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   Chapter 11 Suspicion Of Bestie

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Hearing Cherry's words, Tabitha lowered her head slightly. She didn't want Cherry to know what had happened between her and Boris. She thought it was a stain in her life and she didn't want anyone to know it.

She hesitated for a moment and then explained, "Nothing. I just found a summer job, so I often wasn't at home. I accidentally lost my phone when I took the bus last time, so I changed my phone number, WeChat and so on. You'd better save my new number."

Cherry had always been simple minded, so she didn't doubt what she said. She took out her phone and saved her number. The two also added each other on WeChat.

"Tabitha, where do you work? I want to play with you. Where can I find you?" Cherry kept asking, which made Tabitha speechless.

With a forced smile on her face, Tabitha looked away and said vaguely, "I have something else to do, so I'm leaving now. Let's talk about it another day." Then she hurried to the cashier's desk. Looking at her back, Cherry couldn't help but feel suspicious.

After paying the bill at the cashier's desk, Tabitha went out with the things in her hands. But what she didn't know was that Cherry had been following her and watching her get into the luxury car outside.

The driver left soon, but she couldn't calm down for a long time. She didn't know how long she could hide these things. She was a human, not a machine, and had her own social circle. She didn't know when Boris would want her, but she knew that she had to go to school. She had worked hard for three years to enter the university, and she couldn't give up easily.

Sitting in the car, Cherry's WeChat message arrived as scheduled. She held the phone tightly and her fingertips turned white. After thinking for a long time, she simply replied.

"Tabitha, are you okay? We're still best friends. If you have any problems, please tell me." Cherry's words were as warm as usual, but her mood could no longer be restored.

"I'm fine. Don't worry. Take good care of yourself. We can meet again when we have time." Biting her lower lip, Tabitha plucked up her courage to type a line of texts on the dialog box and turned off her phone. At this moment, she just wanted to be alone.

After returning home, she put everything away and simply cleaned up. Seeing that Boris was about to come back, she put on an apron and went to the kitchen. She didn't know why Boris went crazy today and suddenly came back for dinner. He had been outside even on weekends before.

In fact, she was also good at cooking. She used to help Sherry cook at home, but she didn't know if Boris, who was used to the noble tongue of Michelin restaurant, could be used to it.

After she finished cooking, she put the dishes on the table. Not long after, Boris came back from outside. He seemed to be in a good mood, but when he looked at the dishes she cooked on the table, he instantly frowned.

"What are you doing? It's dark. Can you eat it?" Boris's eyes were full of disgust. He pointed to the meat on the table that seemed to be with a little more soy sauce, and asked with a frown.

Tabitha took off her apron and ran over to her. She looked at th

e apron carefully and raised her head, looking innocent.

"Of course it's edible. That's how I cook. If you don't want to eat, I can do nothing about it." It seemed that a dead pig was not afraid of hot water. Anyway, Tabitha had tried her best. No matter how picky Boris was, she could do nothing about it.

"How dare you say that in front of me? Don't you want to go to school? Don't you want the other half of the money?" Boris leaned over and pinched her chin. The corners of his mouth curled up, full of playfulness. But in her eyes, he sensed something strange.

Hearing his words, Tabitha had no choice but to give in. After all, she was living under his roof, and it was better for her to endure everything. She thought that as long as she could endure this period of time, she would be fine in the future.

"If you don't think it's a good idea, I'll pour them out and then redo them." Helplessness was written all over Tabitha's face. She lowered her eyes, a dash of sadness flashing across her clear eyes.

Looking at her small appearance, Boris thought it was interesting. He just liked to see her stubborn and helpless compromise from time to time. He put down his hand, turned around and said, "Well, you don't have to be busy. Go out to eat with me."

"What? !" Tabitha thought she had misheard. Her mouth was wide open, and her eyes were filled with surprise. She didn't expect Boris to say that. Didn't he always take her as a bed partner and a nanny?

"What are you doing? Change your clothes quickly. Any woman in the street will look more graceful than you. And your eyes, you must have cried last night. Go to do a makeup. If you want to go out with me like this, let's forget it." Boris raised his head. Although he looked arrogant and difficult to approach, there was still a touch of pity in his deep eyes.

"Okay, I'll be right back." Tabitha returned to her senses, nodded and run to her bedroom.

She changed into the dress that Boris had prepared for her before, which were all famous international brands. Any piece was worth her living expenses and tuition fees of the previous year, so she was also very meticulous when she wore it. If she accidentally cut it or lost a button, she would be the nanny of Boris for several years.

In order to prevent Boris from waiting for a long time, she just made a light make-up, but even so, it was still hard to hide her beauty. Although her facial features were not delicate, she still looked charming. Her skin was naturally white and her figure was not sexy, but she was tall and slender. Her hair was not treated with any chemicals, and she casually tied her hair behind her head. Then she put on high-heeled shoes, it was obvious that she was not very used to it, for she walked staggering on them.

Sitting on the sofa, Boris was amazed to see her coming down the stairs. He didn't want her to be chosen by the Fu clan before, thinking that this woman was ordinary in appearance, chest and dressing. How could she sleep with him in this way? But now he felt a little lucky. It was true that this woman was worthless. She looked a bit beautiful after dressing up.

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