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   Chapter 4 Treated Her As A Servant

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She didn't expect that Boris was smoking on the sofa and waiting for her. When he saw her coming in, he raised his eyebrows and looked very unhappy. Afraid that he would be unhappy, she explained, "I went home to take some luggage."

"You'd better tell me where you are going in the future. I don't like wayward women."

His accusation made her speechless.

"Sorry... Sorry, I won't do it again.

Her obedience gradually dispelled the anger in his eyes.

"Come in with me." Then he stood up and walked into the bedroom.

Tabitha followed him. There were several wardrobes in the room, and the nearest one was pulled open. Boris took out a dress and handed it to her. "Look at you. You dress like a scavenger. My woman must be beautiful. I don't want others to say that I mistreated my wife?"

"Put it on." He ordered.

Lowering her head, Tabitha looked at the dress in her hand. The black and white decoration was not only exquisite, but also eye-catching. She turned over and found that it was Chanel.

She looked around and was about to change her clothes, but she found that the man in front of her did not want to leave.

Immediately, her face flushed. "Well... Can you leave for a while? "

The man looked at her without blinking. An evil smile appeared on his thin lips. "I've seen you naked before. Why should I avoid?"

How shameless he was!

He had indeed seen her naked. Thinking of the mess that night, her heart twitched slightly.

Her virginity was ruthlessly taken away by him. He colluded with his father awkwardly. Thinking of this, she naturally felt a little sad.

If he asked her to change clothes in front of him, there would be nothing good except humiliating her.

She gritted her teeth and took off her clothes gradually. For several times, she tried to cover herself, but she saw his burning eyes staring at her. Her face was burning. She turned around and quickly pulled off her clothes and put on the dress.

However, unfortunately, one hook of her underwear was unbuttoned. The hook accidentally caught on the back of her dress. If she gently pulled it with her finger, she was afraid that the fabric of would be torn, which would be embarrassing.

With a red face, she had to turn to him for help in a low voice. "Please do me a favor."

With an evil smile, the man approached her and blew on her cheek. "Honey, I'm willing to do this kind of thing."

His long fingers slowly moved up from her waist to her back which made Tabitha couldn't not help but cause a shiver in her heart.

Her heart beat fast and her skin was as hot as boiled water.

The man buttoned the hook with his knuckles and pulled it lightly. The metal piece pinched her skin hard. Then the hook bounced back, and she felt a slight pain. Tabitha took a deep breath.

"Thank... Thank you. "

"You're welcome. We're a couple."

"But you are not a decoration. You have to work. Five million is not cheap."

He stroked her face with a faint smile on his lips.

"If you don't worth so much, I will return purchase."

The smile on his face faded away in an instant. "I've dismissed the nanny. From now on,

you'll be responsible for the cleaning, my diet and daily life." After saying that, the man strode away without looking back.

It turned out that the reason why he married her was to make things difficult for her. He treated her as a servant. Five million was enough.

It didn't matter. It was just cleaning. Anyway, she often did housework at home. These trifles were not difficult for her. She rolled up her sleeves and began to clean the house.

"Tabitha, my belt is missing. Go and find it?"

"Tabitha, there's trash under the table. What are you going to do with it?"

"Tabitha, the table wasn't cleaned yet. You're such a pig. Can't you handle such a trifle?"

"Tabitha, bring me my coat."

He was the boss, and she was the poor nanny. For several days, she was at his beck and call.

For the five million that her father took, she endured.

However, there was a limit to her tolerance. When he was so picky and poured out the West Lake soup that she had carefully cooked on the excuse of not delicious, she could not help but clench her ten fingers into fists. "Boris, don't go too far."

"Warning me?"

The man raised his eyebrows and said in a soft voice, playing with the lighter with his fingertips, "when Andrew sold you, didn't he tell you to be obedient. Only you win my favor, can him get the other half of the payment?"

It turned out that he only gave her half of the money. No wonder Andrew warned her like that when she left the Mu family.

Looking at the contempt in his eyes, she felt powerless.

"It has nothing to do with me."

After saying that, she turned around and left. However, he was angry that she was sold to him, how could she be as arrogant as a peacock?

Thinking of this, the man grabbed her arm. "Let me go." she roared. She hated the man's rude behavior.

"Let you go?" The man smiled wickedly.

"What if I don't?"

Caught off guard, he pressed her against the wall, very close to her. She could smell the faint male musk from his body, which intertwined with each other's breath. Her heart missed a beat, and the warm and ambiguous atmosphere quickly scurried in the air.

Her face was as red as a tomato. His nose tip rubbed her nose. "Tabitha, I'm telling you, you're my servant. That is to say, if they want you to serve me, you have to sell yourself to me thoroughly. Don't be a bitch and still want dignity."

The insulting words made her furious.

She raised her hand and wanted to slap him, but he grabbed her hand like a prescient man. "If you slap me, I warn you, you will live in hell in the future."

The man's voice was like a magic spell, hitting her eardrum over and over again.

His imposing manner was so intimidating that Tabitha couldn't breathe. She stared at him with anger and hatred.

Such a look irritated him more. She was just a bitch. Why should she be angry at him? It was disgusting.

"I won't..." Before she could finish her words, his kiss fell on her lips and swept over her.

Tabitha's face flushed.

If they didn't love each other, they would really feel uncomfortable to do such a thing, even if they had done it before.

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