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   Chapter 10 You'd Better Know Who You Are

Buried In CEO's Frantic Infatuation By Lan Zhen Characters: 6259

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Boris got out of the car, took off his coat and went upstairs. Hearing the noise, Tabitha immediately lay down on the bed and closed her eyes, pretending that she was asleep, but when he walked into the bedroom, he saw through her at a glance.

"Well, get up now. I heard that you were arrogant today." Boris pulled up from the bed, turned on the bedside lamp, raised his head and deliberately provoked her.

Tabitha had a feeling that he might have known what had happened today. She kept her head down and didn't say a word.

"I just came back from the hospital. Carol sprained her foot today. It seems that I have underestimated you. I don't know when you become the hostess here. Why didn't I know at all?" Boris pressed her against the wall and stared at her eyes. His dark eyes were unpredictable.

Boris's imposing manner instantly overwhelmed her. Her heart was in her throat, her hands and feet were cold, and her face turned pale. She swallowed, hesitated for a moment, and then stammered, "I didn't mean to do that. It's just that she took advantage of her power to bully me, so I said that. I won't say that again."

"I'm telling you, although we got the marriage certificate, you are just a tool bought by my family. Don't think that you will really become Mrs. Fu as long as you sleep with me. You'd better know who you are. Except for one more certificate than those women in the nightclub, you have no difference from them." Boris said indifferently in front of her, but for her, every word was heartbreaking.

After a long time, she slowly nodded her head and responded. Her body had already been numb, and she felt choked in her throat. It was difficult for her to say anything.

Boris let go of her hand, his eyes full of disgust. Without saying a word, he picked up the coat on the bed and went straight out, leaving her a graceful back.

She was left alone in the room. All of a sudden, she felt herself so ridiculous. When she was in high school, although her family was not very rich and her step-mother Sherry was not good to her, at least she felt herself pure and innocent at that time. She was full of fantasy about the future. She tried her best in the college entrance examination and studied in a good college. She had thought that she would be a good student from then on. And after that, her life would be different. But now, she found that everything was different.

She couldn't help but burst into tears in the room. The humiliation she had suffered these days finally broke out at this moment. When Boris was here, she didn't dare to say a word, let alone cry recklessly. She curled up in a corner, tightly grasped the corner of her clothes, buried her face in her legs, silently sobbed, her shoulders trembling, and tears and snot coming out. Her long hair covered her face. She didn't even know what kind of life she was living. She was actually compared with a prostitute of the night club.

She didn't know how long she had cried. She only knew that when she woke up, the sun had came out. She thought that she hadn't cleaned up, and she had to make it tidy and clean be

fore Boris came back, so she quickly got up from the bed. After crying yesterday, her eyes were red and swollen and there were still some blood streaks in her eyes. She didn't care about these. Anyway, she didn't have to go out, why did she care so much about her image? Anyway, Boris wouldn't come back during the day.

She changed into loose clothes and cleaned up the house. It seemed that sometimes it was not a good thing if the house was too big. She was so tired after cleaning the whole house. Boris not only bought a bed partner with five million, but also a cleaner. It seemed he didn't lose money in this transaction.

Just when she finished all the things and wanted to have a rest, her cell phone suddenly rang. She lazily took the phone and saw that it was Boris's call. She quickly pressed the answer key, fearing that he would wait too long.

"Hello." Tabitha's voice sounds timid, for fear that a change of tone will lead to a storm.

"Go to the supermarket right now and buy some food. I will go back for dinner tonight, and the shampoo in the bathroom has been used up. Don't forget to buy it later. Then you can stay at home and see if there is anything else that is about to be used up. Buy them all today. I don't want to lack anything when I come back." Boris hung up the phone before Tabitha could respond.

Upon hearing Boris's words, Tabitha checked every corner of the house to see if there was anything missing or not. She wrote them down in her memo and got into the car that Boris had prepared for her.

The driver naturally drove the car to the entrance of the supermarket. After getting out of the car, Tabitha walked straight in and strolled around the vegetable area. In fact, she didn't know what Boris liked to eat. After hesitating for a while, she bought some food that she thought most people would like to eat. Then she bought some daily necessities. She wanted to buy some snacks, but she was afraid that Boris didn't like them. She put down the snacks and walked to the checkout counter.

"Hey, isn't this Tabitha?" A woman stood in front of her and looked at her face with her big eyes. She was very excited as if she had found a new continent.

"Hi, Cherry, what are you doing here?" Tabitha raised her head and saw her best friend, Cherry, standing in front of her. She was surprised and delighted. She had been with Boris for a period of time, but she hadn't seen any acquaintance till then.

Cherry and Tabitha had been playing together since they were in the kindergarten. They had been in the same class since childhood in the same class. Later, they were admitted to the same university. Before this, Tabitha had always told Cherry that they would get married together in the future, but what Cherry didn't know was that Tabitha married Boris, and she couldn't attend to the university any more.

"Tabitha, where have you been these days? I've been to your house many times. Your parents told me that you weren't there, and you didn't answer your calls or WeChat calls. What are you doing? Why are you so mysterious?" Cherry held Tabitha's hand, confused.

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