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   Chapter 82 Business Mentor

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Tabitha was not a fool. She knew what Emily meant. Her self-esteem was stimulated. She made up her mind to make some achievements to prove herself.

Tabitha stayed in her seat the whole day and didn't leave. She wanted to try to understand the information at hand, but it was always against her will. 'For people like me who hadn't really gone into the society, it is still too difficult.'

"Miss. Tabitha, it's time to get off work. Why don't you leave?" When there were only the last two people left in the office, a man reminded Tabitha. Only then did she realize that it was so late and all her colleagues had left.

"I'm leaving now." Tabitha raised her head and answered. Then she stood up in a hurry, tidied up the papers on the table, and strode out.

Boris was waiting for Tabitha at the door. Seeing her come out, he walked up to her.

"Why do you come out so late? I've been waiting for you for a long time." Boris walked over, took Tabitha's hand naturally and led her to the car.

Seeing this scene, all the staff behind them covered their mouths and whispered. They were stunned. No one here could connect Tabitha with Boris, but she was the woman beside Boris.

"How is everything going today?" As soon as they got in the car, Boris couldn't help but ask.

"Not well. I've been working all day, but I'm not half done. It seems that I have to work overtime tonight." Sitting in the car, Tabitha looked listless. Her brain was running out of energy the whole day, and she couldn't even talk.

"I'll ask Linda to go to the financial department tomorrow and tell Emily to arrange less work for you." When Boris heard this, a little distress flashed in his cold eyes, his brows frowned, and he immediately proposed next to Tabitha.

"Please don't. I don't want to be different from ot

making her speak incoherently.

"It doesn't matter. You have to go to work tomorrow, too. There are so many documents. When do you want to finish them? I don't want to see my employees doze off at work." Boris said and sat straight in front of Tabitha's computer. It seemed that he had no intention of leaving.

Tabitha had no choice but to agree. She walked over and sat beside Boris.

Boris picked up a document on the table and analyzed it in front of Tabitha. He was indeed a business tycoon, who was completely good at financial problems. He could speak foreign language as fluently as native language. In a few words, he solved her many doubts and taught her a lot of business knowledge.

As time went by, Tabitha gradually felt tired and yawned one after another. She didn't hear what Boris said in her ear clearly. Unconsciously, she slowly closed her eyes and fell into a warm embrace. This embrace seemed to be the one she longed for, but it seemed to be her again. She couldn't tell what it felt like and fell asleep.

Boris carried Tabitha to the bed, tucked her in and carefully tucked her in. After everything was done, he slowly walked out of the room and closed the door for her.

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