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   Chapter 1 Crush

Hunt For Love: Lured By CEO's Lust By Hua Luoluo Characters: 6894

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The more Brandon Gu ate, the warmer he felt. He unbuttoned his shirt and cranked up the AC, but he still felt hot and agitated. Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming from the bathroom. He then quickly stood up and checked who it was.

A woman was bathing in the bathtub. The beautiful aroma of her shampoo wafted through the air, which found its way into Brandon Gu's nose. Her sexy figure was barely visible through the water. The sight of a stranger bathing in his room struck his nerves. He was still in complete disbelief that the woman had the audacity to enter his room. Angry, he forcefully pulled her out of the bathroom.

"Who are you and why are you in my room?!" Brandon Gu dragged her, as sweat dripped off his face from the heat.

Daisy Chen remained calm as she lifted Brandon Gu's chin and put one arm around his neck. She seductively approached him with her hips swaying from side to side with every step. Finally, she put her mouth near his ear and whispered gently, "What do you think I want to do? ”

Trying to be unfazed, Brandon Gu pushed her away. "Go away!"

Daisy Chen still approached him and kissed Brandon Gu with her soft, lush lips. She leaned against him tightly.

The light dimmed around her, as if she was the most dazzling star in the room. Any man would be enticed by her.

"Don't challenge me!" Brandon Gu turned his head away. He was already out of breath, resisting the urge to kiss her back.

Daisy Chen suddenly stopped. He turned back to look at her lips. It seemed there was a mysterious force from her to pull him closer to her. Brandon Gu couldn't help himself but lean in. "That's right." Seeing him coming closer and closer, she smiled.

However, the man suddenly realized that his actions were a little inappropriate, so he quickly withdrew his hand. His face was burning from both lust and embarrassment. Despite what the rumors said, he really only had been touched by no more than a few women.

Daisy Chen let out a smug smile and guided Brandon Gu's hand towards her body. ...

Her long, silk-black hair spread on the bed, and her face was full of contempt as they made love. When they stopped, Brandon Gu saw some blood spots on the white bed sheet.

"You are...!" Brandon Gu was caught off guard, not expecting this. There was a trace of hesitation and guilt on his handsome face.

Daisy Chen, who had achieved her goal, didn't find anything wrong with it. Just thinking of her sister Abby Chen's face when she heard of this, made any pain worth the price. "It doesn't matter."

"You know what? You're unlike any woman I've ever met before." Looking at the enchanting woman in front of him, Brandon Gu thought that she would pretend to be innocent and aggrieved, just like many women he had met before, who asked for position or money from him. She did intrigue him a lot.

'What is she after?' he wondered. "This is what I want."

"Well, what do you want?" Brandon Gu asked with his head leaned against the headboard of the bed.

For a second, Daisy Chen saw Brandon Gu's eyes flash with murderous intent! She could tell this man was a ruthless character. He would never allow anyone to threaten him! Fortunately, this wasn't her intention.

Thinking of this, Daisy Chen raised her beautifully arched eyebrows. She uncovered the silk quilt, got out of bed and wrapped a soft bathrobe around her delicate body. "Nothing. I just wanted to find a nice guy to spe

nd my first time with." She reached out and placed her curly long hair in front of her chest. She then turned around and looked at the man lying on the bed with a mysterious smile etched on her red lips. "And you're exactly what I was looking for."

"Really?" Brandon Gu's gaze kept following Daisy Chen's every movement. Then, his eyes fell on the woman's rosy lips. "You're not bad either."

Hearing that, Daisy Chen just smiled and turned to the bathroom. She had to keep reminding herself that this man was very dangerous. Now that she had almost stepped out of line, she should be more careful. Otherwise, she would have no way to afford the consequence. Hearing the sound of water from the bathroom, Brandon Gu reached for his phone on the bedside table, made a call and said, "Check today's CCTV of the hotel and give me the information about this woman tomorrow."

Then he lifted the quilt, got out of bed and walked to the bathroom on the other side.

When Daisy Chen came out and saw the empty and messy bed, she couldn't help but curl her lips. She rubbed her hair with a towel with one hand, and took the phone on the tea table with the other. She walked towards the window to see the sea of lights outside the hotel. The city was buzzing with life but she couldn't help but feel lonely.

She took a look at her phone and found that there was only one missed call from Jean Yi. Daisy Chen looked out of the window and suddenly smiled. It was cold and ironic.

The city was so big and full of various people, but none of them had anything to do with one another. She was born and raised here, living in the city for more than twenty years. Suddenly, she felt cold and tightened her robe.

Then she turned around, about to put on her clothes and leave. She was thinking of going to Jean Yi’s place for a bowl of noodles, but when she turned around, she saw Brandon Gu standing there, his hair still dripping wet. The chandelier overhead shone on his glistening skin, with the ancient shelf behind him, making him feel lonely and unreal.

When Daisy Chen realized what she was thinking, she couldn't help but despise herself. 'How could a man like him be lonely?'

"I thought you had already left. Whatever! I'm leaving now." Daisy Chen put away the phone on her hand and looked at the man in front of her.

He was leaning against the shelf behind him, which made him even more attractive. An indescribable aura was around him.

She just smiled at him, picked up her clothes on the ground, walked inside and changed. During this time, the man didn't say anything. He just sat on the living room sofa.

Seeing Daisy Chen come out, he threw his business card on the tea table in front of him. "You are good, and I'm very satisfied."

When she heard his words, she couldn't help but laugh in anger. She raised her sexy red lips and smiled generously, staring at the eyes of the man in front of her. His eyes were deep and yet was so emotionless.

After staring at each other for a while, she raised her eyebrows, took a few bills from her bag on the sofa, and put it on the tea table in front of Brandon Gu. "You still have room for improvement. Next time you’re in a good mood, I will take care of your business." Then she put the business card into her bag without looking at it and left.

Looking at the money in front of him, Brandon Gu smiled meaningfully. 'We will see each other soon.' His eyes darkened.

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