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   Chapter 7 Memories

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As the sun set, Daisy sat on the swing sleepily. Daisy was going to get engaged to Alex the next day, so no matter how unruly she was, she couldn't take it nothing. Grabbing the rope on both sides of the swing, she gently shook it, and colorful lights flashed in front of her eyes. A long time ago, when she was still a carefree young girl, her mother was still alive. But now...

Bill pushed the glass door of the flower hall and walked in. When he saw his daughter sitting on the swing thoughtfully, he bitterly thought of the dead Irene. He was not as sad as he was a decade ago, but seeing the flower hall, he recalled a lot of memories.

"Why are you here?" Bill's tone was a little reproachful, which made Daisy, who had always been rebellious, unhappy. In Daisy's eyes, although the man who entered the room was her father, they were already "familiar" strangers.

"I have nothing to do. I'm bored."

Daisy said to Bill in a tough tone, as if nothing would happen the next day.

Bill was known as an old fox in the business field. He was famous for being obsequious to everyone. But that didn't mean he would be good tempered at home.

"Bored?" Sitting on the cane chair beside the swing, Bill took out a bag of cigarette from the pocket of his large and out dated suit and lit one. The curling smoke floated out of his mouth, bringing Daisy into memories.

Eighteen years ago.

"Mom, push me a little higher!"

The young Daisy was in the process of changing her teeth, and the two missing front teeth did not hinder the young girl from laughing happily. The garden hall eighteen years ago was much better than it was now. It was much new and orderly.

Sitting on the swing, Daisy prayed for her mother to push her higher. But obviously, Irene was very worried about her daughter's safety and didn't want the swing to go beyond the safe range. At this moment, Bill walked into the gate of the flower hall.

"Honey, are you playing with daughter?"

"Dad!" Daisy jumped off the swing skillfully, which frightened Irene.

"Daisy! You were in danger just now! Don't do it again, okay?"

Seeing her father, Daisy didn't fear her mother's threat and quickly hid behind Bill.

"Irene. It's normal for girls to be naughty, and she is cute when she is naughty."

Irene lost her temper because of anger. How could the father and daughter sing the same tune?

"You are spoiling her!" Although Irene seemed to be angry, she was not really angry. In the past five or six years, the two of them had never argued. However, since this little overlord was born, Irene's peaceful personality was almost driven crazy. It was true, "A rabbit will bite when it gets anxious!"

"Today is your birthday. I planned to buy you a big cake but forget it. I'm just cooking noodles!"

Hearing this, little Daisy burst into tears. This was the most useful for her mother. When she cried, Irene would feel sorry for her and agree to any request.

"You..." Irene was speechless. What should she do now!

"All right, all right. I'll buy you a cake now, okay?"

With a bright smile on her face, Daisy wrapped her arms around her mother's neck and said, "Mommy, I love you!"

Irene was truly stunned and speechless

this time... 'It seems that my daughter could go some drama college and might become the Oscar winner in the future.'

"Mom, I want chocolate mousse cake!" Following her mother who was about to walk out of the flower hall, Daisy shamelessly made all kinds of requests, "And I want condoms!"

Irene felt a headache. 'Why do you still need condoms?' But as soon as she said "no", the bully cried. Irene had no choice but to promise and ordered Bill, "Honey, take care of your little lover. I'll be back soon."

Bill clicked his tongue and said, "What are you talking about! I'm done with her in my previous life. I only love you in this life."

With a red face, Irene said, "You are so annoying." then she walked out of the door with her pearl bag. Daisy didn't expect that this was the last time she saw her mother. At that time, the Chen family was just an ordinary rich family and could not be counted as a big figure in the business circle. However, as long as a family lived together, they would be as happy as they could. It was a family that everyone in the community envied.

Daisy sat on the swing in the garden hall, waiting for her mother to buy cakes and balloons. The sun sank from the glass hall of the flower hall, and the moon began to rise. But somehow, her mother still didn't come back. Her father, who was playing with her just now, also rushed out of the flower hall. 'Why? Why don't my family care about me?' Daisy didn't feel anything wrong in her childish heart. She could only sit on the swing alone. After a long time, her father hadn't come back home.

White dew turned into frost in autumn. Daisy sat on the swing for a long time and fell asleep before her parents came back. After that, her father often didn't come back all night. Daisy could only cook instant noodles for herself every day. Later, a woman who claimed to be her mother moved into their villa.

Gradually, Daisy knew that when her mother went to buy her cake, the rope around her hand was cut off. Looking at the floating hydrogen balloon, her mother was anxious and chased after it along the road. However, she was crashed down by a bus and died on the spot...

The curling smoke no longer drifted away, and Daisy's mind returned to the reality. Now she was twenty-two years old, which was the best year in her life. After Bill finished a cigarette, he stubbed it out on the cane chair in a rude manner, and then threw the trash aside.

"You and your sister will get engaged tomorrow together. Alex is a nice and handsome guy. He has got a big deal of business orders recently."

"So you sold me out?" Her voice was full of sadness.

Daisy's face darkened. She had always been rebellious, and this man had not cared about her since she was five years old. The two of them had become strangers. She really didn't know how shameless this man was, and how dare he appear in front of Daisy.

"You brat! Hadn't someone taught you how to behave? What were you talking about just now? Is that how you talk to your father?" Bill didn't know what to say for a moment. He worked hard for the family, but he didn't expect his daughter to be so mean to him. For a moment, he found that he cursed her along with himself.

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