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   Chapter 7 Severe Punishment

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A prostitute? Tabitha was stunned. She knew he looked down upon her, but she didn't expect him to think she was such a bad woman.

When she went upstairs, she saw his suit jacket on the bed and then heard the sound of running water from the bathroom.

When she was about to leave, the man came out. His whole body was wet, only wrapped in a creamy white bath towel.

His arms were strong and powerful, and the six abdominal muscles were clearly visible Tabitha swallowed hard.

She opened the wardrobe door and put on her ironed clothes.

Seeing that he was about to leave, she spit out with difficulty, "Where are you... going?"

Standing still, Boris turned around and looked at her coldly. The sarcastic smile at the corners of his mouth gradually appeared. "The one who bought you is the Fu clan, not me. So you have no right to ask."

Boris left with anger. After going back to the Fu family, he seemed to have changed. He not only scolded her, but also looked like a poker face.

He had misunderstood her. She wanted to explain, but the man didn't give her any chance.

After cleaning up the room, Tabitha felt tired. She took a shower and then lay on the sofa in the living room, reading a book. Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

She thought it was Boris. When she opened the door, she saw a strange delicate woman's face, The woman looked at her with her beautiful eyes. A moment later, she pulled her away and walked into the house.

"Who are you? Who are you looking for? "

Turning back, the woman gave her a scornful look and replied with a smile, "I'm Carol. I'm here for Boris."

Carol? This name seemed to have been heard in the Fu family this morning, and Bella even praised this woman.

It seemed that Boris's confidante came to him.

"He is still working."

"I know. I called him just now and he asked me to wait for him at home."

Carol turned around and went upstairs complacently.

When passing the corner stairs, she deliberately reached out to turn on the wall lamp. Suddenly, the whole room was bright.

Was she showing off her familiarity with the house?

When Tabitha went upstairs, she found that the door of the master bedroom was tightly closed. Carol went to the bedroom to wait for Boris openly!

With a helpless smile, Tabitha went to the guest room with the quilt and locked the door.

In the evening, the door of the hall was pushed open, and a handsome figure stumbled in. He threw the key to the tea table, and staggered upstairs. Then he walked into the main bedroom without turning on the light. Under the faint moonlight shining through the window, he could see that the quilt on the bed seemed to be wrapped in a human figure. Was she Tabitha?

Well, good girl. She washed herself up early and lay on the bed waiting for him to come back. That's good and worth praise.

Squinting slightly, he walked towards the bed in a crooked way. When he was about to press on the quilt, he heard a familiar and sweet voice, "Brother Boris..."

'Damn it! She wasn't Tabitha cause she wouldn't call him brother Boris.

He immediately got out of bed and turned on the light. The room was so bright that Ca

rol turned off the light and screamed.

Boris stared at Carol who was with messy hair and thin pajamas in front of him. He could almost see her perfect figure... She was sleepy. She should have called him in her dream just now.

When she found that the light was on, she jumped out of bed in horror. When she saw Boris, she felt relieved.

She had thought he was a thief, but she didn't expect her brother Boris to come back.

"Brother Boris, you... You are back. " She put her ten fingers in front of her belly, and her face was a little red.

"What are you doing here?"

His voice was as cold as ice in a winter lake.

"I..." Carol raised her head and walked towards him.

"Dear brother Boris, I miss you. Sleep with me tonight."

How shameless she was to say such words. She was the daughter of a big family in A city.

Boris's face darkened and shook off her hand. His cold eyes were chilling.

"Get out!"

"Dear brother Boris, don't drive me away. You should know how much courage I need to come here."

She got closer to the man and saw that he didn't refuse, so she became bolder.

"Miss Carol, I'm married. If you keep doing this, don't blame me for being rude to you." Carol was familiar with him, knowing that his raising his eyebrows was the omen of a storm.

"Dear brother Boris, I don't want my marriage..."

Before she could finish this word, Boris roared unhappily, "If you don't leave now, I'll call the police. If I see the police, not only you, but also the whole Guan family will be ashamed."

"Okay, okay, I'll go."

Knowing that he was not joking, Carol quickly ran out of the room with her dress in her arms.

This bold woman came to his house and even lay on his bed. Thinking of this, Boris's eyes were full of disgust.

Tabitha, where was she? Where had she been?

He turned to the guest room and twisted the doorknob. The door is locked from inside. No matter how hard he knocked, the woman pretended to be indifferent inside.

Well, he went downstairs angrily to get the key.

At this moment, Tabitha quickly got up from the bed, moved a table and pressed it against the door. In fact, the moment Carol closed the door and screamed, she woke up. She had been lying in bed, listening attentively to the sound over there.

Tabitha didn't know how the man came in. She dozed off for a while, because after he left, it seemed that it had been quiet all the time. Then she fell asleep again. She was woken up by someone. It was so heavy that she couldn't breathe.

The faint fragrance of lavender reminded her that the person pressing on her was Boris.

All of a sudden, she panicked and shouted, "You pressed me so hard that I feel pain. Get up."

Boris seemed to be very angry. He didn't answer her at all. He pinched her chin with his fingers and kissed her savagely.

This woman was so bold that she not only allowed Carol to come in, but also allowed her to sleep on their wedding bed.

He had to punish her severely, the newly married wife they bought for him.

"HMM..." Tears streamed down Tabitha's cheeks, and a strong smell of blood spread in her mouth, making her feel desperate...

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