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   Chapter 79 For The Sake Of Our Family

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"I haven't washed my face yet. I'll come back after I get washed." Tabitha couldn't stand it anymore. She gritted her teeth and ran upstairs. She rushed into the bathroom and vomited heavily. She hadn't had breakfast in the morning, and there was nothing in her stomach.

Hearing the noise upstairs, Boris felt bad, but he couldn't drive Benita away, so he could only persuade Benita to give up and take the bowl with a long peculiar smell away.

"Tabitha, have you finished your washing? Come downstairs as soon as possible." Benita didn't mean to compromise at all. She stood up and shouted when she heard no sound from upstairs.

With her hands on the railing, Tabitha slowly walked down the stairs. Her face was as pale as a piece of white paper, without any color of blood. With her back slightly hooked and her right hand covering her stomach, she looked very uncomfortable.

"Come on, drink it all. Don't leave any drop." Benita handed the bowl to Tabitha and stared at her.

Tabitha took a deep breath and slowly put the bowl to her mouth. Holding her breath, she closed her eyes and gulped it down. After she finished the soup, she felt sick and uncomfortable in her stomach. Before she could speak, something in her stomach gushed out. She rushed into the bathroom and vomited again.

"Alas, how can you spit out the soup you just drank? When will it work if you continue to do that?" Benita stood aside and looked unhappy.

Seeing this, Boris ran to Tabitha and patted her back gently to make her feel better. But even so, she still couldn't stop vomiting.

"Mom, don't do such strange things anymore. Look at what you have done. What if someone is killed?" Boris turned around and glared at Benita. His deep eyes were burning with anger.

"These are al

er at the price of five million. She has been here for so long, but she hasn't gotten pregnant. Moreover, Jeffery often asks about your marriage. If you don't have a child, you should get married to Carol, won't all the shares of our Fu Group fall into the hands of Jeffery's family in the future?" Benita blurted out her thoughts emotionally, forgetting that Tabitha was still here. The atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

Boris kept silent and didn't know what to say. He knew the intention of his parents to buy Tabitha back. Now the Fu Group was not as good as before and was under the control of Jeffery's family. It was reasonable for them to be anxious. When Boris was distracted, he was pushed aside by Benita.

"Drink it." Benita put the bowl to Tabitha's mouth and ordered.

Taking a look at Boris, Tabitha felt a little disappointed. She knew that Benita wouldn't stop until she finished it. She struggled to sit up, took the bowl from Benita, and forced herself to swallow it.

"That's right. It must be a little uncomfortable at the beginning, but it will be better after a long time." Benita took the bowl with satisfaction, with a complacent smile on her face.

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