisely because of this design that Mike was nominated as the Pritzker winner at that year. Although an American designer finally intervened in the selection by the organizing committee with his qualifications and prestige, making Mike fail to win the prize, it did not hinder him from becoming the top one in the construction industry. The engagement ceremony was decided to held in this hotel also represented some of Mike's apologies to Abby.

At this time, Abby still didn't know why Mike chose to marry her. She still naively thought that he chose to get engaged because he was greedy for her family's property and power. In fact, she didn't know at all that at this time, Mike's wealth was only a little inferior to Larry's.

Soon, the magnificent gate of the Nandu hotel opened to the cars group, like a golden butterfly spreading its wings, waiting for the guests. Although they had come to the Nandu hotel many times, it was the first time that their family had booked the whole hotel. In order to welcome two daughters of the Chen family, the hotel manager controlled to open the main door of the hotel with a pager. Two groups of car carriages entered the butterfly-like door in succession. The following scene amazed the Chen family. After the endless road along the slope, the parking lot was cleverly designed to the top of the Nandu hotel. The slope stood across the road. When the cars reached the end of the road, everything was suddenly enlightened. The whole capital city could be overlooked by the car carriages. What a spectacular scene!

"Isn't this the top of the 88th floor? Why are we driving so fast?"

The drivers exclaimed at the same time. They felt that the whole journey was less than ten minutes. This was the more ingenious design of the Nandu hotel by Mike, which was the illusion. When the driver entered the circling track, he would definitely feel very irritable after half an hour's journey to the top of the mountain. So Mike cleverly designed a hypnotic channel that gave people an illusion, so that the time would unexpectedly accelerate. Half an hour was like ten minutes.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please follow me."

The emcee in suit had been standing in front of the balcony elevator for a long time. When everyone was surprised at the design of Mike, the emcee apparently reminded them that they had something important to do. The spiral staircase descended rapidly. Daisy and Abby stood in the same elevator. The two of them seldom talked, but at this embarrassing moment, they squeezed together. Although Alex was far behind Mike, Abby was still dissatisfied with the marriage. Like her sister, she was used as a pawn by her father on the engagement.

"I heard that Mr. Alex is very considerate and steady, and very pleasing to women. It's good for my sister to be engaged to him." Abby's tone was graceful, giving people the feeling of a lady from an eminent family. In fact, anyone who heard her words could understand the implication of this sentence.

Everyone knew that Alex's private life was extremely dissolute. He had sex with the celebrities and young models in the capital city, and he was even proud of it. He had a bad reputation in the business circle of the capital. How could she say "pleasing women?" He was probably a dissolute man and didn't know how to keep his chastity at all.

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