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   Chapter 14 A Sense Of Humiliation

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"I'm not thinking too much. Do you think I'm interested in you?" Tabitha's heart was filled with warmth, which was erased by Boris's words. She took a deep breath, calmed down, raised her head, and angrily resented. Her eyes were full of stubbornness.

"Humph!" Boris ignored her. Perhaps in his opinion, it was unnecessary to discuss such a matter with such an ordinary and humble woman. It was just a waste of time. He might as well go back to his room to sleep.

Tabitha stood up from the sofa, held the handrail of the stairs and staggered back to her bedroom. In the past few days, Boris had been polite to her. Perhaps he had thought that her feet were injured, so he hadn't tortured her too much. He had hired two hourly workers to clean the house, so that she wouldn't have to be too tired. However, such an easy life didn't last long. Boris's attitude to her was resumed the same as before, and her life was back to normal.

"I'm going to have a dinner party tomorrow night. Come with me. Put on the dress I just bought for you. Don't embarrass me." Boris said casually while reading a magazine on the bed.

As soon as Tabitha walked out of the bathroom, she was taken aback by his words.

"But I am not used to wear high heels. Why don't you ask someone else to go with you?" Resistance was shown on Tabitha's face. She had always wanted to stay quietly with Boris for a few years, then she could go back to live with her own life after the his family achieved their goals. She didn't want to appear with Boris in front of outsiders.

"If you can't, just learn it. You still have enough time to learn it tomorrow. That's it. I'll pick you up tomorrow. Remember to put on makeup and get ready." Obviously, Boris didn't give her the chance to reject. He still refused in such a domineering way, and then continued to read the business magazine in his hand.

Tabitha knew what kind of person he was. Now that things had come to this end, she had no choice. She decided to keep quiet and let him do whatever he wanted.

On the second day, Boris went to the company as usual. Thinking of what he had said yesterday, Tabitha practiced with wearing her high heels at home for a whole day. Her feet were almost blistered, and she finally walked steadily. Seeing that the appointed time with him was about to come, she went back to her room, changed her clothes, and carefully did a perfect makeup.

Boris indeed had a good taste. The champagne colored strapless short skirt set off her fair skin, revealing her slender and smooth thighs. Although she was not so busty, there were more girlish nifty and spiritual energy.

Boris was always on time. As soon as the time came, his car stopped at the door. Hearing the noise, Tabitha put on her shoes and got off.

"Hurry up. It's too late." Boris didn't look at Tabitha carefully. He just glanced at her indifferently and pulled her into the car. It was the first time that Boris had taken her out. She was still a little nervous, with her hands pulling the hem of her dress, and her expression was a little unnatural.

However, Boris couldn't care so much. He had always been self-centered, domineering and freewheeling. No one would disagree with the person he wanted t

o bring with him.

Soon enough, they arrived at the destination. The driver got out of the car and opened the door for them. Then, Tabitha got out of the car and looked at the night club's signboard-Manga-in front of her. It was the place where she had been cheated. Now, she had to come here with the man who had bought her. It was really ironic.

Boris took her hand and let her hold his arm. They looked elegant and decent, but the two had their own thoughts, so they didn't look matched by standing together.

Boris led her into a private room. Four men were singing and drinking on the leather sofa, accompanied by sexy women in revealing clothes. It seemed that they were used to it. The smell of cigarettes and alcohol mixed together, and the rocking dance music echoed with the laughter of those men and women. The flashlight hit her face rudely, which made her feel a little dazzling. He couldn't help frowning.

"Hello, Mr. Boris, you're finally here. We've been waiting for you for a long time." They saw Boris standing at the door. The man sitting in the middle stood up and walked up to him.

"Owen, what do you want to play today?" Looking at the man in front of him, Boris gave an unfathomable smile and his deep eyes were full of evil spirits.

"It's not easy for you to come here. Of course we should have some fun. You bring a beautiful woman with you today. Is she your new girlfriend?" Owen looked Tabitha up and down, and his eyes didn't seem to have any good intentions. He squinted at her with disgusting eyes.

"No, she is just my bed partner." Boris] blurted out without saving any prestige for her. When the four men beside him heard his words, they sneered and looked at each other with eyes that all men knew. Hearing that, Tabitha froze there. She didn't expect that Boris would say such words in front of so many outsiders. Her face blushed, her hands and feet were cold, and her face was expressionless. She bit her lower lip tightly and lowered her head, letting her long hair cover half of her face. She wished she could find a crack to hide herself.

"Bed partner, huh." She repeated the word again and again in her heart, and a great sense of humiliation rose from the bottom of her heart. She suddenly felt that she was very dirty. It turned out that she was such a nasty woman in Boris's heart.

Boris kept raising his head, without looking at her for a moment. He took her to sit in the middle of the four men, and soon became integrated with them, leaving her alone.

But it was not a bad thing. Anyway, she was not in the mood to put a smile on her face with them now. The noisy box made her feel a little headache. Sitting aside, she watched Boris singing love songs and drinking cross-cupped wine with other women. She couldn't help holding herself and prayed again and again in her heart, hoping that this damn party would end as soon as possible. However, Boris ignored it, he was immersed in his so-called happiness.

After flirting with two beautiful women, Owen saw that Tabitha was left alone. An idea came to his mind. He stood up with a glass of wine and sat beside her.

"Beauty, what's wrong? You look unhappy." Owen whispered in Tabitha's ear, which startled her.

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