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   Chapter 3 Conflicts With Stepmother

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At the sight of the still healing hickey blooming on her neck, Sherry immediately walked up to Tabitha with a sneer. "You're so shameless. Look at you. What have you done this time? You're an embarrassment."

Every word came out shrill and frightening.

Instead of answering, Tabitha kept her gaze trained down on the floor.

However, her silence seemed to just fan the flames of Sherry's anger. Rough fingers grabbed her hair as Sherry spat at her, "You bitch, you're as cheap as your mother. Going out just to commit adultery. You and your mother are the disgrace of our family."

Sharp pain bloomed in her scalp along with her pounding headache, but Tabitha only took a deep breath and gritted her teeth.

"You can't even defend yourself, can you? How is a bitch like you even in our family?"

As much as Tabitha wanted to fight back, a dark shadow lingering by the door immediately shot down that idea.

"Sherry, what are you doing?"

At the sound of the voice, Sherry's face immediately changed. She released Tabitha's hair and approached the man with a smile.

"Andrew, we have to take responsibility for your daughter's bad behavior."

Even though a strange expression crossed his face at the sight of his daughter, Andrew still turned and left without saying a word, Sherry at his heels.

A cold light flashed through Tabitha's eyes as she watched the two figures leave.

Bang! Tabitha quickly slammed the door shut and feebly leaned against it, feeling like all her strength had been sucked out.

Today, she came back to see a shameless couple putting on an act.

Although it was vague, she could hear Andrew's voice from the outside saying, "Only she can help me!"

Cries and sobs from the woman followed his words.

Desperate for more information, Tabitha pressed her ear against the cool wood of the door.

Unintelligible angry grumbles came from the outside, but soon Andrew deliberately lowered his voice. "Keep your voice down!"

"Why should I?! Am I not telling the truth? Don't forget that bitch..." More noises came from the woman but none of that Tabitha could understand. Right as she held her breath to continue listening, the door was pushed open.

Since she was leaning against the door, Tabitha was forced to stagger forward. When she steadied herself and raised her head, her eyes honed in on the shocked expression on Andrew's face.

"Dad... Dad." A flush of embarrassment was crawling up her face but she reacted quickly.

"You... How much did you hear?" A fa

lse of calm filled Andrew's voice.

"Not much."

Tabitha nibbled at her lip.

How could this father believe his daughter's answer? For a long moment, he did nothing but hold her gaze, and then he slowly turned around. "You can leave now."

After a moment of silence, he continued, "Your stepmother doesn't want to see you. Now that you're married to Boris, you'll have a happy future."

Married? Happiness?

Did she even want to marry him? Those two words felt like a big joke to Tabitha.

He sold her to that man. Even if she appeared to be Boris' wife, did she even have a place in his heart?

Everything was decided before she realized it. Instead of everything she wanted to say, what came out of her mouth was, "Dad, I hope you won't regret it."

"Boris is a fickle man. Be careful when you're with him."

It sounded like a father's advice to his daughter.

"If you offend him and affect your stepmother and me, you'll never be allowed to step foot in this house ever again."

Was that a threat?

All he was telling her was to please Boris, that arrogant man.

Otherwise, Andrew would break off their relationship with each other.

A light and quiet smile pulled at Tabitha's lips.

For his mistress, her father lost all of his humanity.

Without another word, she packed up her luggage. When she passed through the living room, the sight of Andrew sleeping on the sofa, while Sherry watched TV with melon seeds in her hands greeted her eyes.

It was a warm and gentle scene that should have belonged to her mother, but was stolen by this woman.

Aside from a quick glance, Sherry completely ignored her existence and focused on the TV.

Unable to muster a smile through all the anger she was suppressing, Tabitha could only speak softly, "I hope this kind of life will always be with you."

Of course, Sherry knew what she meant.

A thick haze settled in Tabitha's mind as she walked out of the house that she lived in for more than ten years. For a moment, she merely stood at a crossroad with her suitcase in her hand.

Suddenly, the phone she received from Boris rang in her pocket.

"Hello. Is this Mrs. Tabitha?" From the name on the ID, she knew it was Daniel Li, the driver of the Fu family.

"Mrs. Tabitha, I went to pick you up just now, but you weren't there. Where can I find you?"

"I'm in..." Despite her hesitation, she still told him where she was. If she didn't go back to the Fu family, where could she possibly go?

After all, she was now Boris' wife.

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