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   Chapter 4 Alice Kang

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Brandon leaned against the sofa with a glass of wine in his hand, and gently pressed the edge of the glass with his fingers, which was the habit when he was impatient. Larry leaned over and said, "Boss, who is so blind to offend you? Look at your cold face, everyone is trembling. How about we have some fun to warm up here?"

Brandon glanced at him and kept silent. The soft light cast a shadow on his handsome face, and the atmosphere was getting colder. The backs of the surrounding men were full of cold sweat. It was an anniversary party of the "Burning Entertainment". A group of brothers rarely gathered together, but now they were embarrassed.

"Sorry, I'm late." A coquettish voice attracted everyone's attention to Alice Kang who just came in.

Her long hair was tied up in the simplest way, and there was no jewelry on her neck and hand. She wore a black bubble princess dress, and the pure black thin black gauze was piled up, which just covered her knees, making her slender legs smoother. She gave off a sweet aura from inside, with a smile at the corners of her mouth. Her watery eyes had been fixed on Brandon since she entered the room.

Her eyes were full of love. When the people around saw it, they all moved around, leaving a large area around Brandon.

Seeing everyone's reaction, the smile at the corners of Alice Kang's mouth deepened and a trace of complacency appeared on her face. She walked towards the sofa where Brandon was sitting on gracefully.

"I haven't seen you for a long time, Brandon." As soon as Alice Kang sat down next to Brandon, she tried to hold Brandon's arm, but Brandon frowned imperceptibly and dodged by holding the wine glass in front of the table.

Seeing that her hand holding nothing, the smile on Alice Kang's face froze for a moment. Then she picked up the wine bottle beside her and poured the wine for Brandon as if nothing had happened. Then she poured some for another empty glass in front of her. She stood up and walked to in the middle of the room.

"I'm sorry for being late. I just got off the plane. Sorry to keep you waiting. I punish myself by drinking a glass of wine here." Alice Kang raised her glass gracefully and drank it up.

"Bravo!" Alice Kang's action won the applause of the crowd below, and she raised her neck proudly. Looking at Brandon, she noticed that he was still touching the wine glass in his hand, and Larry, who was on his right hand, was lowering his head and talking to Brandon.

Larry looked at Alice Kang who was like an arrogant black swan in the center of the room, and then looked at Brandon, who was obviously not in a state, shook his head with amusement.

Today, all the people present were at the top of this circle. They had played together when they were children, and now they had their own thoughts since they grew up, but they were more or less still gathering from time to time regardless of the friendship in the past.

Alice Kang grew up with Brandon and liked to run after him. Later, her family moved to the United States. Although they separated the two sides of the sea, they did not cut off contact with each other. Every year, she would fly back to see Brandon several times. Obviously, she had a crush on Brandon.

"Well, she flew back all the way to see you, but you are still wearing a poker face." Larry sipped the wine in his hand and whispered to Brandon.

"Don't tell me that you can't see through Alice's heart." Larry gloated.

Hearing this, Brandon took a glimpse at Larry. "I just take her as my sist

er." After a while, he said thoughtfully, "Since you pay so much attention to her, are you interested to her?"

Hearing what Brandon said, Larry spat out all the wine in his mouth.

"Well, brother, please don't scare me!" Larry finally stopped coughing and rolled his eyes at Brandon. "How can you say that I have a crush on her? She is not my cup of tea!"

"Oh, really? Which type do you like?" Brandon covered the smile on his face while drinking.

In the past few years, only this guy had been with Brandon. In addition to his families, he could only relieve some burden when facing this fellow.

Larry realized that he had been tricked. He wanted to laugh at Brandon, but was tricked by him.

'Forget it. I have never won this guy since I was a child. I'd better accept my fate!' Realizing the truth, Larry toasted to his bullied days.

"Well, I have never thought about it. Maybe one day I will meet a person and get married. It depends on feelings, isn't it?" Larry said half-jokingly and half-seriously.

Hearing this, Brandon was stunned, and the figure standing in front of the window appeared in his mind. He blinked his eyes to hide his look. A few days ago, his assistant, Randy, put the woman's information on the desk, but for some reason, Brandon refused to look through it.

At the thought of this, Brandon pinched between his eyebrows with his left index finger and thumb, and suddenly felt a little upset. Brandon couldn't figure out what it felt like.

"What about you? What kind of girl do you want?" Larry turned his head to look at his friend in the dim light. "But I remember that your family has arranged a marriage for you since you were a child." Speaking of this, Larry began to gloat.

Brandon pulled himself out of his thoughts and frowned slightly. "It's not necessarily me." She had never thought about this question before, but now she felt a little resistant when she heard it from her friend.

"What? You don't like her? Isn't she your type? Or do you have a goal?" Larry looked at his friend in surprise. He had thought that his friend wouldn't answer his question, but he didn't expect that not only did he answer, but also showed such an obvious emotion.

'Something is wrong!' Larry rubbed his temples and looked at Brandon up and down.

"What are you talking about?" Alice Kang squeezed into the middle of the two and sat down. Although she had a smile on her face, the inquisitive look in her eyes was too obvious.

Larry looked at Alice who squeezed in and smiled with disdain. Soon, it disappeared in the glass in his hand.

This woman had been against him since childhood. It just so happened that he didn't like her arrogance and hypocrisy all the time. But because of Brandon, the two of them wouldn't be too embarrassed.

"How are you doing, Brandon?" Said Alice in a soft voice, trying to hide her look. Looking at Brandon with sparkling eyes, she looked even more gorgeous than before. There was a smile on her face.

This man was destined to be her fate since she met him in her childhood. For so many years, she had refused so many people just for the sake of him, but he always couldn't see what she had done for him. But fortunately, he had never been with any other woman for so many years. Therefore, she was determined to get this man.

Thinking of this, Alice clenched her fists. Now she was back. The smile on her face became sweeter. "Brandon, last night, my grandfather talked about you and said that you could go to my family for a meal if you are free."

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