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   Chapter 3 Home

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"There are lots of men who are much better than Alex! But I will admit only a handful can stand up to Mike," Jean said, scratching her head. She quickly recalled all the single men she knew in the business circle.

"Brandon Gu, Larry Long..." Daisy shook her head with a smile as she heard her friends' calling those names one by one.

"What's wrong? Don't you like them?" Jean anxiously asked. "No, I'm sure they are all very good people.

Surely anyone will fall for them. But how could they like someone like me?" Daisy was more than thankful for her friend's concern, but she seriously doubted if any of these men would like her back.

"Come on, Daisy! Don't say that. You're more than enough for these men." Jean tried to lift her friend's confidence.

Growing up in such a complicated family made Daisy the strong woman she was today. Plus, Daisy was one of the most beautiful woman she knew. Jean couldn't help but gaze at her friend's stunning physique at the thought of this. Her delicate features, sexy figure, and the aura she gave off was enough to make every man fall head over heels for her.

After much thought, Jean narrowed down the list of men down to two, Brandon Gu and Larry Long. Only Brandon Gu knew how to properly hold a woman like Daisy.

"Daisy, I think Brandon suits you very well!" Jean became excited at the thought of this. She sprang up and sat next to Daisy, holding her arm in excitement.

"Look, the Gu family is a well-known old money in the business circle. How could the Han family be not a patch on them? Plus, he's just so handsome. Everywhere he goes, people are swooning over him. He also doesn't just rely on his family's money like most of the young, rich men out there. Alex is a loser compared to him!"

"Hhmm, you're right." Seeing her friend in high spirit, Daisy couldn't help but laugh.

"Well, that's all for today. I have to go back." Daisy stood up, picked up her bag on the sofa and said goodbye to her friend.

"What? You're leaving now? But I'm still not finished!" Jean pouted as she followed Daisy to the door.

"Oh, stop it! We're not in a hurry." Seeing that her friend still wanted to say something, Daisy added, "Besides, you have to help me think of a plan on how to get close to Brandon."

"Well, that's right. We should make a good plan." After for a while, Jean thought what Daisy had said was reasonable. "Well, go back early. Be careful and drive safe."

Daisy waved her friend goodbye and got in the car. "Thank you for your noodles, Jean."

For some reason, Jean felt the loneliness in her friend's words. "You're welcome. See you." Jean waved back as she watched the car slowly disappear in the urban jungle.

Daisy opened the car windows and the cold evening wind blew inside her car. She let out a shaky breath as she let the sadness in her heart be carried by the wind.

Anxiety had nothing helpful for her current plight. She'd better get those thoughts out of her system. Everything would be fine in the end, wouldn't it?

In a trance, the car had entered the community. Looking at the brightly lit villa in front of her, Daisy felt her good mood suddenly shift. She didn't want to see anyone in the house.

After parking the car in the yard, Daisy walked into the living room with her bag on her left ha

nd and the key ring on the other.

"Oh, you're back," a shrill voice from behind said.

"What are you talking about? It's your sister's birthday. Go to the fridge and bring the cake." A gentle voice came from the stairs in front of them.

Without looking up, Daisy could imagine Tracy Dong putting on the facade of a gentle, loving mother.

She raised her head to look at the direction of the voice. As expected, Tracy Dong was wearing a well-cut white dress, and her arm was gently placed in the crook of Bill Chen's arm.

Daisy shifted her gaze toward Bill Chen. A man in his late fifties with small, slanted eyes, which never failed to intimidate people. He was her father.

Daisy's mouth twitched at the thought of this. She had never received any love or affection from her father. And now, he was using her for business.

"Why do you come back so late? Your mother and your sister have been waiting for you for hours." Arm in arm with Tracy Dong, Bill Chen went downstairs and sat on the living room sofa, full of dissatisfaction.

"Oh, don't worry. The youth are always out and about hanging with their friends and complete strangers. It's not a big deal," Tracy Dong said gently. She seemed to be trying to ease the situation, but in fact she only added fuel to the fire.

Sure enough, Bill Chen's face darkened. "Humph, the whole family was waiting for you for hours to celebrate you birthday. But you didn't even think of coming home early."

"Dad, Daisy just went out for some relaxation." Abby walked towards the sofa with the cake in her hand. She provoked her father even more.

"What relaxation? Is our family stressing her out?!" Bill Chen's anger was being fed more and more by Daisy's stepmother and sister.

"Daisy's going to be engaged, but she just doesn't want to be married to the Han family." Abby cast a glance at Daisy to relish the expression on her face.

"Daisy, if you are not satisfied with the marriage, just tell us. Although our family is not in a good condition now, we are willing to listen to you." Frowning slightly, Tracy Dong walked to Daisy and held her arm.

Daisy frowned and looked at her hand held by Tracy Dong. She took her hand back when she smoothed her hair.

Seeing that they had been acting as if all was well between them for so long, Daisy had enough and felt it was time to call it quits.

"I know Dad made that decision for my good. Of course, I have no objection to the engagement. As for the cake, sorry but I'm too full tonight. I feel sick just by looking at it. You can enjoy it by yourselves though."

The smile on Tracy Dong's face deepened when she heard the first half of Daisy's words. 'You gave your consent to this marriage. So you'd better not regret it,' she thought.

However, hearing Daisy say that she felt sick when she saw the cake made Tracy Dong feel embarrassed. She was shocked for a while before regaining her composure. Tracy Dong let out a smile and said, "Then give it to Jim. Your father and I don't like sweets and your sister wants to lose weight."

Jim, a husky, was the family dog.

"Then I'll go to bed first." Then she turned around and went upstairs to the second floor. Leaving the three people downstairs, they could do whatever they wanted for all she cared. Out of sight, out of mind.

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