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   Chapter 5 Ruthlessness

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Everyone in the family knew that Alice had a crush on Brandon. Except for her brother, other were happy to see that. Thinking of her brother, Alice's face darkened.

She grew up with Brandon, Larry and her brother. Although they had a lot of playmates in their childhood, only a few of them had similar family backgrounds. Her brother had always liked to compete with Brandon in everything, but he had never been able to win since he was a child. It made her brother, Victor Kang gradually take this competition to the current hostility. Although the two of them hadn't offended each other openly yet, they were standing on the edge.

Thinking of this, Alice couldn't help complaining that Victor Kang was too petty to consider her embarrassment in the middle of them.

"Okay, I will visit your grandpa someday." Alice's grandpa injured his leg and spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair for saving Brandon's grandfather when he was young. The Gu family had been keeping in touch with each other for generations because of that.

Hearing Brandon's answer, Alice's eyes lit up. "Okay, tell me if you're available." Afraid that Brandon would go back on his word, Alice added deliberately.

Brandon smiled but didn't say anything. He gently put down the glass in his hand. The party became boring for him suddenly and made him think of someone. "Enjoy yourselves. I have something to do and I'm leaving now."

Without waiting for others' response, Brandon stood up and went out.

"Brandon!" Alice called him reluctantly, but Brandon seemed not to hear it and kept walking away.

A moment later, Larry's phone rang. He answered the phone and said to everyone, "Brandon has something to deal with, so he left. He asked me to apologize to all of you."

"It's okay. Brandon is a busy man. We can enjoy by ourselves." Everyone was sensible enough. What could they do? He had left.

Seeing that the atmosphere was obviously better than before, Larry couldn't help laughing. It seemed that these people were happier without Brandon here.

As for Alice, who was unhappy because she was surrounded by several men, Larry chose to ignore her.

Nandu hotel was located in the downtown area. As the night fell, the street lights were on. The soft white lights floated in the air, like light white silk. Daisy lowered her head and got out of the car. She took a look at Bill and Tracy, and then looked down at the hotel in front of her. She followed them expressionlessly.

Tracy was very satisfied with her performance. 'So what if you don't want to? You still have to come here for dinner today. What kind of life you want to live!'

The group of people were led to the reserved room by the hotel waiter. As soon as they entered, they saw a family of three who had already taken their seats. Carter Han, Alex and Jayne Ding. There were three members of the Han family, combined Bill, Tracy and Daisy herself. What a standard blind date.

"Bill. It has been a long time since we met last time! !" Seeing the members of the Chen family come in, Carter Han stood up and held Bill's hands, with his face full of warmth.

"Come and have a seat!" Seeing this, Jayne Ding held Tracy's hand and sat down with a smile. "Is this Daisy? We haven't seen each other for so many years. You are such an eye-catching girl." When she turned around and saw Daisy, the smile on Jayne's face didn't fade, but her eyes looked up and down at Daisy.

Seeing what the couple of Han family did, Daisy felt disdainful. No wonder the Han family couldn't get into this circle. They looked like a peddler.

Daisy thought to herself, but she didn't show it on her face. She smiled generously at Carter Han and Jayne Ding. Then she sat down on the right side of Tracy.

As soon as Daisy sat down, she felt someone was looking at her. She looked up and saw a man in his twenty-four or twenty-five sitting opposite her. Wearing a pink and blue suit, the man looked impatient. His features were good, but didn't look nice. It seemed that he had been dissipated, which made him

look weak. Thinking of this, Daisy felt disgusted. This was Alex, her future fiancé.

"Carter, I'm sorry. I'm late because I have something to deal with on the way." The two men, Bill and Carter were talking about business fiercely. On the other hand, Tracy and Jayne were discussing enthusiastically about jewelry and the latest gossip in the circle. The atmosphere in this room seemed to be harmonious, but in fact, they had their own thoughts.

The red wine was filled in the glass and turned dark red. Holding the glass in her hand, Daisy kept shaking it gently to let the wine wake up and have a better contact with the air. Only in this way could the wine taste more pure. Daisy took a sip, and a mouthful of mellow slowly fell from her throat, penetrated into her stomach, and breathed a sigh of relief.

As soon as Alex raised his head, he saw the lazy and comfortable expression on Daisy's face. 'It seemed that the other party is not satisfied with the marriage.' Alex breathed a sigh of relief. This was the best that they could play their own games without interfering with each other.

While speaking on the phone, Brandon frowned when he saw the red figure not far away.

With a standard elegant smile on her face, Daisy looked at the four people in front of her and said goodbye as a robot. But her eyes had already diverged. Obviously, she was absent-minded. Alex put his hands in his pockets and impatiently looked at his parents murmuring. Then he turned around and saw Daisy's dignified face. He pursed his lips and thought. 'This woman is quite patient.'

Brandon looked at Daisy, who was standing at the gate of the hotel in red. The light at the gate made her look softer. When he saw her gentle smile, he couldn't feel that she was the woman he met at that night.

Brandon knocked on the handrail with his left hand and said to Randy on the other end of the phone, "Send the investigation data of that day to my home." Then he hung up the phone. He took a look at Daisy, who was already in the car, and turned to the hotel.

On the other side of the phone, Randy was a little confused when he saw the phone had been hung up. Why did his boss hang up the phone before he finished talking about the price of bidding? 'Wait, what kind of investigation material did the boss want?' There were a lot of things happening these days. It took Randy a long time to remember what the investigation material was.

'No way... Why did the boss suddenly think of the material?' Randy still remembered that when he sent it to Brandon, he just casually threw it to the corner of the table. 'That's not right. If there's nothing serious, why did he have to make the investigation? 'Forget it. I don't want to think about it anymore. Anyway, I should pay more attention to this woman called Daisy in the future. It is hard to guess what the boss is thinking!' After figuring it out, Randy turned around to sort out the documents.

At night, Daisy sat on the balcony with a cup of coffee in her hands. The lights were bright and colorful in the distance. It occurred to her that the engagement party confirmed by Bill and the Han family would be held in a week. She was so calm at that time. Maybe it was because she knew that it was useless to object. For people like Bill, family affection and children's happiness were nothing more than chips to exchange for benefits!

Thinking of this, Daisy felt a little cold. She tightened the blanket on her body and took a sip of the coffee. The warmth in her mouth went down her throat, but it was still cold. Holding the hot coffee in her hand, the cup was gradually cold. It was so cold. Why was autumn so cold?

The villa with three floors was luxuriously decorated with magnificent chandelier. On the second floor, Brandon, who just came out of the bathroom, with a loosened pajamas, dried his hair with a towel. While walking to the wine cabinet, he took out a bottle of brandy, added two pieces of ice into the glass, poured some wine, and slowly sipped. He slowly walked towards the sofa.

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